Friday, 30 December 2011

At long last, a Christmas update...

Christmas was great.

Mom came over on Christmas Eve and stayed for a fish fry-up. MIL made the dinner on Christmas Eve, as is her tradition.

At 7:00, Mom and I went to the Christmas Eve service at my new church. It was full of singing and love. The sermon was very fitting and Mom and I shed a few tears along the way.

Back home by 8:30, and we all just vegged in the family room, watching tv.

I had to wake Threepeat up at 8:15!!! We all headed downstairs and opened our gifts. Santa was good to all and we had fun for about an hour before everything was opened and the family room was a DISASTER of toys, clothes, boxes and wrapping paper!! All that work and the whole thing was over in less than an hour!

MIL left for SIL's house at around noon...Hubster drove her so that they could visit the cemetery and then Hubster could drop MIL off. Mom and I started the Christmas dinner preparations...a beautiful fresh turkey with stuffing, sausage meat, roasted potatoes, turnip, spinach., peas, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. was divine!

After supper, we watched "Mr. Popper's Pengiuns"....what a great movie! We all loved it!

We chilled out until late in the evening and then headed to bed. MIL slept at SIL's. :)

Boxing Day morning, we woke up and cleaned a little bit. Hubster took the boys out and Mom went home while I showered.

We went over SIL's house for a few hours.

Next, we headed over to our besties' house. Time with Kath and Bru is ALWAYS good. We laugh like hyenas and have a great time. We had Chinese food and wings and I made a cheeseball that was a real hit! Now that the kids are older, it's nice to have them take part in some of our conversations! The kids exchanged gifts and we sat around the kitchen table, chatting for a few hours and then it was time to go home to bed.

December 27th was Mark and Patricia day. We headed over to Mom's in the afternoon and had pizza and wings with everyone. LOVED seeing my sweet nieces and nephew (poor Ben is the only boy in the family of 6 kids). He really likes spending time with my boys when we get together. Courtney is SO like Joanne, my goodness. Everyone loved on Grandma's little puppy, Milo and we had a blast watching a "Kitchen Nightmares" marathon! Just like with Kath and Bru, the laughs are flowing when we are with Mark and Patricia and their clan! The kids exchanged their gifts and then it was time to head out for the night.

I worked on the 28th and yesterday and have a half day today. We are spending New Year's Eve at home with the boys, playing board games and watching movies...our favourite way to spend New Year's Eve. :)

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Twelve blessings of Christmas

1. My sons. They are truly the lights of my life. They make me smile when I am sad, their hugs warm my heart and their laughter makes even the worst day better.

2. My husband. He loves me, even with my many flaws. He stands by me and is there for me.

3. My home. A place to keep me warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. A place that holds many memories...good and bad. A place where I feel safe always.

4. My Mom. All we have is each other these days and I can't imagine life without her.

5. My job. As much as it drives me crazy with stress sometimes, I am thankful for the ability to work from home for a company that has been good to me for fifteen years next month. I have some friends at work that I love dearly and am grateful for fantastic co-workers as well.

6. My health. Although some days, I feel like a 90 year old, I, for the most part, have my health. I am grateful for both my health and for the health of my family.

7. My friends. I have a handful of friends who I know I can call ANY or night and they will be there for me. A few of those friends have fallen through the spaces between my fingers and remain aquaintances, but the few that are still in my hand mean the world to me.

8. My internet friends. I have many friends, from places all over the world...Canada, USA, England, Germany, Japan, Australia, Israel...I am blessed to have them in my life and love them like I do my real life friends.

9. My blog. I love to have this place to come and share things. My blog is my therapy and I am grateful for this place to vent, yell, scream, laugh and cry.

10. My church. I have found such comfort and love in this place. I feel welcome whenever I walk in the door and I have learned so much from the Sunday services and the Alpha course. I am so happy to have a place to go and pray and be prayed for.

11. Hope. I finally have hope that I will one day be a truly happy person. I am on my way, thanks to the last few months and some real soul searching. I still have hard days, but they are MUCH fewer and farer (is that a word) between. :)

12. God. He's been here all along, waiting for me, but I FINALLY let Him in. My gosh, what was life without Him? What a waste of 41 years...hopefully, He and I can make up for the last 41 with a FANTASTIC 41 more! Pin It

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas time...

Once again, Christmas is upon us. The most beautiful time of year. I LOVE Christmas.

But this year, it has been really hard to get into the spirit. As I mentioned here, I just haven't really "felt" it this year.

I put off shopping for as long as possible and am procrastinating on the wrapping (oooh...I hate wrapping).

Christmas was always so special when I was growing up. My Mom and Dad always made sure that no matter how hard the times were financially, our family room was filled with gifts and we always got what we asked Santa for. Now that Dad and Joanne are gone, Christmas has lost some of its sparkle for me and I find it a struggle to get through it all. I try my best to make it special for the boys and I put on a happy face most of the time, but inside, I am hurting.

Christmas songs make me cry, memories are so much stronger at Christmas than any other time of year and my heart hurts knowing that Dad and Joanne are not here.

I am looking forward to Christmas Day this year because it will be the first time in 23 years that I get to cook a turkey for Christmas! MIL usually cooks on Christmas Day and she makes lasagne and her traditional Christmas foods, but it's never felt like true Christmas because I never had my turkey with all the fixings. This year, she has been invited to SIL's house on Christmas Day, so my Mom and I get to eat the way we used to when I was little! Of course, Hubster and the boys will be with us to enjoy and that makes me so happy! We get to hang out together all day and maybe I will suggest a pajama day for all of us. No need to get dressed because it will just be us...I like that...alot.

Maybe we will start a new tradition this year. Something that can involve Joanne and Dad (and Hubster's Dad as well) even though they aren't here. A craft or something special in their memories.

Hmmm....that makes me feel a little happier already. I'll keep you posted on what I come up with. :) Pin It

Sunday, 18 December 2011

I want to write a book...

I have this feeling in me....I want to write a novel. I've wanted to do this for a long time and I think I'd be good.

Hmmm..... Pin It

Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Tonight was the second-to-last Alpha Class. :( I'm not looking forward to the end next week. I have enjoyed this course so very much and I just don't want it to end!!

Tonight's session was on healing and how God continues to heal today. Sometimes, the healing is profound...terminal cancer cured, paralysis healed...sometimes, it's more subtle...emotional healing, relationships repaired...

I see God's healing power all the time. I have prayed for healing many times and sometimes, He answers. Sometimes, He doesn't. But I've learned through Alpha that it's not because He doesn't care. God has a plan for all of us. So many people think that unanswered prayers are because He doesn't care, or worse, He doesn't exist. I was one of those people. But Alpha has changed me so deeply. I see things so differently now. Everything's just kinda making sense.

I've seen firsthand that praying for healing the last month...more than once.

God is so good. All the time. Pin It

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Feeling a little more "Christmassy"

I have begun the daunting task of Christmas trip to Walmart and several visits to,, and and I am *almost* done. It's been a tough year this year because I have NO idea what to buy anyone.


I am more in the Christmas spirit. Boy Oneder and I made a pretzel wreath last night...behold:

I know it's very "amateur", but it's our first kick at the can. In the next week or so, we are going to attempt a pretzel Christmas tree!!

I have so much wrapping to do and half of the stuff hasn't even been delivered yet! I got lots of little things this year so although there is alot of stuf, it's on the cheaper side.

I will hang our stockings this weekend and may even add a few house decorations too.

It's FINALLY beginning to look and feel like Christmas!

Threepeat asked if we could have a picnic in the family room for dinner tonight, so I will get some cold cuts, cheeses, olives and nice fresh bread and we will all chill on the family room floor for our picnic :) Love that kid! Pin It

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Psalm 37:7-9
Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Don’t worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes. Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper—it only leads to harm. For the wicked will be destroyed, but those who trust in the Lord will possess the land. (NLT)

Tonight, I am praying for a long time friend and her husband. We've had our amazing ups and our horrible downs, including long stretches of not being in contact physically, but spiritually/emotionally, at least on my end, the bond has never, ever broken.

Be patient my friends. He works at His pace, in His time, but all in YOUR best hard as that may seem sometimes.

HUGE HUGS to you both. I love you. <3 Pin It

Thursday, 1 December 2011


I'm just not feeling it this year. That makes me so sad because I LOVE Christmas.

Normally, Hubster has to stop me from putting the tree up at the beginning of November, but this year, I can't be bothered. Boy Oneder ended up putting it up with Threepeat on Tuesday night while I was at soccer with Middleman. Boy Oneder asked me about the other house decorations (garland for the stairs, Christmas statues, candles, etc.) and I told him to just leave them in the basement this year. I'm just not feeling it.

I haven't even started THINKING about what to get the boys for desire. I'd better get my butt in gear though cuz time's tickin' away. But I don't really care.

That's awful.

I think it has alot to do with how stressful work has been. Add to the mix our crazy sports lives and the house is a disaster and there's laundry piled high...both clean and dirty. I guess I figure the more decorating I do, the more there is to put away in January and I just can't put one more thing on my already overflowing plate. So, this year, it'll be the basic tree and that's it.

I'm overwhelmed.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I need a clone.


Work is CRAZY busy.

Hockey and indoor soccer and skating lessons are in full swing.

Laundry is piled high.

I haven't dusted in 3 weeks.

The bed sheets need changing.

There is almost no food in the house.

I need a clone. Pin It

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Tonight's Alpha session was about the Holy Spirit...who is He? How does he work in and for us? What's His purpose?

One of Nicky's stories tonight was about a man who wanted to be Christian, but was too embarrassed/shy to tell anyone. He figured that if he became a Christian, he would have to tell everyone and that made him uncomfortable. He was told by a preacher that he could be an exception...that God would be ok with him keeping his new Christianity between him and God. So, the man went upstairs, knelt by his bed and accepted Jesus into his heart.

