Friday, 28 January 2011

Five Years...

Since she left us. Pin It

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Lunch Date

One of the joys of working from home is being able to have lunch with my boys once in a while. If I were at an office, coming home for lunch wouldn't be possible and I am truly grateful for the opportunity that my company gives me to work from home.

Today, at 11:35, Middleman came home and we headed out to McDonald's for lunch. We RARELY eat McDonald's and we rarely get time together one-on-one, so today was a double treat for us.

We chatted about school and the clubs he is involved in (Battle of the Books and the Chess Club); we chatted about the math test he had this morning and the fact that he loves playing soccer in the snow with his friends at recess.

Almost as soon as it started, the date was over and we were headed back to school. He wanted to be back in time for the lunch recess and I got him there for 12:10...a few minutes after it started, but he forgave me.

He kissed me and thanked me for taking him out and skipped off down the path to the school yard.

Gosh I love that kid. Pin It

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Come Dine With Me.

Well, my loyal readers, it looks like I may become a celebrity.

When my Mummy had her hysterectomy in September, I stayed at her house for about a month. I travelled back and forth to my house in the early evening. When I got back to her house for the night, we watched "Come Dine With Me"...a British program on BBC. The premise of the show is that 5 strangers are put together for 5 nights. Each of the participants are required to cook a 3 course meal for the rest of the 4 participants, appetizer, main and dessert. Throughout the week, the 5 participants eat at each others' houses and after each meal, they rate each other on food, hosting and overall experience. The scores are out of 10. The highest score wins $1,000.00 and bragging rights. I totally got addicted to this show.

A few months ago, I applied online for a position on the Canadian version, "Come Dine With Me Canada". A couple of weeks went by and out of the blue, I got a phone call from Proper TV. They had read my application and wanted to do a telephone interview. I was on my way out the door to hockey at the time and asked the lady to call me back the next night, at the same time. She did.

We spoke for about 20 minutes and I think she liked me. She said that if a second season was signed, I would be called. Last week, I received a phone call, telling me I had been accepted for an "on-camera" interview. They are coming out to my house on February 8th, with a camera and a producer, to interview me and sample my food. Assuming they like me and my food, I will be a star on their second season...OK, maybe not a star, but a contestant.

I am gonna ROCK this show. I will kick a$$!

My sample meal will be fish and parsley sauce, which I kick butt at. Stay tuned...and wish me luck! Pin It

Monday, 17 January 2011

Hockey and soccer and swimming OH MY!

We had a BUSY weekend!

Friday night, Boy Oneder and his team played the first game of the Scarborough tournament. Well, I use the term "played" lightly, as they really didn't play well at all. When all was said and done, we lost 3-0.

Saturday morning greeted us with a big snow storm. It was clowing like crazy and the roads were REALLY slippery.

Our craziness began with Middleman's soccer game, which Hubster took him to. A 9-1 loss was a really hard pill to swallow.

Next, at 9:30, I took Threepeat to his swimming lesson. He did REALLY well, jumping into the water all by himself...TWICE! Yay Threepeat!

We headed home to meet the rest of the fam and then popped in the van for a trip back to Scarborough for Boy Oneder's second game of the tourney, which began at 12:00. 2-0 win. The played a GREAT game and deserved that win! It was great to see Kathy, Bruno and their girls! Thanks for coming out to support the boys! Luckily, they chose the one good game to watch!

Threepeat, Middleman, MIL and I left Hubster and Boy Oneder in Scarborough and headed back to Woodbridge for Middleman's hockey practice at 3:15. Hubster and Boy Oneder couldn't come back with us because they wouldn't be back in time to get ready for Boy Oneder's next game, which was at 5:15.

MIL didn't come to Boy Oneder's 5:15 game because we were supposed to meet friends for dinner after the game, so Middleman, Threepeat and I dropped her off at SIL's house and headed back to Scarborough.

Boy Oneder's game was played at the home arena that I used to play ringette at. The hours and hours that my family and I spent at that arena are immeasurable. Let's just say I lived there for about 10 years. Walking back into that arena on Saturday night brought back a FLOOD of memories. Nothing had changed. I felt right at home. I looked over at the home bench and had to bit my lip to stop myself from crying because I saw my Dad there, standing up high, yelling at us to "Skate!" or "Check!" My Dad was my coach all my life and ringette (and Malvern Arena) will always be synonymous with my Daddy. I hope he was there to watch his grandson play at his arena.

Sadly, the Devils played another TERRIBLE game, and we were shut out 3-0. It was so frustrating to watch, I tell you. That knocked us out of the tournament and we all headed out, sad and disheartened.

Next, we were one our way to a restaurant, about halfway home, to meet up with some of Hubster's old high school pals and their families. When we were a few minutes from the restaurant, we decided we were just too tired to socialize and decided to head home to Chilli's, to have a quick bite and get into bed.

