Sunday, 13 February 2011


Life as a hockey mom entails alot of heart jumpstarts.

My boy falls awkwardly and hits the boards hard. My boy gets hit and crumples into the goal post hard. My boy "trips over the blue line" and falls head first onto the ice...all part and parcel of being involved in Canada's unofficial sport (our "real" national sport is lacrosse, but, is OUR REAL GAME).

Today, Middleman's hockey team played amazingly. They came back from a 2-0 disadvantage to a 6-4 win. Mostly due to an amazing player named Phillip. He is a "AAA" player who decided, with his parents, to step way back down to houseleague this year as the pressure of playing triple "A" was a bit too much for this 11 year old. Of course, he shines and stands out like a sore thumb with his amazing ability as a hockey player and he scores many of our goals. He is a super-nice kid too...always smiling, always takes the time to say hi to me, always respectful.

Phillip scored an AMAZING goal today on a was the goal that put us up 5-4 with just 3 minutes left in the game. Immediately after his goal, he fell...hard...smacking the back of his head on the ice. Thank God for helmets. But a few seconds later, he was on the bench, being tended to by his coach, and from my view from the stands, he was seizing. I can't even put into words the nauseous feeling that I felt in the pit of my stomach. Honestly, I was physically ill. His Dad made his way over to the bench, at the beckoning of the coach and as the ref and his Dad guided Phillip's wobbly body off the ice, I had tears in my eyes. I ran out to the dressing room, asking if I could do anything. His Dad had an eery calm about him and said that he was OK. But he WASN'T OK. He couldn't open his eyes. He couldn't recall how many goals he had scored. He was completely out of it.

His Dad undressed him and ran out to get his car, as Phillip's grandpa pretty much carried him out of the arena. The kid looked like he was drunk, stoned. Absolutely out of it. His Dad told me he was heading straight to the hospital.

He hasn't left my thoughts all day. It's probably "just" a concussion, which to me is sickening. I betcha hundreds of kids suffer concussions every weekend in Canada, but to witness it firsthand is downright scary.

Boy Oneder himself said today, "Man...stuff like this puts everything into perspective. That could have been me or Middleman or ANYone. That's scary."

As I wait for an updating email from his coaches, I am praying that Phillip is resting comfortably at home and that this injury ends up being minor. I also pray that as a hockey Mom, I never have to witness something like this ever again...especially with my own boys. Pin It

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Annie said...

OMGoodness that is scary. I hope that he is ok. Thank goodness for helmets and safety gear because it could have been so much worse. If you hear any updates please let us know.

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