When the man came downstairs a few minutes later, his parents and a couple of friends were in the kitchen...

"You won't BELIEVE what's happened!". He exclaimed, ready to tell them all about his newfound faith! LOL!

It's funny because so many times, I have felt the same way. I SO don't want to be like so many other Christians who gush and preach and just don't stop with the Jesus stuff....but I can see why they are the way they are!

This feeling, this peace, is something I can't help but share!! This feeling is something I have yearned for all my life, but only now have found. And as much as two or three weeks ago, I was embarrassed to admit I was going to Alpha, now I want to shout it from the rooftops so that everyone else can feel this feeling!!!

It's awesome!

So many changes are happening in my life. Bad habits being kicked, love and compassion replacing hate and anger, fences being mended...all because of God.

I promise this blog won't become all about religion, but I hope you will seek out an Alpha class near you...unbelievably powerful!!! Pin It

Friday, 18 November 2011

Finding Jesus

I can't begin to tell you how much Alpha has changed my life.

God has found me and I have answered His call. I know, that sounds really cooky and Bible-thumperish. But hear me out...

I started 6 weeks ago, on the advice of my Mum, who has taken the Alpha course more than once and some friends, who all say it is amazing and that it changed their lives. I have struggled for years with anger, hate, hurt, sadness and turmoil. I needed to find peace and happiness. I have found it.

Nicky Gumbel, the founder of Alpha speaks to us through weekly DVDs about Christianity. In his DVDs, he has removed the rules of any given church and just talked to us about who God is and the way He speaks to us, teaches us and guides us. It's basically the who, what, when, where, why and how of Christianity. It just makes sense. After the 45 minute DVD, we sit for the next 45 minutes to discuss the topic and how it affected us, what we thought and any questions we have. There are table leaders who guide the conversation and ask us open-ended questions to encourage us to talk about the video and its message. Topics include things like "How does God Guide Us", "Who Was Jesus", "Why Did Jesus Die?" and "How to Pray". Interesting, compelling and riveting. Through these classes, I have met such kind, gentle, loving, accepting people. They are all like me, eager to fill the void that no money, person, career or material luxury can fill. A yearning for a peace that we hadn't found, but we have found together.

So many "Christians" have tried to "convert" me to their way of thinking. Their judgmental and opinionated, literal way of looking at the Bible and how everyone should view it turned me off of religion altogether. By forcing their ways down my throat, they pushed me further away from wanting to know God.

Thanks to Nicky and his Alpha program, I have changed my outlook on life. I have forgiven and even started to pray for the person who has hurt me most in this world. I feel SORRY for her. I pray for her healing so that she doesn't live such a sad, angry, resentful life. Through the friends I have met at Alpha and the prayers they say for me, I have been able to accept the life I have, and embrace the blessings instead of dwelling on the crosses. I am truly amazed. And we are only halfway through the program!!

God has spoken to me. I now have faith that He exists and that He wants what is best for me. He wants me to be happy. He wants me to let go of the hurt and embrace the love. Although I will never let the forgiven person hurt me again, I have forgiven her for her evilness (is that a word?) in the past. I am able to move forward with a renewed outlook. I think I can face her now and not feel sick for days before I see her. We will never be friends, but I think I can be in a room with her and not feel physically ill the entire time...all thanks to my newfound relationship with God.

Who woulda thunk that He had my back all this time? All I had to do was open my heart and let Him in. I can't believe how much time I have spent hating and sick with depression when He has been here all the time, waiting for me to wake up and smell the Nabob! (DUH!)

I highly recommend this program, no matter what denomination of the Christian faith that you practice (or don't practice). All denominations offer this course at various times, so your local Christian church, whether it be Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, United....whatever...chances are, at some point, they will hold this class at their church. Twelve weeks of common sense. It will only take a few of those weeks for you to see life with a whole new set of eyes and a happier, more peaceful heart. No judgement, no expectations...just open, honest conversation. Check it'll be glad you did. Pin It

Monday, 7 November 2011



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Friday, 4 November 2011

Ten Things I Will Never Forget About Cabo San Lucas

Cabo - Ten things I will cherish in my memory forever, not in any particular order:

1.  Sunshine with not a cloud in the sky each and every day. The temperature was hot...90 degrees or more every single day. The stinging burn of hotter than bearable sand on my feet as I ran as fast as I could to the ocean or shade for relief!  The feel of the hot sun on my skin every day and the cold rush as we went into the pool to cool off. The view from the edge of the pool, looking over the beautiful Sea of Cortiz at the rock formations that were clearly the work of nature...the work of God himself. 

2.  Reconnecting with my husband. We had forgotten one another in the hustle and bustle of our lives.  The kids have taken over our lives completely and it is extremely rare when Hubster and I have a moment to talk, let alone go on a date. Almost every conversation is interrupted by one of the boys or eavesdropped on by my mother in law. We needed this time so badly to just be together. There were many times where we just sat together in silence, enjoying each others' company. We had many conversations, uninterrupted, completely private and easy. We held hands when we walked to and from places. We hugged, we kissed.  We whispered "I love you" more times than I can count. This special time will live in my heart forever. Until now, I had no idea how desperately we needed this. Is is such a blessing from God that we had this time together. I'm sobbing my eyes out here in the lobby of the resort just typing this. That's how much it meant to me. 

3.  The staff at the resort. Everyone from the maids to the painters, the waiters to the entertainment team has been amazing!  They genuinely love to work here and it shows. The waiters and waitresses pull your chair out and lay your napkin on your lap for you.  When you are on your way back from the buffet, they carry your plate for you. Your drinks are never empty and they are always smiling. If you pass ANY of the staff in the hallways, they ALL smile and say, "Hola!". I have never been anywhere where the staff is so friendly. Robbie, the extremely flambouyant and hilarious entertainment director kept Hubster and I in stitches through the day and the night with his one liners and funny mannerisms. Nora, the beautiful exercise leader was super friendly and Pee-Wee was stunningly handsome, but sadly girls, he played on the same team as Robbie. ;). Excellent, excellent staff!

4.  The sweet little hummingbirds that graced us with their presence every day, throughout the day, sticking their tiny beaks into each flower of the hundreds of Bouganvillias all around the pool. Their little wings flap like mad as they tweet and gather the nectar from the abundant flowers. The hummingbirds reminded me of my Mom each day because she loves hummingbirds. Come to think of it, so did the flowers. She loves Bouganvillias too!

5.  Releasing the tortugas.  Wednesday night was so incredible.  Seeing 200 tiny little black turtles fight their way to the safety of the ocean.  We all had the opportunity to hold one and release it ourselves onto the beach. Hubster took one, but I took photos. Hubster held that little thing and talked to it, "Hi little guy!" and "Now go little free!". LOL it was cute. Each time a big wave crashed in, a few little ones made it to the safe water, but many more, who had spent half an hour getting a few feet down towards the shore were washed up even further back than where they began!!!  The poor little things were flipped around and left on their shells, struggling with all their might to get upright again. At first, we weren't allowed to help them. The conservationist there said they needed to do this as it was their instinct, but when there were only a few little guys left, some of the guests placed them in the water gently. There were several pelicans in the water diving like mad birds and coming up with what I am sure was beakfuls of little turtles, but I guess this is life. God's way of ensuring that only the string survive. At least they had all of us on the beach, shading them from the perilous seagulls and other turtle-eating creatures!  Hubster wondered at breakfast this morning, "I wonder how my little guy is doing". I responded, "I'm sure Threepeat is just fine". Hubster replied, "No, not little turtle!  LOL. Who would have ever thought Hubster would turn out to be a "turtle whisperer"!!

7.  My ring.  A beautiful, thin band of 18 carat white gold with crusted diamonds across the top. One that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. One which will fit perfectly between my wedding and engagement rings. One which I will cherish because it will always remind me of this most amazing vacation. I considered having it dipped in 24 carat yellow gold to match my other ringds, but i think that none of the white gold will show because of the diamonds.  I worked hard for the extra money that I received before this trip and it feels awesome to be able to spend some of it on me. Just.  Me. :)

8. Parasailing. Although this is something I will never, ever do again, it is something that I am glad I experienced. I couldn't open my eyes For more than five seconds at a time because I was so terrified. I was having trouble breathing and was shaking like a leaf. My mouth was dry and I white knuckled those straps the entire time.  It was horrible. But...I saw Los Cabos from a perspective that you can only get when hanging like a kite from a rope not more than half an inch thick. So, one more thing I can say I've done...and will never do again!!

9. Afternoon siestas in our semi-private palm tree "forest". Every afternoon, we would head down to the little area on the beach that is covered by about thirty mature palm trees. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the pool area and you can hear the waves crashing against the shore. We read here and we had naps here. Anyone who knows me knows that as much as I wish I were, I am not a napper. Even after each of the boys were born and I was tired beyond comprehension, I could never sleep. Here, I can sleep. For an hour or more at a time. The sea breeze, the sun peeking through those protective palm trees swaying gently all made for a very relaxing spot to catch some zzz's. I loved those afternoons. 

10.  The mariachi bands. The threesome that made their way through esch of the restaurants at night, asking if we wanted a romantic song or a traditional song.  The band that consisted of two guitars and a big huge bass. The harmony of those mens' voices took me away. Beautiful, sweet Mexican music that will always be part of this awesome vacation. 

There are many other things I will remember about this special trip. From the food to the locals selling their wares to our fellow guests who all felt like we did. The Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas is like no other. A place where you yearn to come back to because it just feels like home...minus the cold, the stress and the every day responsibilities. A place where you are treated with happy, genuine respect. A place where couples start their married life, enjoy a second honeymoon or spend their fiftieth wedding anniversary. A place that I cannot wait to come back to. 