Chilli's was a overcrowded and such slow service. The food was mediocre and it was so loud, you couldn't have a conversation. I think the fact that we were all so exhausted made it worse. I'm really glad we chose not to go out with our would have put Threepeat over the edge I think.

We got home at 10:00 and I don't think any of us were awake after 10:15.

Sunday morning began with Boy Oneder's houseleague hockey game at 10:25, which ended up being another loss, with a fight between two boys at the end. I took Boy Oneder so that everyone else could rest.

1:00 was our next appointment...Middleman's houseleauge hockey game. The end results was a 3-3 tie, but they really and truly deserved the win. The refs were really, REALLY bad, at one point, calling a penalty on the opposing team and then forgetting which number they called the penalty on. It was extremely frustrating, but the kids played REALLY well and Middleman got the "Player of the Game" award. YAY Middleman!

We were back home by about 2:45 and I headed out to get some groceries while Hubster took the boys to Toys R Us to spend the gift cards that were burning holes in their pockets. I made a great roast beef dinner, which everyone devoured and we were all in bed by 9:30.

This morning came WAY too early and we are back in the rat race for another week. I'm feeling a bit crappy, and hoping it's just exhaustion and not a bug. was YOUR weekend? Pin It

Friday, 14 January 2011

Delurking Day

I read about Delurking Day on Wendy's Blog and thought I'd get in on the Delurking action.

Do you read me? Do you stop by often? Do you follow me? Then today's YOUR day! Come out, come out wherever you are and say "Hi!" I'd love to know who you are!

Happy Delurking! Pin It

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Decisions, decisions...

Hubster and I are in a bit of a quandry.

Threepeat starts junior kindergarten in September and the school regsistration began on January 3rd.

Our quandry? Our school is so overcrowded that it cannot offer all day, every day kidergarten. The only option for our school...the school that Boy Oneder attended and Middleman still attends is Monday, Wednesday and alternate Fridays or Tuesday, Thursday and alternate Fridays. The public school (on the other side of the park from our school) offers all day, every day kindergarten. So, do we send him to our school and have him home for the off days, or do we send him to a five day public school program?

Pros and Cons:

Our school:


Middleman and all of our neighbours, including the twins that will be in Threepeat's class are there.

Middleman can walk him to and from school.

He will be getting a Catholic education.


He will be home, bored and unstimulated 2 days one week and 3 days the next. He is SO ready for full time school.

Public school:


Full day every day kindergarten.

Students are more diversified (ie: all races and religions) so Threepeat will learn about kids that are not necessarily Catholic.


Middleman will not be able to walk him to school because he will already be in class (public school starts 15 minutes later).

We have an issue with Realty Taxes...our taxes are allocated to the Catholic School Board (for obvious reasons) and putting one kid into the public system may be a problem (can't allocate taxes to two tax pools).


I know I will look back on this decision in a few years and laugh at my stressing over it, but right now, it kinda sucks not knowing what to do! Pin It

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Full speed ahead!

Hockey and soccer are almost back into full swing this week. But there's a difference in 2011...

Threepeat has joined the sporting schedule chaos! We signed him up for his second session of swimming lessons...they begin this Saturday AND we signed him up for skating lessons...they start on Thursday.

So, here's how a typical week will look:

Monday : Soccer pratice for Middleman, select hockey game for Boy Oneder
Tuesday: Home
Wednesday: Seoccer practice for Middleman
Thursday: Skating lessons for Threepeat, select hockey game for Boy Oneder
Friday: Houseleague hockey practice for Boy Oneder
Saturday: Swimming lessons for Threepeat, soccer practice for Middleman, selec hockey practice for Boy Oneder, hockey practice for Middleman
Sunday: Houseleague hockey game for Boy Oneder, soccer game for Middleman, hockey practice for Middleman, select hockey practice for Boy Oneder

I'm not gonna lie...we are busy, but...I LOVE IT! I love watching my boys in their sports and considering that there is no vacation this year, it will help to make the winter go by faster! Pin It

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

I got the post-Christmas bluesssss....

Today is a blue day.

I woke up feeling so blah and sad. Back to work today after a nice Christmas and New Year celebration and I guess the post-Christmas blues have hit.

We have a long winter ahead with no vacations planned to break up the monotony of cold, boring nights stuck in the house.

HUGE sigh...

I know many people feel this way at this time of year. I just hope today is the worst of it, cuz I am bllllllllue. Pin It

Saturday, 1 January 2011

2010 Recap

Here are some of the highlights of our 2010:

January - We went cruisin'

February - I weighed in on the Tiger Woods fiasco

March - We Be Jump'n was born!

April - I met Myles

May - Threepeat stopped wearing diapers

June - Cleansweep 2010 began

July - I "met" Lisa

August - I went to war...again

September - Boy Oneder started high school

October - We lost Walter

November - The 30 days of truth began

December - The Devils took the Motown Cup Pin It
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