Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Joy...

First and foremost, Merry, MERRY Christmas to all of my friends! I hope your day is as wonderful as mine is so far! Our festivities began last night. Mum came over at about 4:00 and we had MIL's traditional fish dinner. The kids are allowed to open one gift each, the one from Great-Granny in England. She always sends me money for the boys and I put a gift under the tree from her. Boy Oneder's gift was the new Bop It Bounce. He's already a pro! Look:


Middleman got Pictureka and we all boggled our eyes for a bit while we played a game! Threepeat got Zoobles, which he has been asking for every time he sees it on TV.

Hubster handed me a small box and I was anticipating a gag empty box, something for him...I'm really a grateful person, but based on my birthday experience, and because he was laughing and SO bent on giving me that gift on Christmas Eve, I really thought I would be gravely disappointed. Of course, as always, Hubster-Extraordiniare proved me wrong. I love you Babe. Remember that for MY birthday, he wrapped up Season 2 of Dexter (HE watches Dexter, not me) and it wasn't funny! Anyway, the gift ended up being fantastic. Two tickets (for he and I) to see "Rock of Ages" on December 30th. I was so thrilled.

We went to bed at about 10:00 after leaving cookies and milk for the big guy. This morning, I had to wake Threepeat up at 7:40 and he STILL didn't want to go downstairs. Boy Oneder finally woke him up and we headed downstairs to begin the gift opening.

The kids were well pleased with everything and it was a fantastic morning. The most exciting part of the day was when I opened the big box from Hubster. Again, since he had given me such a great gift the night before, I assumed this one would be another gag. But, to my complete surprise, inside that big box was a little box. Inside the little box was... MY IPAD!!!!

He even had the back engraved for me!

I was totally surprised and completely thrilled. What an AWESOME gift!

My gift to Hubster and the two older boys was a laptop table each and a 2 hour flight on an F-18 simulator...check THIS out!

Mum took the three kids to see Yogi Bear this afternoon, so Hubster and I are enjoying the short-lived quiet. I have a roast beef in the oven and MIL made a lasagne, so we will eat like royalty tonight! Again, Merry Christmas my friends. Enjoy this blessed time with your loved ones!

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