For now, buenos noches and asta le vista. Grazias Mexico...mucho, mucho grazias!  Pin It

Cabo - Day Eight

Although day eight has just begun, I don't know if I will have a chance to post this again before we get on the plane, so I am posting early.

Cabo - Day Eight

It's 6:51 am and I have been up since 6:17. Hubster's snoring kept me up most of the night and 6:17 was the last straw. I brought pillows and a big towel out to the balcony to try to sleep here, but I am wide awake. The sun is just making its way over the horizon and the birds and singing happily. It's fresh out here, but by no means cold. It is peaceful and the sound of the waves and the pool fountain makes a nice backdrop to the birds' songs.

Im so sad.

As much as I miss the boys, I could easily do another week. I feel like I have just started to really relax and now, I have to go back to the stress of everyday life. I know I should be grateful, and I am, but I just don't want to go home yet.

I am already worrying about the plane ride and the number of emails that are sitting on my laptop at home, waiting for me. We won't be home until about midnight Toronto time, but I will need to have Middleman at soccer by 9:00, only to get back home and do mounds of laundry. Threepeat will have missed me alot and will be attached to me all day. Sigh...

I read a quote once that said "Don't be sad that it's happy that it happened.". I'm a little of both today.

So, we will have our breakfast, pack our bags, shower and be out of our rooms by 10:00 and then the bus will take us to the airport at 11:00. Our flight leaves at 2:30. We are scheduled to arrive in Toronto at 9:50 local time...6:50 Mexican time.

I will never forget this vacation for as long as I live.

So, to take away a little bit of the sting of the end of an amazing week, here is a list of what I look forward to:

- a BIG hug and kiss from my three boys
- a large coffee from Tim cream, two sugar please. I haven't had coffee all's horrible here!
- sleeping in my own bed, snuggled up because it will be cold
- the roast beef dinner that I plan to make tomorrow night. I must admit that although the food has been quite good here, I look forward to my meat and potatoes and some nice fresh veggies!
- watching tv. Hubster and I turned the tv on once this week...everything was Spanish. LOL. I am looking forward to my shows, "Modern Family" and "Come Dine With Me Canada"
- watching Boy Oneder play hockey. I love watching that kid play!
- full time Internet. Not having to go down to the lobby to be able to Facebook. I do love my Internet.

So, there are some things to look forward to. I am glad for that!
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Cabo -Day Seven

Cabo - Day Seven

It's 7:45 am on our last full day here in paradise. Hubster is still in bed, but I am on our balcony, soaking up as much sun as I can. I've been very careful with the sunscreen and have very little colour to show for the glorious weather we have been blessed with, so, today my friends, is a sunscreen-free day...sort of. I plan to spend the morning naked (of sunscreen that is, I will of course be wearing a bathing suit!) and when we come in for lunch, assess the situation before the real strong mid-day sun starts. Oh yeah, it's time for a tan baby!

Just before we left for our trip, I was given some unexpected but deserved money. I told myself that I would use it to buy myself something really nice because usually, extra money means something for the kids. We went into the resort jewellery shop on our first day and I fell in love with a gorgeous diamond ring. I thought about that ring every day. Well, last night, I bought it. It it a very thin band and I plan to wear it between my engagement and wedding bands. This trip has been like a second honeymoon and the ring is the perfect way to remember it that way. The man is having it sized for me and I will pick it up at 4:00 this evening. I can't wait!!!

Today will be a bake in the sun day and then we have reservations at the ala carte Japanese restaurant again. Hubster loved it last time and I was feeling too yucky to really enjoy it, so we are going back for more!

I had to buy another memory card for my camera since I filled the other one to capacity, so I am also hoping to take lots of photos of this beautiful place to share with you all when I get home. I so don't want to go home. I wish it was a two week vacation!

Well, the pool is I go to the sunshine of Los Cabos!

I am sitting by the pool, in the shade. It is SO. Freaking. HOT. True to my word, I went without sunscreen all morning, but have started to burn a wee bit so I put some sunscreen on a few spots and will join Hubster back in the sun in a few minutes.

Hubster and I did the "exercises in the water" that the entertainment team does every day at 11:00. We loved it. Neither of us could keep up with the movements, but we had a lot of fun trying!! We had some lunch and headed right back to the sun to enjoy our last afternoon. On that note, I think I will take a dip in the beautiful pool and then dry off in the heat of the sunshine.

Asta la vista baby!

Nothing like a wardrobe malfunction to ruin the moment. Hubster and I were just getting into the pool when the back of my bikini snapped and the girls burst out with great gusto for the world to see! Praise the Lord that I was in the pool!!! Hubster tried frantically to fix me up enough to get out of the pool, but there was no fixing to be done. That clasp was a goner. I held my top strategically in place as I carefully and discreetly walked over to my lounger and wrapped myself in a towel. I keep telling myself no one saw, but come on...we all know they did! Ugh!

Sitting in la ventana soaking up the sound of the crashing waves and the sound of the entertainment team calling out bingo numbers for the last time before we head home tomorrow. Wishing the end weren't here. :(

After another wonderful dinner at the Japanese restaurant, we sat for a while in the lobby. After a little bit, we headed up to our usual spot in the entertainment area in anticipation of the show which we knew was going to be great. "Grease" or "Vaselina" as Robbie called it was really awesome! They danced to every song from the movie and showed a few clips in between. I loved it and sang my heart out the whole time! At 10:15, we were once again exhausted and headed up to our room, where we both fell asleep almost immediately.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cabo - Day Six

Cabo - Day Six

We had a very eventful day here in paradise!  It started out normally with our buffet breakfast, but at 11:15, the shuttle picked us up to take us to the party area of the beach, where we hopped onto a water taxi for the ride out to the middle of the Sea of Cortiz for our parasailing adventure. Not gonna lie...I was terrified.

Our water taxi hooked itself up to the parasailing boat and we shimmied our way up to the bigger boat. While we were boarding the boat, there was already a couple in the air. They were up really, really high. Did I mention in was terrified?  I got to chatting with another lady who was waiting for her turn and she was as scared as me. It was nice to have another chicken on the boat because Hubster and her husband were as excited as schoolboys!

The couple of ladies came down and the. The guy that was with them went up by himself. They were very large people, and that gave me a tiny bit of confidence...if the parasail rope didn't break for them, surely it would hold Hubster and I!!

After the big dude, it was our turn. I was shaking and terrified. The only two parts I enjoyed was the first let go as my feet left the boat and when I realized we were done. I was crapping myself up there. We estimate we were up about 600 feet. Well, Hubster estimates that. I say it was more like 1,000 feet. We became a human kite. Although it was pretty up there, I couldn't relax enough to keep my eyes open for more than ten second at a time. Hubster took a few photos from way up there and the family we met took some from my camera on the boat. Ugh. That's one thing I will never do again!

We took the water taxi back to shore about an hour and a half later and sat in a batter that had swings for THAT was fun!  I had two Coronas (lucky for us it was happy hour and the drinks were two for one) and Hubster had two pina coladas. We then ordered a Baja Sampler, which had hot wings, nachos, enchiladas, calamari and tortillas with cheese inside. Yummy!!!  We sat with our new found friends and the wife and I toasted our survival. Turns out they are here from Calgary for a wedding. 

Before we Knew it, it was 2:30...time for the shuttle back to the resort. When we arrived, we swam in the pool and vegged on loungers until 5:00. Robbie, our flamboyant and flaming entertainment director had told us earlier that we should all meet on the beach at 5:30 for the turtle races. Apparently, turtles are very endangered here. We were set to release 200 tiny baby turtles into the ocean!!  They were the cutest things!  Hubster held one and released it on the beach and we watched for an hour as they scurried down the beach towards the ocean, nearly making it and then a huge wave would come and take a few, but push the majority waaaay back up the beach!  The poor little things!  Then three pelicans showed up and just kept diving for the little turtle popcorns!  I was so sad to see that!  Finally, with about fifty people still watching, the last little guy got washed into the ocean and we all clapped. It was an amazing experience!!  Unfortunately, I am out of memory on my camera, so I only got a few seconds of video and a couple of photos. I will check the gift shop for a memory card tomorrow, and may even trek over to Walmart first thing in the morning. We still have a day and a half and I want to take lots of photos!!

It's 6:42 and both Hubster and I are still stuffed from that awesome authentic Mexian lunch...I think we will shower and head down for a drink before finally making our way to the buffet for a late dinner. 

Tomorrow is already our last day :(. I can't believe a week has passed.  This vacation is (this) close to being as good as our honeymoon. Being able to reconnect with my husband after 15.5 years with kids and 10 years with a live-in mother-in-law has been priceless. We will definitely be doing this once a year, EVERY year.  Pin It

Cabo - Day Five

Cabo - Day Five

It's 2:20 and I just finished reading "The Help". What an UNBELIEVABLE book. It is right up there on the top of my favourite books. So well-written, I just couldn't put it down! Now I'm sad because I am done. I want more!!!

Today has been a veg day. We had a late(ish) breakfast at 9:00 and lazed by the pool til lunchtime. I had lunch (Hubster is finally feeling the effects of four day's of non-stop sunrises (fruity drinks) and is sleeping here beside me under our palm trees. I just watched a beautiful bride marry her groom on the beach...I admit, I cried a little. She is breathtakingly beautiful and her dress was stunning. What a gorgeous place to get married, right on the beach.

Two Carnivals ships sailed in this morning...the Spirit and the Splendor. As much as I am loving this amazing vacation, seeing those ships in the water makes me pine for a cruise. Hubster and I are toying with the idea of going on a cruise with the boys in February instead of Florida...we will see. For now, I will enjoy another Marguerita (kinda done with the mohitos) and relax in the sun. This is becoming a habit...a very, very good habit!!

