Friday, 31 December 2010

Last post of 2010

And, most appropriately, I am typing this post from my new IPad.

Last night, Joe and I went on our first date in months. We used the tickets that he bought me for Christmas to see "Rock of Ages". It was beyond amazing. We laughed our butts off and sang like champs through the whole show. Unbelievably amazing.

2010 was a fairly uneventful year as far as I can remember, but tomorrow, plan to go back in time on my blog and post 2010 highlights, so something may stand out then.

I want to wish each and every one of you a fantastic New Years Eve and a healthy and wealthy 2011. May all your dreams come true. Pin It

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


That's the only word I can use to describe how I felt at about 7:30 tonight. I won't be able to describe it properly enough for you to understand the feeling I had at that moment, but I will try my best.

I went to the local Metro to pick up a few groceries and on my way out to my car, I heard some Aisian man was yelling at his son, who was in his arms, and the little boy was crying. The man, who I assume was the father put the little boy, about 3 years old, in the front seat of his BMW SUV and smacked him...not sure what body part was hit, but he smacked him hard.

At this point, I watched, stunned. The man walked around to the driver's side of the car and got in. What I saw next made me physically sick. The man, with closed fist, PUMMELLED the little boy...ten or more times. When I say "pummelled", I mean closed fist, UFC fighting style punching. At that moment, I truly had an out of body experience and something, mother's instinct maybe? kicked in. I was about 5 parking spots away from his car. Before my brain could comprehend what my legs were doing, I was at his car, opening his passenger door, where that poor little man sat in the front seat, hyperventilating, tears streaming down his little face, looking terrified. I screamed at the guy to stop and that what he was doing was child abuse. I told him I would call the police and that this was wrong. He yelled something in Chinese to his boy and came to the passenger side. He unbuckled the little boy's seat belt, all the while gritting his teeth and spewing something in Chinese to the boy. He held the boy tightly and angrily as he circled around to the driver's side, where he put the boy in the backseat (in his carseat) and buckled his harness. All the while, the man was spitting words in Chinese.

He never spoke a word of English and looked at me once during the minute or two ordeal. I swear, he thought the reason I confronted him was because he put the boy in the front seat with no carseat. As he was putting the child into his carseat, I was calling 911. I was hysterical, thinking of this poor child who would surely receive the beating of a lifetime once he got home because I had called the father out on his horrendous act. I was, luckily, able to give the 911 operator his licence plate and was able to function enough (barely) to explain the situation. God bless her, she was SO calm. I was crying and honestly thought I was going to throw up. She assured me that she would have the police out immediately and asked if she could call me later if necessary. Of course, I agreed and gave her my home phone number.

After about five minutes of sobbing in my car, I finally gained enough composure to take the short (1 km) drive home. Because I had watched him, I saw that he had actually turned INTO my subdivision as opposed to taking the main road out, so I decided to try and see if any of the side streets held his SUV. There must be a hundred streets in this damned subdivision, so it was like finding a needle in a haystack. I prayed that someone, Joanne, Dad, SOMEONE would lead me in the right direction, but after about ten minutes, I realized it was a losing battle.

As I walked in the front door with my groceries, eyes still swollen from crying, my home phone was ringing..."Private Name, Private Number" read my call display...I knew it was the 911 operator before I even answered. She asked me how far I lived from Metro. I told her "2 minutes". She asked if I minded going back to Metro because there were police officers there that wanted me to make a statement. I agreed wholeheartedly and asked if they had found him yet. She told me the SUV was registered to a business, but they were doing all they could to find him as quickly as possible.

I gave a quick excuse to MIL and headed back out to Metro. I met two officers there, who asked me what seemed like a BAZILLION questions and then asked me to sit in the squad car to give a recorded statement. It was scary to sit in a police car, but the one officer was so kind...he let me sit in the front seat while he waited outside, I think, just so I wouldn't feel like a criminal.

I told the officer all I could remember, as he tape recorded my statement and then they told me I may be called if it was necessary to go to Court. Just as I was about to get into my van to come home, they told me they had the guy and the boy. He lived in the subdivision and that they were taking care of it. They also told me that at first check, there were no marks on the boy...praise the Lord. I'm not sure whether this guy was hitting the seat or the boy, but believe me when I say he was in a fit of rage and his fists were connecting with SOMETHING.

