Monday, 28 February 2011


Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you truly didn't know what to do next?

I felt that way this past Friday.

I have been overwhelmed many, many times...being a working wife and Mom of three busy boys makes that feeling inevitable, but I don't think I have ever been in the state that I was in on Friday.

I have a HUGE workload right now and with Boy Oneder and Middleman's hockey playoffs and Middleman's soccer schedule and Threepeat's swimming and skating lessons, obligatory phone calls and meetings and visits, the stress level got to an unmanagable one this weekend.

I was physically ill from it.

But, I also made a conscious decision that I will no longer let stress consume me like that. I walked away from my work laptop this weekend, even though I had planned to work over the weekend to ensure that my client was ready for their deadlines. I, of all people, need my weekends. Mr. McGuinty has made it so that the only time I can do my 15 loads of laundry without mortgaging my house to pay the hydro bills, is on the weekends. So, I did all of my laundry and focused on the kids.

Although I felt sick turning on my laptop this morning, knowing that this will be another hellish week, I had my weekend.

Once I have completed my current work committments, I am taking a vacation. We can't afford to go anywhere this year, but I can still take a week off and re-energize. It looks like it will be the end of March or early April, but I WILL take that time for myself.

Until then, I'll plug away, careful not to get to the point that I did on Friday. Pin It

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