Tonight, we have reservations at the steakhouse for dinner and then, I presume, we will relax and watch the entertainment again. The shows are really quite good! Tomorrow is parasailing day. Not really looking forward to risking my life, but Hubster wants to do it, so I will, being the most excellent wife that am.

It's 5:47 pm and Hubster and I just enjoyed a half hour couples massage. On the beach. Listening to the crashing waves as the sun just started making its daily retreat. Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love massages i have had hot stone massages, tropical rain massages, reiki massages, but this, my friends, took the cake. (sorry Tamara and Christine) Anyway, we are both as relaxed as can be now, sitting on our balcony, enjoying a glass of the complimentary champagne that the hotel gave us on our first night. The sun is setting and we have the ultimate view of the Carnival Spirit in the ocean in front of us. Boy, I could get used to this.

In half an hour, we will head down for our steakhouse dinner. Life doesn't get much better than this!

The steakhouse dinner was AMAZING! We started out with assorted shellfish on a platter (mussels, shrimp, crab, octopus). Delicious! The, as we were wait for our main (land and sea tenderloin), the couple next to us asked if we wanted to try the fish they had caught themselves on their excursion today. Hell to the yeah we do!! It was DIVINE!!! Two kinds, breaded and cooked up beautifully! We spoke to them a little...they were from Wyoming. Really nice couple. Next we had our main course, which was the most scrumptious piece of fillet mignon with grilled shrimp. Mmmmmm! My dessert was Baked Alaskan and Hubster had triple chocolate cake. Even more delicious!

After dinner, we went over to the entertainment area for a drink and watched the kids paying their games on stage with Riuland. So cute. We then headed upstairs (at about 9:00) for a romantic chat on the balcony, watching the big Carnival ships sail away into the night. Amazing.

I was asleep by 10:30. Another perfect day. Pin It

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cabo - Day Four

What a great day today!! We had a nice buffet breakfast and then relaxed for a bit before getting ready for our excursion to Cabo San Lucas.

The bus picked us up at 10:40 and drove us to the marina where we boarded a water taxi for a tour around Lover's Beach. The rock formations were unbelievable and the beaches stunning. We sailed around through the canal into the Pacific Ocean, just for a moment, where our captain turned around to bring us back to the beach where we were set to snorkel. The formations he showed us where things like Scooby Doo, a coyote, a pirate and an elephant head. You just have to be here to see the natural beauty. God's handiwork for certain. we even saw a big family of sea lions and when our captain called out to them, they responded! Amazing.

We met Jose, our snorkel guide and got ourselves settled on the beach. Before long, we were putting on our flippers and masks and heading out into the gorgeous Sea of Cortiz. I can't even begin to describe the number of fish we saw under there!! Jose is able to hold his breath for up to four minutes and dove down fifty feet many times to bring up treasures for us to see and touch. First, it was a shell, with whatever the animal was still inside. Next, a baby octopus, which he placed on my hand and I watched it slowly squirm before passing it on to Hubster. I got to touch a starfish and hold it in my hand and also held two different types of blowfish. I was completely amazed and in awe. The thousands of sardines that swam all around us were amazing, as were the vibrant blue, red, yellow, green, orange...every colour of the rainbow fish that we saw down there. Breathtaking.

After an hour, we got out of the water for lunch, which neither Hubster or I ate as it was sitting in the sun for a long time (turkey sandwiches WITH mayo). thanks. LOL! We had the cookies and the chips and the oranges that they packed for us and that kept us tied over until we got back to the resort. Hubster and I walked through and around a couple of the rock formations to Lover's Beach and had a swim and then crossed the wicked hot sand to the other side which our Captain jokingly called "Divorce Beach". It is on the Pacific side (as opposed to the Sea of Cortiz side that Lover's Beach is on) and dipped our toes in, but with the high waves, ended up wet to our knees.

After a few minutes, we pretty much RAN across that blazing hot sand and jumped back into the ocean for one more dip before our water taxi was back to pick us up.

We took the ten minute ride back to the marina, where our bus driver, Daniel, was waiting for us. We were given the option of shopping in the market for an hour or heading back to the hotel. Two other couples decided to stY, but Hubster and I were STARVING and asked to be taken back to the resort. We went straight to the restaurant for lunch and then headed down to our beloved palm trees for our siesta. Hubster siested, but my book on the iPad mysteriously disappeared, so I had to go up to the lobby to re-download it (no wireless on the beach). By the time I got back, he was out cold and I read a few chapters. At 4:00, I took quick dip in the ocean and my bathing suit was so full of sand, I just HAD to shower immediately. Hubster came back upstairs at 5:15 and I headed down here to the ventana for a glass of wine and to Facebook a little.

When Hubster comes down, we will head to the restaurant for a buffet dinner and then at 8:00, we are going to skype with the boys...can't wIt to hear about their trick or treating!! Then, we will head over to the Santa Fe (I know we were supposed to do that last night, but I wasn't feeling well). I hope the Santa Fe has a nightclub...I'm in the mood to dance tonight!!

The buffet dinner was good. We walked over to the Santa Fe and weren't really impressed. It was nice, but louder, busier and younger. The Palace is just right for us old folks!

Wen watched the Halloween show, which was brilliant! There was a costume contest for both kids and adults before the show and we had a few laughs. We headed up to bed at 10:30 and zonked out after a busy day! Pin It

Monday, 31 October 2011

Cabo - Day three

The clocks went back an hour last night. I am typing this note at 7:34 am. Hubster is still sleeping. LOL!

I was awoken by sirens this morning...lots of them. Not sure what's going on out in the world beyond the resort, but the sirens lasted a good half an hour. Oh...there are some more now! Wow.

Once Hubster wakes from his slumber, we will head down for breakfast and then veg by the pool all day agin...LOVE it! We plan to take a walk over to the Santa Fe today (it's right next door) because apparently, that's where the party's at. Tonight, we have reservations at the ala carte Japanese restaurant...really looking forward to that!

At 9:00 this morning, we walked down the beach towards the marina to a little area that was roped off and looked safe for swimming. It was a long walk and because the beach is so steep, we really felt how out of shape we are! But, it was definitely worth the walk, as we were able to spend about half an hour in the gorgeous and oh so warm ocean! The waves are certainly strong and the undertow was like a vacuum, but we enjoyed every second of our swim.

We headed back and had some lunch at the buffet. Another delicious meal! We then sat in the ventana for a little bit while I face booked and Hubster read his book.

The afternoon siesta time beckoned and we headed down to our palm tree for a snooze. I actually didn't sleep today, but Hubster sawed logs for a good couple of hours while I read "The Help" on my iPad.

By 5:00, my head was POUNDING and my lower back was killing me. I left Hubster to finish his drink and I headed up to the room to lie down. I took an Advil and prayed I would feel better for our Japanese dinner. The headache eased up a little bit, but my stomach was killing me and I felt so weak. I took a shower and got dressed, although I would have loved to just stay in bed.

We headed down to the Japanese restaurant at 6:30 and were amazed by the decor. It was so beautiful in there! As we walked in, we were offered a small cup of saki. I refused because I felt awful, but Hubster took one. He didn't like it. I touched it to my lips and didn't like it much either. It tasted like port wine.

We were served a sushi board with two pieces of six different rolls and maki. DELICIOUS! I wish I felt better so that I could truly enjoy it. Next, we chose our starter from a selection of about five options. Because I wasn't feeling well, I ordered tempura so that Hubster could have mine as well as his. He loved it. I tried one piece of shrimp, but the fried batter would have made my stomach worse, so he ate the rest. Next, we had our main...Hubster had chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce and I had shitake salmon. Again, delicious, but I couldn't really enjoy it because of my tummy. Finally, we had dessert....Hubster chose the tempura ice cream while I chose the green tea ice cream with lychee berries. Very, very good! Our waiter was awesome and we left him a nice tip.

My stomach is better now, but I still feel crappy, so I am typing this post from our balcony. It's very warm outside still (it's 8:30) and there is a problem with the air conditioning at the resort. Luckily, there is a ceiling fan in our room and a bit of a breeze, so we can sleep with the screen door open tonight.

Tomorrow, we are going on an excursion that take us to the market, snorkeling and to the famous Lover's Beach. We are really looking forward to that!

So, thats all for tonight! Pin It

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cabo - Day Two

Last night's entertainment was a lot of fun! Four male guests were vying for the title of Mr. Riu and their competition consisted of four contests: running around a chair five times, doing ten push-ups and drinking two glasses of beer through a straw while in the push up position; posing shirtless in muscle poses; doing a (semi) strip tease for a lady from the audience and then dressing up and lip syncing as a female singer. It was hilarious!

We got into bed at 11:00 (1:00 Canadian time) and slept like babies until 6:40, when we got up to watch the sun rise over the beautiful ocean I feel so well-rested already and it's only our first real day today! I knew I needed this vacation, but living it just proves how badly.

Hubster has decided to walk the five kilometers into San Lucas this morning. It is so freaking hot already and it's only 9:30 am. I wish he had listened to me and taken the phone, a bottle of water and a CAB!!!!! I will worry until he is back. :(

I am settled in a lounger by the pool, typing this post and then going to continue reading "The Help" on my iPad.

Life is really, really good!

Hubster arrived back at the resort safe and sound at about 11:30. Although he enjoyed his little excursion, he said there really wasn't much to see and the prices were really high at the shops. I was just glad he got back in one piece! It was really hot and 10 kms in the sun is a long way!

We swam in the pool and then had some lunch at the buffet. We then took our stuff from the pool area and moved down to the shaded area under the palm trees on the beach. We napped. At about 3:00, we went down to the ocean and let the waves come up on our legs. The waves are so strong, so just wading is all that is safe. It was beautiful, nonetheless.