On the way home, I saw the 3 police cars. I saw where this poor excuse for a human being lives. I felt physically sick again, knowing he lives in my subdivision.
To think that even if he hit the seat the way he did, that little boy must have been TERRIFIED...of his own father. OMGosh I feel sick just typing it out again.

The only reason I will rest tonight is because I know the police got him. If, by chance, there was no physical abuse, the mental abuse suffered by a three year old boy whose father punched TEN times in a fit of rage, mere inches from his face, is enough for me.

The thing that makes me most sick is that the officers told me tonight that I was the minority. They told me that these incidents happen ALL the time, but very few people come forward...out of fear, out of the inconvenience of having to go to Court. That makes me SICK. My brain didn't even tell me what to do tonight...I just DID it. To think that there is ONE person in this world who would have witnessed what I did and not step forward is vile. Absolutely vile.

I hope that justice is served on that man. I hope that the sweet little angel whose eyes begged me for help tonight is sleeping peacefully, safely. I hope that ONE of you reading this tonight will step up and do the right thing, even if it's scary. SOMEONE has to protect the innocent.

If I hear anything from the police, I'll update you. In the meantime, please pray for that little sweet man. I can't imagine his fear. Pin It

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

It's over...almost.

Christmas has been a whirlwind of activity. Holy cow.

After our great Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, we spent our Boxing Day afternoon with BIL and Patricia and their clan. We had a lovely turkey dinner and stuffed ourselves silly. The kids (all nine of them) had a blast playing together and the adults had some great chat time. I have lots of pics to share, but my feet are too tired to walk to the hallway to get my camera, so they will have to be uploaded tomorrow.

Yesterday was neighbs day at our house. At 4:00, alllll of the clan of neighbs were invited over for drinks. All together, there are 29 of us, but some were sick and couldn't come. It seems EVERYONE has been sick this Christmas. :o( Anyway, we missed those who couldn't come, but the 18 of us who were here had a great time. What was supposed to be a quick get together for an hour or two ended up being 7 hours of fun. We had tons of snacks and cookies and ended up ordering two party sized pizzas at 9:30, which were DEVOURED before the boxes hit the table. LOL. Good, good times.

Today was MY Christmas dinner. I cooked up a turkey with all the fixins' and our dear friends, Kath and Bru and their great daughters joined us. We ate like pigs and then played a game of "Wits and Wagers" that they had brought with them...what a GREAT game! We always, ALWAYS have a good time with Kathy and Bruno...they are like sister and brother to us.

Threepeat has been out of sorts for a week now. After the initial three day fever, he has had a minor cough, but he hasn't (until today) eaten much more than a bite or two of every meal. Today, he turned the corner appetite-wise and had two pieces of toast for breakfast, two healthy portions of turkey dinner for lunch/dinner, popcorn, an apple and three cookies. BUT...he is still cranky, whiny, fussy and just plain miserable. For the last three days, he has disappeared into the family room, and promptly fallen asleep on the couch for two hours. I hope today is the last day of the miserable Threepeat and that tomorrow, preschool will bring back my happy little man!

We haven't had our Christmas with Hubster's sister and family yet because the boys have been sick and we can't take the chance that Mike, our BIL, who is suffering from lung cancer, would catch anything from the kids. They are coming over on Sunday for our Christmas dinner with them. I guess it will end up being a Christmas/New Year's dinner!

Tonight, Boy Oneder and Hubster are at hockey practice and this is the first time I have sat down on the couch in 4 days. I haven't even worked in my new Ipad yet!!!

Work much as it's nice to have four days off, I must admit, I am looking forward to a bit of a routine again...I am wiped OUT! Pin It

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Joy...

