Monday, 6 December 2010


Boy Oneder's hockey team SWEPT the Motown Cup tourney in Dearborn, Michigan this weekend! They had 4 games and won them all!

We left at 10:00 am Friday and arrived at our hotel at about 4:00. We threw our suitcases into our rooms and then headed across the street to Fairlane Mall for a quick dinner. The boys played their first game at 7:05.

One a high from our win, we headed back to the hotel by about 9:00 and went straight to the pool area, where the boys swam and the parents drank. LOL. We ordered pizza and wings which the kids devoured before any of the adults even got a bite and then headed to our rooms by about 11:00.

Saturday morning, we all ate at the hotel buffet and then headed to our first game at 1:00. We kicked butt again and at this point, three other hockey moms and I headed to Best Buy and Target for a little Christmas shopping. I was a very good girl and spent less than $200.00. The other moms were not so thrifty...LOL! We got back to the hotel for 5:30...just in time for the bus to leave for our 7:05 game.

After another butt-kicking, we headed back to the hotel for about 9:00, where we met in a private room for a GREAT dinner. The kids pigged out and then headed down to the pool for about 15 minutes before it closed at 10:00 and then we all just hung out in the party room. Hubster and I were exhausted, so we had our family in bed by about 11:00.

Sunday morning, we had a wake up call at 8:00 and headed down for a light breakfast. We packed, checked out and headed to the final game at 11:30. The last game was a real nail-biter, but our boys pulled it off and took the championship 2-1. Boy Oneder, being the captain of the team, accepted the beautiful (and HEAVY) trophy on behalf of the team and they all received gorgeous medals! This team has worked SO hard to get to this point and they deserve every second of glory. WAY TO GO BOYS!

Our drive home was a real adventure. We left Michigan and went through Sarnia with no snow at all, but when we got to just before London, the heavens opened and the snow came down faster than you can even imagine. The roads were quickly ice and snow covered and the 401 was a disaster. We were travelling eastbound (thank God), and were stuck in slow traffic, but the carnage on the westbound 401 was incredible. At least 60 cars in accidents, in ditches, upside down...a jack-knifed tractor trailer blocking the entire highway...a MESS. I read this morning that no one was seriously injured (thank God) but you would never believe that seeing what we saw last night!

We finally arrived home at about 8:15 and I have never been so glad to be home.

I have some great photos and videos that I hope to upload tonight!


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