Back to our loungers we went. We read a little and then we both fell asleep...I can't tell you how tired relaxing makes you! I had set the alarm on my iPad for 4:50 so that we could go to the computer area to Skype with the boys. It was great to see and hear them and know that all is well back home!

We headed up to our room to shower and prepare for dinner. We had made reservations at the Mexican ala carte restaurant for 6:30. We sat outside, right beside the ocean and watched the sun set. It was so romantic! There was a mariachi band who sang at each table and the food was pretty authentic. I had beef fillet with potatoes and I actually tried roasted cactus! It kind of tastes like green pepper. We met a nice older couple from Newmarket who chatted our ears off, but they were very nice.

After dinner, we headed up to the stage was about 8:15. The entertainment doesn't start until 9:30 and after about ten minutes, we decided to go upstairs to change out of our semi-formal clothes.

We got upstairs and decided that we were too tired to go back down. We changed into our jammies and I was OUT COLD by 9:15. Hubster was right behind me. I can't understand why we are so tired! Seriously, we sleep and lounge ALL day. How can we then sleep another full eight hours at night???? Pin It

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Los Cabos...Day One

Hubster and I left the house just after 3:00 am for the airport. We made the obligatory Timmy's stop and then were on our way to the long stay parking garage. We parked and took the LRT to terminal 1. It was freezing outside...literally...the thermometer in the Jeep read a big fat zero degrees. We made our way to the Sunwing check-in counter and waited with what seemed like a MILLION other cattle to check in. After about an hour, we were on our way through to our gate. We stopped at Duty Free and I got myself a pair of snazzy sunglasses and then sat down in the boarding area, which luckily, was right in front of the Duty Free. I was pleased that we wouldn't have to walk all through the airport to our gate! I was surprised that the security was a simple walk through and x ray of our luggage, unlike last time we travelled with the kids and were completely violated with the security checks!

I face booked and was surprisingly calm. I am a baaaaad flier people. But without the kids there, I was much calmer about it. We boarded and were in the last row of the plane...row 32. Next to the washrooms. Nice.

I was so completely exhausted, having only had about three hours' sleep and so, after taking my trusty Ativan, I was quite content. I dozed on and off for the first couple of hours and then read my magazine for a bit. We were served French toast and warm apples for breakfast and suffered through just a few areas of turbulence in an otherwise perfect flight. We left at 6:30 am and arrived at San Jose Airport at 10:00 am local time (12:00 Toronto time). We went straight through customs to the Sunwing representative with our bus and hopped in for our half an hour or so bus ride to Riu Palace. We stopped at Barcelo and Riu Santa Fe to drop off a few others, but were at our hotel in pretty good time. I'd say we walked off the bus at about 11:30. We were served a welcome rum punch drink and were checked in and in our room within 15 minutes. Awesome!

We unpacked real quick, threw on some shorts and went down for a beautiful buffet lunch. We then sat in the area where we could connect wirelessly on my iPad and we chatted quickly with Boy Oneder on MSN, while having a few fruity drinks Then, we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the beach, where we lazed and slept on a beach lounger all afternoon. At 5:30, I woke up Hubster from his long nap and we headed upstairs to shower, which is where we are right now. I am about to video tape a tour of our room and put on my makeup so we can head downstairs for our buffer dinner. We plan to make reservations tomorrow for the sushi or steakhouse restaurants for tomorrow night.

We are looking forward to what tonight's entertainment has in store. So far, we are THRILLED with the choice of Los Cabos! Pin It

Monday, 24 October 2011


Well, actually, three and a half if you want to get technical...

Hubster and I are off to Los Cabos, ALL BY OURSELVES!!!!! No kids, no MIL, no work, no responsibilites!

We have to be at the airport at 2:30 AM on Friday (eeeww!) hence the 3.5 sleeps comment.

We are staying in a GORGEOUS 5-star hotel and I cannot WAIT to get there and relax like nobody's business! I have stocked up my Ipad with a few books and bought myself a few little things to wear while I am there, so I am ALLLLLL set!

Now, if I could just magically appear there and not have to fly for 5.5 hours, I would feel much better, but unforch, it looks like flying is the only option. (bites nails) Pin It

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mysterious Shiner

Threepeat went to bed on Sunday night happy, healthy and with two perfectly perfect eyes.

When he woke up the next morning, this is what he looked like:

He says he hit his eye on his bedrail. No tears, no waking me up, NOTHING.

Weird, no?

He's much better this morning and it isn't as swollen as it was yesterday.

Who knew going to bed was so perilous!! Poor dude. Pin It

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Thanksgiving Day

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. A weekend to spend time with the ones you love, being thankful and eating until you can't eat another bite!

Our first feast is tomorrow at my Mum's house with Mark, Patricia and their clan of 6. Mum is making roast beef so that poor M & P don't get turkey overload (they have FOUR family Thanksgiving dinners to attend). On Monday, I will be cooking my world famous roast turkey for Mum, MIL and my four boys. The dinner will consist of delicious roast turkey, stuffing, sausage meat, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, broccoli, peas and gravy. Dessert will be homemade apple cake, English Trifle (courtesy of Mum) and a strawberry mango pie from Al Ferri's apple farm. The wine, of course, will be flowing freely, as it always does on our special occasions. I cannot WAIT!

This year, our newest family member, Milo, will be attending. He is the cutest, most amazingly intelligent little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you ever did meet. He is 10 weeks old and we have all fallen in love with him. How could we not:

He is Mum's new "son" "brother" and the boys jokingly call him, "Uncle Milo". LOL! Mum bought him as a retirement gift to herself. She retired on September 30th and I think she made an excellent decision with this little man. He is just what the doctor ordered! :)

I will probably do another post today with all of things I am thankful for. Right now, I feel so blessed with all the love I feel for my friends and family. So much to be thankful for...I don't want it to be a drive-by post...I want to think it out a little.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! I hope your hearts are full of love and your bellies are full of good food! Pin It

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I got a VERY important, URGENT email today. I almost responded, but decided not to at the last minute. Phew...these emails are SO realistic and believable....I'm glad I didn't get sucked in. (rolls eyes)

From Mr Salif Boubacar,
Accounting and auditing department
Africa Development Bank(A.D.B)
Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.

This mail might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it as unserious could come into your mind but please consider it a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility.
I am Mr Salif Boubacar, the manager in charge of Accounting and auditing department of Africa Development Bank (A.D.B) with due respect and Regard, I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transaction.
During our investigation and auditing in this Bank, my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to one of our deceased customer who died on Feb 29th 2000 of a ghastly motor accident and the fund has been dormant in his account with this bank without any claim of the fund in our Custody either from his family or relation before our discovery to this development. Although personally,
And keep this information secret to enable the whole plans and idea be Profitable and successful during the time of execution, the amount is Saven million Three hundred thousand United States dollars (US$7.3 M), as it may interest you to know,
I contacted you to be my partner and person to be reliable and capable to champion a business of such magnitude without any problem. So we can commence all arrangements and I will give you more information on how we would handle this project. And also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with me. And 60% for me.
Please treat this business with utmost confidentiality and send me the
1)Your full name.
2)Phone, fax and mobile.
3)Company name, position and address.
4)Profession, age and marital status.

Best Regards
Mr Salif Boubacar.
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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My new addiction...

Tim Horton's mixed berry bagel, toasted with cream cheese.


I wanted to take a photo of my bagel this morning in all its glory, but I ate it before I could get the camera.

Nom, nom, nom..... Pin It

Monday, 26 September 2011

Love, Loss and What I Wore

No...not the theatrical play that I LOVED when I saw it with my Mom.

This post is about our weekend.

Middleman's soccer team made it to the semi-finals and lost 5-1 against a team that is TWO divisions higher than them. They played like rock stars and I am SO proud of them. We are SO blessed with amazing coaches. This team has come so far and although we lost, we lost fairly and proudly.

I changed three times on Saturday. The morning was FREEZING and the afternoon was HOT. The evening was warm. Therefore, I changed my clothes three times.

That's, loss and what I wore this weekend. Pin It

Friday, 23 September 2011

The last hurrah...

Middleman's last soccer tournament of the season is this weekend. I love watching that boy play soccer. He really is awesome.

His first game is at 8:15 (YIKES!) tomorrow morning. Luckily, the field is only 5 minutes from our house, but still...he has to be at the field by 7:00...that's gonna hurt!!

He plays again at noon and then 3:45. If they make it through, the semi-finals are at 8:15 on Sunday and then the finals are at noon. We then plan to go apple picking and over to Grandma's for a nice roast dinner. Mmmmm!!

This week has been a crazy one is beyond stressful and I am working many hours with clients. It's been tough. Next week won't be much different. So much to do. :( Next weekend though, we are heading down to Pennsylvania for a shopping spree. The kids need winter clothes (coats and boots too) and I need some new threads myself, so we are heading to Grove City to spend!

Threepeat started skating lessons last night...he's so cute. He was so excited about it. This year, he is on the ice for a full hour as opposed to just half an hour like last year, so needless to say, after a full day at school and an hour on the ice, he was POOPED!

Boy Oneder hasn't had a hockey game yet, but practices are in full swing. He is loving grade 10 now that he's no longer one of the nifty-niners. He's so tall (5'9") and wears a size TEN shoe. Gulp! He's growing into a handsome young man and I am so very proud of him.

Middleman is excelling in grade seven. He is naturally smart and really doesn't have to put a lot of effort into anything to get high marks (certainly didn't get that from ME!) and is on the school's cross country team!

Threepeat loves JK and continues to go to preschool on the alternate days. Five days a week of school/preschool is wiping him out and he is going to bed (in his own bed EVERY night) much earlier and easier!

This past week has been a bad one stress-wise for me. I barely kept it together over the weekend and had a complete meltdown on Sunday night. Sobbing like a mad woman...everything just got to me and I had to release it all. As the week has progressed, I am still stressed, but feeling much better. Looking forward to quieter day. :) Pin It

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

And so the fall/winter craziness begins!

