Monday, 15 November 2010

One more interruption, I swear!

My pally, Karen and I attended the Girlfriends Getaway at Deerhurst Resort this weekend. Many of you will remember the FIASCO this summer and I'm not going to lie, I wasn't expecting much. Because of the horrible experience we had at Deerhurst, the resort offered me a $500.00 credit to use at the Girlfriend's Getaway. I really and truly didn't expect to be impressed, but boy, WAS I!

I arrived at about 6:00 on Friday night and was checked in quite quickly. There was a message on my account, asking that I call Anne, the lady who had offered me the resort credit, but she happened to be around the corner at the hospitality desk, so I went over and introduced myself instead. Anne was warm and so genuinely glad to see me...she even commented on how cute my blog was and asked how Threepeat was sweet. She asked if I had checked in and I told her I had, but that I hadn't been to my room yet. I told her I would go back to register for the events once my friend had arrived and we had settled into our room. She thanked me again for coming and off I went to my room.

It was a beautiful room, one-bedroom suite with a gorgeous clean you could eat off the floor. On the table was a card thanking me for coming and wishing me a good stay, along with a plate full of chocolate covered strawberries...they were to DIE for. Anne and Jody had left me their cards in case I needed anything while I was there.

Karen arrived a few minutes later and was very impressed with the room, and the strawberries of course! We took a breather, had a glass of wine and then headed back to the pavillion to check in with Anne. Once again, Anne was wonderful to us. She got us all hooked up with what we needed for the weekend and we headed into the welcome party. We checked out some of the cool exhibits of the local businesses and then headed back to our room to veg.

Saturday morning's weather was gorgeous! We headed down for breakfast at about 9:30...a buffet that was yummerific! We then had our Detox and Cleansing class, which we were both very disappointed with, but really, it was the only disappointment and it was a very small one. 45 minutes later, we were headed for the shuttle to head into Huntsville for a day of shopping. We had a great time and a great lunch and some laughs on the bus with other ladies who had done a cooking class and had had a few too many glasses of wine...LOL.

Saturday night's buffet dinner was EXCELLENT and Karen and I stuffed ourselves so full that we didn't even have room for dessert! We then headed back to the room with intentions to just veg. The concert didn't really interest us as we had never heard of the performer, Kathleen Edwards. We hung out in the room, watched the hockey game and then at 9:15, Karen said, "Ah what the heck...let's go check out the concert. If it sucks, we'll just come back to the room." Cursing her under my breath, I agreed. Ugh.

We arrived in time for the second half of the concert, and I must admit, I was really impressed with Kathleen about talented! I actually have to admit, I enjoyed it!

After the concert, we hung around for the post-concert party in the next room and I am SO glad we did! Grandmas, all dressed in animal prints (the theme was "animalistic") were bumping and grinding (literally) and dancing up a storm. One lady, she must have been 65, was drinking a bottle of beer from between her breasts!!! Karen and I were in hysterics! Later on, several guys came in and you could just tell they were on the prowl for some hot cougers. Alas boys, there were very few hot ones to choose from, but that didn't stop them. Another entertaining 2 hours of watching the men checking out the women kept Karen and I howling.

We had three Coronas each and then up on the dancefloor we went. We had a blast! By the time we got into bed, it was 3:45 AM!!!!!

We slept in until 9:45 on Sunday and then quickly packed up and checked out. I was lucky enough to run into Anne one last time as we were leaving and thanked her for a fantastic weekend. Deerhurst really and truly did come through, restoring my faith in a top notch resort that is well worth the 2.5 hour drive.

Thank you Deerhurst Resort! You ROCK!!! See you next year! Pin It

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