First and foremost, Merry, MERRY Christmas to all of my friends! I hope your day is as wonderful as mine is so far! Our festivities began last night. Mum came over at about 4:00 and we had MIL's traditional fish dinner. The kids are allowed to open one gift each, the one from Great-Granny in England. She always sends me money for the boys and I put a gift under the tree from her. Boy Oneder's gift was the new Bop It Bounce. He's already a pro! Look:


Middleman got Pictureka and we all boggled our eyes for a bit while we played a game! Threepeat got Zoobles, which he has been asking for every time he sees it on TV.

Hubster handed me a small box and I was anticipating a gag empty box, something for him...I'm really a grateful person, but based on my birthday experience, and because he was laughing and SO bent on giving me that gift on Christmas Eve, I really thought I would be gravely disappointed. Of course, as always, Hubster-Extraordiniare proved me wrong. I love you Babe. Remember that for MY birthday, he wrapped up Season 2 of Dexter (HE watches Dexter, not me) and it wasn't funny! Anyway, the gift ended up being fantastic. Two tickets (for he and I) to see "Rock of Ages" on December 30th. I was so thrilled.

We went to bed at about 10:00 after leaving cookies and milk for the big guy. This morning, I had to wake Threepeat up at 7:40 and he STILL didn't want to go downstairs. Boy Oneder finally woke him up and we headed downstairs to begin the gift opening.

The kids were well pleased with everything and it was a fantastic morning. The most exciting part of the day was when I opened the big box from Hubster. Again, since he had given me such a great gift the night before, I assumed this one would be another gag. But, to my complete surprise, inside that big box was a little box. Inside the little box was... MY IPAD!!!!

He even had the back engraved for me!

I was totally surprised and completely thrilled. What an AWESOME gift!

My gift to Hubster and the two older boys was a laptop table each and a 2 hour flight on an F-18 simulator...check THIS out!

Mum took the three kids to see Yogi Bear this afternoon, so Hubster and I are enjoying the short-lived quiet. I have a roast beef in the oven and MIL made a lasagne, so we will eat like royalty tonight! Again, Merry Christmas my friends. Enjoy this blessed time with your loved ones!

Pin It

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Well, that's a WRAP!!

I have officially completed my 2010 Christmas shopping. I stopped in at the local mall today to pick up $310.00 worth of gift cards and I am officially done spending money...much to Hubster's excitement!

I have about 75% of my stuff wrapped, so I am *nearly* ready for Christmas.

The boys are going to be THRILLED with their gifts this year...I think I covered all of the bases that needed to be covered and I got everything they wanted...except for Threepeat. He wants EVERYTHING. LOL.

I am working through the on the 27th and 28th and half days on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve.

Hoping that the two older boys, who have been really sick for the past few days, recouperate in time for Christmas and that Threepeat is spared. The high fevers and sore throats have really knocked my older boys' out for the count! Pin It

Monday, 20 December 2010


I'm sorry...I have been neglecting my blog lately....

I promise to try harder... Pin It

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


For about an hour today, I seriously thought I was going to die. Seriously.

I went to my Markham office this morning for a training session, with a bit of a headache, but nothing out of the orinary. The course started at 9:00.

By 10:00, the headache was worse, but still managable. By 11:00, my head was pounding. I had no Advil, no Motrin, no Tylenol. I felt sick it hurt so bad.

By the grace of God, the course ended half an hour early and I headed for home. The sun shining off of the wet ground made my head pound even more. I got in to my house at about noon and immediately took a 400 mg Motrin. I was shivering with cold, so I put on my bathrobe over my clothes and got into bed.

I tell you, I laid there and prayed to every Saint and every angel in heaven to make the pain go away. It was one of the worst migraines I have ever suffered. Truly excruiating pain. On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 10.

About 40 minutes later, the pain had subsided. The entire time that the headache lasted, I thought I was suffering an was THAT bad. I contemplated having Hubster call 911, but it meant I would have to get up off the bed to get the phone to call him in his office in the basement.

I would not wish that pain on anyone...ever.

Thank God for Motrin. Pin It

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

It's Sunday night the heck did THAT happen?

Today went especially quick..'.Boy Oneder's houseleague hockey game at 11:00, Middleman's hockey game at 12:00, visit to the in-laws at 3:00 and then Middleman's soccer game at 5:20. I stayed home while Hubster took the boys to Middleman's soccer game and wrapped some gifts. At 7:00, Boy Oneder has a select hocky practice.