Last night, I registered Threepeat for his skating lessons. They start on September 22 and run from 6:30 to 7:30 every Thursday until Christmas. He is also registered for indoor soccer, which runs on Sundays from 11:00 to 12:00. Hubster will coach his indoor soccer team.

Boy Oneder has started his hockey tryouts/practices. He will practice on Fridays from 9:30 to 10:30 and Sundays from 5:15 to 6:15 pm.

Middleman continues with his outdoor soccer for a little while...Wednesday night practices from 6:00 to 7:30 and Saturday morning practices from 9:00 to 10:30. He has one more tournament (a home tourney, so no travel) on September 24th and 25th. He will then begin his winter schedule which is usually Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and either Saturdays or Sundays.

I must admit, I can't wait for hockey to get into full swing. I LOVE watching Boy Oneder play. Don't get me wrong, I love watching the other boys play soccer as well, but not as much as hockey. Middleman has decided to focus his efforts on indoor soccer this year and therefore, will not be playing hockey. That makes me sad, because he was REALLY good, but Hubster and I follow the kids' lead and if he feels it is too much, we respect that.

So, the short reprieve from sports was nice, but I am looking forward to getting back into action again! Pin It

Sunday, 11 September 2011

I remember...

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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Hard to say good-bye

I went to our friend's father's funeral visitation tonight and this song was playing on a screen with videos and photos of her father throughout his life. The screen was right beside the open casket and as I knelt and prayed over her father, I glanced over and saw the screen and heard the video. I lost it right then and there. I got up and tried to compose myself before heading over to the receiving line, but couldn't.

My friend had to console ME at HER father's funeral. How embarrassing. :(

I dedicate this song to my Daddy and my sister. :(

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I hate routine.

I have always been a pretty-much fly by the seat of my pants kind of gal. I hate having to be somewhere by a certain time because if I am late, I get crazy. I've never had a routine for my boys either. Many parents had to have a set time for feeding, naps, etc., but I never did. The boys slept when they were tired and ate when they were hungry. And I liked it that way. We all flew by the seat of our pants together.

Having had no real routine all summer, this week is KILLING me. Having the boys' lunches to make, ensuring that homework is done, clothes are clean, driving Threepeat to and from school and preschool and getting to where we need to be extracurricularly (is that a word) has been nuts. Add to the mix a VERY busy work week and mountains of paperwork and cheques to be filled out for the schools and well, I am spent (excuse the pun)!

I'm feeling so blue (and I know alot of others are too from conversations, Facebook statuses, blogs and the like). I am chaulking it up to the change in both the weather, which suddenly turned cold and gray overnight) and the whole getting back into routine business. I hate it. I'm not sleeping either. Three nights in a row now and I have slept less than four hours each night, all of those hours broken sleep and the sleep I did get was fitful and full of horrible dreams. This whole ball of wax adds up to one stressed Mommy.

So tonight, I will take a sleeping of 15 pills that was prescribed for me many moons ago and will be the third one I have taken in those many moons. Sometimes, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get recharged.

Here's hoping that next week will be a fresh one, where I will be used to the school routine and back to a well-rested, less moody, HAPPY human being. Pin It

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

First day(s) of school!

Three boys in school. Everyone had a great first day. :)

Boy Oneder:



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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

And they're off!

Boy Oneder left at 7:30 for the school bus stop. Look out grade ten, here he comes!

Middleman left for school at 8:15...he's hitting up grade seven.

Threepeat starts Junior Kindergarten tomorrow (staggered start) but goes to preschool on his off days, so we are off to drop himoff at preschool in a few minutes.

I can't believe summer is over. :( Pin It

Monday, 29 August 2011

One more week...

How can this possibly BE? The boys go to school next Tuesday, but summer JUST began, didn't it?

I am so sad, happy, scared, excited, worried and thrilled all at once!

Sad that the lazy, non-routine days of summer are gone; happy that the kids will get their brains functioning again; scared because I want the boys to be happy and excel and because it's Threepeat's first year in "big boy school"; excited because it's a year full of new beginnings for all of the boys in grade 10, grade 6 and JK; worried because that's what I do best; and thrilled because I know how excited I was when I was a kid about the first day of school.

I will miss the soccer games, the hanging out with the neighbs, the long evenings, the long days and the warmth of the sun on my face and body. I'll miss the sunkissed, healthy glow of a suntan and I will miss being outside more than we are inside. I dread the snow, the cold and the OH so long winter ahead. I dread the nights of cabin fever when there's nothing to do. I dread the hibernation that occurs with all the neighbs all winter long.


I look forward to hockey games, indoor soccer games, apple picking, Christmas...oh and I certainly look forward to the trip to Cabo San Lucas that Hubster and I are taking in October!

And speaking of is going to be WONDERFUL. Hubster and I never get any If the kids are out, MIL is home...she rarely goes out. She lives "with" separate quarters, so she is literally WITH us almost 24/7. I love her to death, but it wears on a marriage when there is no time to be alone as a couple. But it is what it is and this vacation is just what the doctor ordered for Hubster and I...we NEED this time away. So, that is something I really look forward to...renewing our relationship again. :) My Mom will be coming to spend the week to help out with the boys. I think she's looking forward to that.

Here's hoping that fall is warm and wonderful and that winter is short and mild...and that before we know it, it will be springtime again! Pin It

Sunday, 28 August 2011

All babied out!

I never thought the day would come when I would go to a baby shower and hold little, pink, frilly, cherubic, sweet-smelling baby girls and walk away not wanting one of my own.

Threepeat has truly completed me and I have not an OUNCE of yearning for another baby...even if you guaranteed me a healthy girl. I am so done. Done, done DONE!

Hubster's cousin had her shower today for her 2 month old schmoopy, Isabella. She is SO cute with TONS of jet black hair. She looks like a little eskimo baby! I didn't get the chance to hold her, but I did hold her two cousins, Lauren and Aviana. Lauren is 5.5 months old and nearly bald. She has the most beautiful blue eyes like her stunning Mommy and was the sweetest thing. She smiled at me big and wide and I loved having her in my arms. Aviana has the same jet black mop as Isabella, except she has bangs!! She is 3 months old and she slept peacefully in my arms while I ooohed and ahhhed at her. Nino, another of Hubster's little baby second cousins was there too. He is a little dolly as well. Finally, there was a TWO WEEK old little angel there too. She was on the other side of the family, so I only got to look at her and gush to her Nanna as to how gorgeous she was. She had the same mop of jet black fact, I think she had more hair than any of those cuties!

I do love me some baby-loving....but it is SO nice to hand them back to their Mommas when I've had enough! :) Pin It

Friday, 26 August 2011

The loves of my life...

In the Jeep:


Enjoying treats at Dairy Queen:

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Change of heart

This past few days have been an epiphany for me, kind of.

Friday ended a week that was depressing, frustrating, disappointing, infuriating and just plain yucky. I hated the world. Add to the mix that I was PMS'ing like nobody's business and man oh man, you had a bad situation.

But over the weekend, something happened. I'm not even sure what, because it wasn't like "DING!" and everything got better. But on Tuesday, I just felt different. I felt positive and happy. I felt content. Most of all, I was not angry. I think I have accepted me for me. I have accepted my fate, accepted what God has in store for me, whether I think I agree with Him or not and in doing so, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my inner thoughts and in the way I treat others.

The one thing that I CONSCIOUSLY did this weekend was decide that I can't change the world. I can't make people like me. I can't make people agree with me. What I CAN do is accept the fact that I can't change things. And what a difference it has made. I have started to look at what I have and appreciate it more instead of wishing for more or for something different. I have begun to see the abundant blessings in my life. I have made the conscious decision not to let the negative stuff bother me anymore. I now realize how sick I was making myself. Not eating, not sleeping, being angry all the time. Eventually, that way of living would end up killing me.

So, I have changed my train of thought and I am better for it! Let's hope this is something that will remain!
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Random Fly By...

  • Cirque du Soleil Totem is AMAZING! Hubster, the boys and I took MIL and my Mum to see this show for their birthdays yesterday and everyone LOVED it. Threepeat was MEZMERIZED the entire time. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!

  • There are some very angry, sad people in the world. Today, a guy who was jibber-jabbering on his cellphone nearly hit me in the local plaza parking lot. He spun around in his car and followed me to the Timmy's drive-thru, where he pulled up to the "escape" lane and reemed me out. I have never seen or heard such hatred and disgusting language in my 42 years. He said evil, sick things and really upset me. Considering that the close call we had was truly his fault, I am appalled and saddened for him. Considering the one sentence that struck me was, "I hope your husband abuses the f*%^ing s&%t out of you every day because if you were my wife, I'd kick the s&%t out of you 24/7!", I am frightened for his wife, if he has one. Clearly, he took out his anger over other things on me, but I feel sick to think of what his family has to deal with.

  • Boy Oneder's 4-on-4 ho0ckey is done and Threepeat's soccer is done. Middleman is playing his last regular game of the season as I type this. We have the London tournament and a local tournament in September and then that's it for him. I can't believe summer is over. So for the next few weeks, we have a bit of a reprieve in the chaos that is our lives. In late September, Threepeat will begin indoor soccer and skating lessons, Middleman will continue with his outdoor practices until Mother Nature decides to make it too cold, at which time, he will begin his indoor league and continue indoor practices. Boy Oneder will begin his winter select hockey season in late September as well.

  • Speaking of summer being over, school starts two weeks from tomorrow. My baby will start junior kindergarten. Middleman will start grade 7 and Boy Oneder will start grade 10. Where DOES the freaking time go??? Threepeat will be in JK on Mondays, Wednesdays and alternate Fridays from 8:30 to 3:00 and will be in his preschool/daycare on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Fridays from 8:30 to 4:30, so, he is a full-time student. Hubster and I decided to keep him in the preschool on the alternate days because he THRIVES on school days. He LOVES school and all they do there.

