Thursday, 6 January 2011

Full speed ahead!

Hockey and soccer are almost back into full swing this week. But there's a difference in 2011...

Threepeat has joined the sporting schedule chaos! We signed him up for his second session of swimming lessons...they begin this Saturday AND we signed him up for skating lessons...they start on Thursday.

So, here's how a typical week will look:

Monday : Soccer pratice for Middleman, select hockey game for Boy Oneder
Tuesday: Home
Wednesday: Seoccer practice for Middleman
Thursday: Skating lessons for Threepeat, select hockey game for Boy Oneder
Friday: Houseleague hockey practice for Boy Oneder
Saturday: Swimming lessons for Threepeat, soccer practice for Middleman, selec hockey practice for Boy Oneder, hockey practice for Middleman
Sunday: Houseleague hockey game for Boy Oneder, soccer game for Middleman, hockey practice for Middleman, select hockey practice for Boy Oneder

I'm not gonna lie...we are busy, but...I LOVE IT! I love watching my boys in their sports and considering that there is no vacation this year, it will help to make the winter go by faster! Pin It

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