Yesterday was a moving day of sorts. We are nearly finished our basement and so, we spent most of the day moving stuff from our over-cluttered main kitchen upstairs to our newly (nearly done) kitchen in the basement. What a job! So much CRAP to move around!!

I am going to spend the next half an hour relaxing before Threepeat and Middleman get home...

Weekends fly by here. Sigh... Pin It

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

W-w-w-winter is h-h-h-here!

It is exceptionally cold outside this morning. The thermometer in my van reads -9*C, but it feel much colder than that! The snow that fell a couple of days ago is now crunchy and icy and it's just plain yucky.

I so hate winter. So, SO hate winter. It's dark in the morning, it's dark by 4:30 in the afternoon. It's just so depressing. No vacaction for us this year either. We are *this* close to completing our basement, so all of our money has been sucked into that project. I really love it and can't wait for it to be totally done, but I will certainly miss a vacation to break up the winter.

Not much to report on the homefront lately...we just keep keepin' on. I hope you are all well and not too cold! Pin It

Monday, 6 December 2010


Boy Oneder's hockey team SWEPT the Motown Cup tourney in Dearborn, Michigan this weekend! They had 4 games and won them all!

We left at 10:00 am Friday and arrived at our hotel at about 4:00. We threw our suitcases into our rooms and then headed across the street to Fairlane Mall for a quick dinner. The boys played their first game at 7:05.

One a high from our win, we headed back to the hotel by about 9:00 and went straight to the pool area, where the boys swam and the parents drank. LOL. We ordered pizza and wings which the kids devoured before any of the adults even got a bite and then headed to our rooms by about 11:00.

Saturday morning, we all ate at the hotel buffet and then headed to our first game at 1:00. We kicked butt again and at this point, three other hockey moms and I headed to Best Buy and Target for a little Christmas shopping. I was a very good girl and spent less than $200.00. The other moms were not so thrifty...LOL! We got back to the hotel for 5:30...just in time for the bus to leave for our 7:05 game.

After another butt-kicking, we headed back to the hotel for about 9:00, where we met in a private room for a GREAT dinner. The kids pigged out and then headed down to the pool for about 15 minutes before it closed at 10:00 and then we all just hung out in the party room. Hubster and I were exhausted, so we had our family in bed by about 11:00.

Sunday morning, we had a wake up call at 8:00 and headed down for a light breakfast. We packed, checked out and headed to the final game at 11:30. The last game was a real nail-biter, but our boys pulled it off and took the championship 2-1. Boy Oneder, being the captain of the team, accepted the beautiful (and HEAVY) trophy on behalf of the team and they all received gorgeous medals! This team has worked SO hard to get to this point and they deserve every second of glory. WAY TO GO BOYS!

Our drive home was a real adventure. We left Michigan and went through Sarnia with no snow at all, but when we got to just before London, the heavens opened and the snow came down faster than you can even imagine. The roads were quickly ice and snow covered and the 401 was a disaster. We were travelling eastbound (thank God), and were stuck in slow traffic, but the carnage on the westbound 401 was incredible. At least 60 cars in accidents, in ditches, upside down...a jack-knifed tractor trailer blocking the entire highway...a MESS. I read this morning that no one was seriously injured (thank God) but you would never believe that seeing what we saw last night!

We finally arrived home at about 8:15 and I have never been so glad to be home.

I have some great photos and videos that I hope to upload tonight!


Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Da boyz and I are headed for the U S of A this weekend! Saaaaweet!! Just in time for a little Christmas shopping!

Boy Oneder and his hockey team have a tourney in Detroit this weekend. We leave at 9:00 am on Friday. The team rented a bus, which Boy Oneder will ride in whilst Threepeat, Middleman, Hubster and I follow behind in our car. We decided to take the car because there is NO way that Threepeat will sit quietly in a bus full of 14 year old boys. It will be a much more pleasant experience if he is safely strapped in his booster, watching several DVDs.

We play at 11:00 on Sunday morning, if they make it to the finals, so we should be home by Sunday afternoon.

I can't WAIT! Pin It
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