  • Hell's Kitchen is in full swing and once again, I am totally addicted. I heart Chef Ramsay.

  • Mum got a clean bill of health after her cancer scare last year. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

  • Hubster and I booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas on Friday. We leave on October 28th and return on November 4th...just he and paradise. The Riu Palace Los Cabos will be our hotel for the week. Neither of us can wait!

  • RIP Jack Layton :o(

  • We Be Jump'n is thriving! We've had a faboo season!!

  • We had a GREAT visit with Mark, Patricia and the clan on Saturday. I cannot BELIEVE how my girlies are growing and how much Patricia's kids are just like my own. I am thankful every day that Mark met Patricia...she is such a wonderful human being and I am blessed to know her. <3

So, there you have it...our life in a nutshell!!

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Happy Birthday to...


42 years old today.

That's old.


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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

No more babies...

I held off posting this because I didn't want to jinx myself, but, it's been over a week and I think it's safe to announce to the world that...


Threepeat has been sleeping in his own big boy bed (in his own room with Middleman) every night!!! This was the last baby milestone to be passed. Diapers and pacifiers and bottles are long gone.

We are very much a child-led family and each of our boys have done things at their own pace (with a little encouragement from us, but no pushing, no threatening, no pressure). So far, that philosophy of parenting has paid off BIG time for us!

Each night, when we tuck Threepeat in, I remind him that he is doing a great job of sleeping in his big boy bed. I reconfirm that if he looks at the window and sees light, he can come in to our bed for a cuddle, but if it's still dark, he has to go back to sleep. One night, he had a bad dream and called me. I went in, comforted him and retucked him and he slept til 8:00.


We loved every moment of our family bed experience with our three boys, but it is such a good feeling to have our big king-sized bed back to ourselves!

Yay for Threepeat and yay for NO MORE BABIES!
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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back to reality once again...

My final week of summer vacation has come to an end and it's back to work tomorrow. :(

I had a FABULOUS week with my boys, but I must admit, I am EXAHUSTED. Hockey, soccer, Marineland, Bingemans, hockey, soccer, errands, hockey, soccer, soccer, hot tub, park, soccer.........ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is back to work day. Can't say I am fact, can't say I am happy. But I am blessed to be employed by a GREAT company...right?

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job..... Pin It

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Everyone Looooooveeeeessssss......


The boys, my Mum and I spent the day at Marineland today. It was the PERFECT day weatherwise, not too hot and not too cold and sunny and just perfect.

The kids rode some rides, we had a home-packed picnic lunch, fed the deer and the bears and watched the sea lion and dolphin show. It was a GREAT day!

We drove along the Niagara Parkway and bought some beautiful fresh peaches and cherries...DIRT cheap and DEEEEEEELICIOUS! We then stopped at Swiss Chalet for a dinner and headed home. By the grace of God, Threepeat stayed awake all the way home, after no nap and a BUSY day. Thank God for the van's DVD player and Monsters Inc!!

Another great day, but I am seriously kidded out. Tomorrow, Threepeat is back at preschool and Middleman and Boy Oneder are going paintballing in Toronto...the Kitchener one is closed tomorrow.

Phew...where's my wine? Pin It

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


That is the short

Bingemans is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Threepeat, Middleman, Boy Oneder, Grandma and I headed out at 10:30 this morning to Bingemans in Kitchener. The drive was not so bad at one hour and 15 minutes. The entire drive was rain, rain, rain. It was still pouring when we parked at Bingemans. We started out with the passes. We knew that Boy Oneder and Middleman wanted to go paintballing, but wanted to see if the rain would go away. We also knew that Threepeat would be spending his day in the indoor playground. So, we opted for an all-day pass for Threepeat, which included unlimited use of the 25,000 square foot indoor playground and the indoor glow-in-the-dark mini-golf. Threepeat's pass was $8.95. Yes, you read that correctly...EIGHT DOLLARS AND NINETY-FIVE CENTS. Middleman and Boy Oneder got a mini-golf pass each for $5.00.

We headed over to the massive indoor play structure first. Middleman and Boy Oneder could not help themselves and although we didn't pay for them to play, five minutes after we arrived, they had their shoes off and were playing with Threepeat on the third tier of the structure. Ball pits, shooting balls, slides, climbers, ropes and hanging sliders don't begin to explain how much stuff there was to do here. It was AMAZING. Mum and I were loving every second of it from our comfy bench in the gated playground.

At noon, I called the boys out for lunch. Boy Oneder had a cheeseburger and fries, Middleman and Grandma had pizza, Threepeat had a hot dog and fries and I had poutine. DEEEEELISH!!!!!!!!!!!! After they wolfed their food down, it was time for the older boys to go to paintballing. Flag Raiders was adjacent to the Bingemans property and within walking distance, but because it was still raining, I drove to the next driveway. Grandma stayed with Threepeat while I settled Boy Oneder and Middleman. I bought them the half day pass at $27.95. The price included 100 paint balls, the gun rental, helmet/goggles and all the games they could play. I told the girl to run us a tab in case they wanted a drink or more paintballs, watched them walk to the play area and headed back to Grandma and Threepeat.

I found them in the indoor playground, Grandma smiling as she watched Threepeat running to and fro. The weather was clearing up and I began to think what an idiot I was for not bringing the boys' bathing suits because we would now miss out on the water park, which rivalled Canada's Wonderland for that a word? Anyway, at 3:30 (4 hours after we arrived), Threepeat was EXHAUSTED and cranky, so it was time to go. Boy Oneder had called about 10 minutes earlier to say they were starting another game, so the timing was perfect. Threepeat played a few arcade games and we headed over to pick up the older boys.

At the end of the day, three hours later, I had a tab of $70, which included 2 cokes, rental of the boys' jackets, 500 paintballs and 4 bottles of water. Awesome deal.

Middleman had a nice welt on his back and Boy Oneder had two sweet ones one his legs, but they were PUMPED. They LOVED it. There were nine maps and they said it was like playing Call of Duty in real life. They asked to play some more, but Threepeat was on the verge of a meltdown, so I had to tell them no.

On the way home, we all decided that we are going back on Friday. The boys will play paintball while Grandma, Threepeat and I head to the waterpark. The older boys might have a few rounds on the go-karts, which were closed today because of the weather.

If you live anywhere near the GTA, you MUST head out to Bingemans. This place has SO much bang for the buck and is soooo much fun.

I swear, they did not ask me to post this review...I just did cuz it was so awesome!!! Thank you Bingemans for a GREAT day at a GREAT price!!! See you Friday!!!! Pin It

Monday, 8 August 2011

Mid-summer vacation week

I have another vacation week this week, and I am excited about our plans!

Sadly, Hubster has to work because he only started at his job in May and hasn't accrued enough vacation days yet, but he and I plan to go on a trip in October to celebrate his birthday, so don't feel *too* sorry for him this week! ;o) My Mom took the week off as well, so we will have company. :o)

Today is errand day...

  • renew my licence

  • take passport photos

  • buy Boy Oneder's school uniform

  • doctor appointment for Middleman and Threepeat. Poor Threepeat as to have two needles (MMR booster and the chicken pox vaccine)

  • make dinner

  • go to either Boy Oneder's hockey game or Middlman's soccer game (they both play at the same time)

Tomorrow, weather permitting, is Marineland day. Boy Oneder and Middleman don't really want to come, so I may drop them off at Canada's Wonderland and just take Threepeat with Mom and I.

Wednesday is a Mom and I day...not sure if we'll go shopping or to a spa, but it will be just for us.

Thursday is Bingemans day. We saw the website and all of the kids are excited about it, so hat will be fun. The good thing is that even if it rains, there is plenty to do indoors!

Friday is beach day. We plan to head up to Wasaga Beach for the day. That will be a great way to end a week of busy-ness!

So, that's our week in a nutshell! I am sure we will spend more money being at home than if we had gone on a vacation somewhere, but we will have a blast and money is meant to be spent! ;o)

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I have something I need to blog out, but I can't find the right way to type it yet.

I am disappointed, angry, disgusted, frustrated....etc. etc....but I am trying not to be judgemental. So, my post will have to wait until I can see clearly enough to be respectful in what I say.

Until then, enjoy a photo of Middleman and of my all-time favourite photos....EVER.

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Bearing a cross

We all carry our crosses. Some of us have little itty bitty toothpicks stuck together with crazy glue and others have humungous 50 foot logs, tied together with heavy chains. Sometimes, the itty bitty tootpicks get HUGE and are almost unbearable to carry and those honkin' logs sometimes shrink down to little toothpicks. Then there are people whose crosses are somewhere in between. We all carry our crosses EVERYWHERE we go, EVERY day of our lives.

Envy and jealousy of others is what can make your toothpicks turn into logs in the blink of an eye. Looking at "John" and his seemingly small cross makes me angry on the days when my cross is bearable liftable. I get to feeling all sorry for myself and angry as heck because *I* deserve a smaller burden to carry than that damned "John"! I have lots of days like that. But, in the past, I neglected to think that maybe to John, his toothpicks felt like lead. On the outside, his life was wonderful, but no one knows what is going on INSIDE...depression, anger, frustration...

But lately, something has changed. Lately, I don't look at "John" anymore. I am now looking at "Jane" who has a MASSIVE cross to bear. She may have a sick child, may be sick herself, may have lost her husband or her best friend. She may cry every night because of fear or she may have no food to put into her family's bellies.

