Monday, 4 October 2010

Threepeat's Appointment

went extremely well.

We arrived at the dental office at 7:55 am...just before his 8:00 am appointment. We met the anesthesiologist (phew...what a word) and the registered nurse, while Threepeat played with Anna...the office manager at the dental office and a dear friend of the family. I cried as I signed the consent form (luckily, Threepeat was too distracted to see) and then we headed into the operating room.

I lifted Threepeat up onto the chair, which was cloaked with a "Diego" blanket. The anesthesiologist took off Threepeat's shoes and one sock and told him he was going to place the blood pressure thingy on his toe. Threepeat said no, but Anna popped in to the rescue and showed him how it went on her finger and he was then fine. Next, the anesthesiologist showed Threepeat the bag that is attached to the breathing mask and told Threepeat that he wanted him to blow the balloon up really big. Threepeat didn't like the idea of the mask, so, after checking with the anesthesiologist that there was no medicine yet, I showed Threepeat how it works. Then Anna put it on her face and he was smiling all the way. His turn was next and he actually giggled a little...until the medicine was turned on. I could smell it without the mask on, so I can only imagine how strong it smelled to him! He started to cry and while the anesthesiologist held the mask on his face, I rubbed one arm and hand and Anna rubbed the other. I kept saying, "Mommy's here" and "It's OK", all the while fighting hard not to cry. About 5 breaths later, the anesthesiologist declared that Threepeat was asleep and I lost it. LOST.IT.

I went out into the waiting room where my Mum was waiting and cried a little.

The nurse came out a few times to tell us everything was going well and that he was "doing great". Less than an hour later, they told me he was done and that they would call me in when he was awake. About five minutes later, I heard him crying, which killed me, and then about three minutes after that, I was told I could go in. He was very disoriented and was crying and not making any sense with what he was saying. I gave him his beloved choochie and held him while the medicine slowly wore off. About ten minutes later, he got his balloon and the Bumblebee Transformer that I bought so that the dentist could give him a reward for his trauma and we were on our way home.

He was a bear all the way home, crying and fussing all the way, but about ten minutes after we were home, he was back to his normal self. He ate TWO bowls of chicken noodle soup and a buttered bun and played with his new toy. Boy Oneder had gone out with Hubster to buy a Bionical for him, so he was very spoiled. My Boy Oneder is such a loving boy.

So, as awful as it was, it was not AS awful as I had expected, which was a real blessing. He ended up having ten cavities...yikes. But, now he has beautiful, white, clean, healthy teeth!!!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and comfort! Pin It


mapsgirl said...

So happy that it went well. I can't imagine having to watch one of my girls being put out. I would have cried too.

Kate said...

Poor J! I'm glad it's over with.

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