Friday, 18 February 2011

There's a rumbly in my tumbly...

**TMI ALERT: This post is not for the weak-stomached. You've been warned.**

I woke up Monday with tummy trouble. Bloating, gas, pain, gurgling, diarreah. I spent the day with very little appetite and lots of pain...the pain moved around a bit, starting under my right rib cage and then moving towards the back, again to the front and down and to the left. It was a dull ache that just throbbed.

Tuesday morning, I woke up with the pain again, but less diarreah. I really felt like I had to "go", even after I had just "gone".

Wednesday morning, I felt a bit better, but skipped lunch with my co-workers at "The Host"...a fantastic all-you-can-eat Indian buffet restaurant. I was still bloated and uncomfortable. Sigh.

Thursday morning, I decided to try changing my diet. I haven't eaten much all week, but I thought that I would be careful not to eat anything that would make me sicker. I had a Danactive and half a wholewheat bagel for breakfast, plain Lifesmart pasta for lunch (it's high in fibre) and the same plain pasta for dinner. I made sure to drink lots of water (and added in a couple of glasses of pomegranate juice) throughout the day. No wine. (Boo!- LOL) I bought Gas-X and took a dose after dinner. It helped a bit, but not alot.

This morning, I woke up gassy, bloated and I'm sure you can hear my stomach through the computer because it's gurgling SO loudly. I had a Danactive and a multigrain bagel for breakfast.

I can't understand what is causing this. The pain is gone...thank goodness...and the fact that the pain "moved" tells me it was probably something that I needed to get out of my system, but the bloating is horrible. My Nanny B suffered from IBS (diverticolitis) and I have never had "normal" bowels like everyone else, but this has lasted longer than before. I have been pretty stressed at work, so that may be contributing.

I will see how I am by Monday, with the dietary changes in place. If it hasn't subsided, I will head in to the doctor's office.

There ya go...that's your TMI post of the week! HA! Pin It

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