I am so blessed in my life. I have healthy, beautiful, smart, GOOD boys. I have a wonderful, loving husband. I have a Mommy who loves me and a chosen few friends who stick by me through ANYTHING. I have a beautiful house, cars, all the gadgets I could ever wish for, an abundance of food for my family and most importantly, we all have our health. It soounds lovely right? Just typing that out made me feel good. :)

But, it's not all roses and rainbows. I have very, very low days. Lower than you can even imagine, where my cross is crushing my spine. Missing my Daddy and my sister every single day. Getting through the day sometimes seems impossible. But I have found that lately, I am thinking of things from a glass half full perspective. I'm not sure what changed, but the most important thing is that it HAS changed. I no longer let anger and hatred hang off of my cross. I no longer have expectations of anyone. If someone wants to do something nice for me, I appreciate it, but I no longer expect it because it is what *I* would do.

I have rid myself of much guilt, anger, sadness and oh so much drama. And I am truly a better person for it. My cross has gone from logs to toothpicks and I am able to walk proudly with that itty bitty cross on my shoulders. I think it's also enabled me to help others when their cross is too heavy to bear. I am fun to be around again! ;o)

So, next time you are having a log heavy cross day, look around you...I guarantee you that if you look hard enough, you will find someone who is sruggling to stand on their feet from the weight of THEIR cross. Maybe on that day, you can put your cross down for a minute and help them carry theirs. :) Just a thought.

Have a great weekend! Pin It

Monday, 18 July 2011

Crazy Busy

Workdays are nutso busy.

Evenings are worse:

Mondays: Middleman has a soccer game at 7:00. He has to be there at 6:00. Boy Oneder has hockey at 8:00...he has to be there by 7:15. I HAD cooking classes. I missed last week because of the accident and asked to move last week's class and tonight's class to the next session they offer because now we are also down a car (MIL's car is totalled).

Tuesdays: Threepeat has his soccer practice at 6:40 and his game is at 7:10. Hubster is the coach, so they are at the field from 6:15 to 8:15.

Wednesdays: Middleman has soccer practice from 6:00 to 7:30.

Thursdays: Middleman has soccer practice from 6:00 to 7:30. Threepeeat has swimming lessons fromn 6:30 to 7:00.

Fridays: Boy Oneder usually has a hockey game at 7:00 or 8:00.

Saturday mornings: Middleman has soccer practice from 9:00 to 10:30. He has to be at the field by 8:45. Hubster and Boy Oneder deliver bouncers.

Sunday: Middleman, Boy Oneder and Hubster deliver bouncers while Threepeat and I do the housework and laundry.


I wouldn't change a thing. :o) Pin It

Thursday, 14 July 2011

On the mend

Thank goodness, MIL and Boy Oneder are on the mend.

On the advice of our insurance company, I took Boy Oneder to a physiotherapist for an assessment last night. He believes that Boy Oneder has torn some muscles in his neck and recommends physiotherapy twice a week for three months. :(

He can't play hockey or exert himself until further notice.

But he's alive. And will recover fully...God willing.

Mentally/emotionally, he's a bit of a wreck (excuse the pun) and he actually asked me to sleep with him last night. :( I am hoping that the anxiety and emotional scars will also heal over time.

MIL is recovering as well. She looks like she's been, well, in a car accident, and is bruised up pretty badly, but otherwise, she's OK.

Thank you to everyone for their thoughts and prayers. I appreciate them more than you know. Pin It

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Scary, scary night

Last night, I had cooking class, Boy Oneder had a hockey game and Middleman had a soccer game. Hubster had two bouncers to pick up as well, so needless to say, it was a hectic night.

We asked Middleman's coach to take him to the game and the arrangement was that Hubster and Boy Oneder would pick up the bouncers, then drop off the trailer at home, pick up MIL and Threepeat and head over to Boy Oneder's game, while I was at cooking class. Middleman's coach would bring him home after the game. I had arranged for my neighbour to watch out for Middleman when he got home because no one else would be here and I was uncomfortable with him coming home alone.

That was the plan.

But, things changed. Middleman went off to his game with his coach, just before I left for cooking class. Apparently, Hubster and Boy Oneder got the bouncers and then for whatever reason, Hubster decided to take Threepeat and go to Middleman's soccer game. MIL drove Boy Oneder to his hockey game. Well, that was the plan...

At about 7:30 last night, while I was learning how to make mushroom risotto, my cell phone rang. I answered and it was Boy Oneder.

"I'm OK. Everything is OK...don't freak out because I am fine."
(I freak out)
"What's wrong???"
(SIDEBAR: On Sunday, Boy Oneder was complaining a little of chest pain and thought it was his asthma. He had lost his ventolin puffer, but ended up being OK, so I hadn't called the doctor for a repeat presecription yet. My first thought was that he had had an asthma attack and couldn't breathe, so I was a bit freaked out)
"Mom...don't worry OK...I am FINE."
"I'm OK Mom...Nanna and I were in a car accident"
"OH MY Nanna OK? What happened?"
"Everything is OK...I need you to pick us up."
"OK..I am coming now...where are you?"
"OK...I will be there in a few minutes...are you really OK?"
"Yes...well...the paramedic wants to speak to you"
"OMG! "

The paramedic explains that they are both pretty banged up and bruised and that they are burned from the airbag dust. He says they are OK but that Boy Oneder has some ringing in his ears. He said that MIL and Boy Oneder both didn't want to go in the ambulance but that because Boy Oneder is a minor, I had to be the one to make a decision. I asked him in his professional opinion whether he recommended that they go and he said that he thought it was a good idea to go just to be safe. I asked him if he could wait ten minutes for me to get there and he agreed.

I ran out of the cooking school with everyone telling me to be careful and to call them to update and got into my van.

I got to the scene and the ambulance and police were there. The firefighters had left already (they had to spray MIL's car as it was smoking). I ran over to Boy Oneder and hugged him tight, asking if he was really OK...he said yes. I looked at MIL and asked her if she was OK and she nodded. I then assessed my boy's injuries. His neck was badly burned and he was holding ice on it. His jaw bone has a nasty cut and burn and was swollen to the size of a large grape. I then looked at MIL. Her arm was all misshapen and bruised and I instantly thought it was broken, but the paramedic said it wasn't. She had a burn on her cheek and neck and a cut on her knee. The paramedic asked me what I wanted to do and I asked if we would get fast tracked at the hospital if they arrived in an ambulance. He said no and so I told him to go and take care of someone who needed him and that I would take them to the hospital. He was so lovely.

Boy Oneder told me that MIL was driving east and just as she reached the intersection, the light turned yellow. He said that she was close enough to the intersection that she could not have stopped even if she slammed on the brakes, so she made the right decision and kept going. The man in the other car was turning left and she hit him in the intersection on the rear passenger door. Thank God, no one else was in his vehicle. He was not hurt at all, but said he was achy.

Next, I looked at MIL's car. The front end was crushed, the windshield was smashed and the two airbags were hanging out. It was awful. I started to shake, thinking how much worse this accident could have been.

I then went to speak to the police officer. I asked him if he needed anything from me and he said he was trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together on what happened. He asked me to hang out for a few minutes while he worked it all out.

I then spoke to the other driver. He told me that MIL hesitated before going through the intersection. He thought she was going to stop, so he proceeded. When he realized that she wasn't going to stop, "I gunned it but it was too late." I asked Boy Oneder afterwards if MIL braked at all...he said "Definitely not. She didn't accelerate either...she just kept going." I asked him if the light was red and he again said absolutely not. Right before the airbag deployed, the light was still yellow. He was 100% sure.

So, it sounds to me like the other guy was at fault. The police officer told me that there were too many different accounts from witnesses, etc. that he couldn't ascertain who was at fault, so no charges would be laid. He told me to call the insurance company in the morning and recommended that I take them to the hospital.

We took all of MIL's belongings from the car, as well as Boy Oender's hockey equipment and headed to the hospital. We had been trying to get Hubster on his cell phone, but, of course, he had left it in the Jeep.

Because Middleman's soccer game was right en route to the hospital, I decided to go by there so that Hubster could take MIL and Boy Oneder to the hospital and I could take Middlemand and Threepeat home. Hubster freaked out and asked all the questions I had asked them and then they transferred into his Jeep and were off to the hospital. I told Boy Oneder to leave his Blackberry on so that I could keep in touch.

The hospital was jam packed and they were there from 8:45 until after midnight. Boy Oneder's diagnosis was burns to the face, jaw and neck, cut on his stomach, bruise on his upper arm and mild concussion. He was given a prescription for his ventolin, especially in case the air bag dust caused him breathing trouble. They did a full neurological exam and checked all his vitals, ears, chest, etc. and he was done. They told Hubster to wake him every couple of hours to ensure that he would be OK with the concussion. MIL had x-rays on her arm and leg, but thankfully, no breaks. Burns to her cheek and neck (not as severe as Boy Oneder) bad bruise on her forearm and knee and a bruise on her nose from the airbag hitting her glasses.

By the time they got home after going to the pharmacy to get the puffer, it was close to 1:00 am. I slept with Boy Oneder so that I could keep waking him through the night and we had a long talk before falling asleep. He wanted to talk it all out and I thought that was a good idea for him. I think we fell asleep around 2:00 and like clockwork, I woke him briefly every 90 minutes. MIL says she didn't sleep a wink because it kept going over and over in her mind.

I called the insurance company this morning and the case is open. They will call me once there is something to report. In the meantime, we wait and hope that MIL is not found to be at fault. There will be no charges, but she will be responsible for any costs (towing, impounding, etc.) is she is at fault. I don't think she will as she did not run a red light. I probably would have done exactly what she did, just based on what Boy Oneder said happened.

I am so very thankful that they are OK...when I looked at her car and saw just how extensive the damage was, I felt sick thinking about what could have been. God and his three angels, Joanne, my Dad and Hubster's Dad, took care of them last night. Man oh man, praise the Lord.

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and prayers on Facebook last night. I have the best friends EVER. Pin It
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