Monday, 18 October 2010

The perils of raising boys

Boy Oneder is fourteen and a quarter years old. Middleman is eleven and a quarter years old. Threepeat is three and a half years old. To date, knock on wood, we have had no broken bones, no stitches and, up until yesterday, no bee or wasp stings. Yeah, I know...we are very lucky.

Threepeat was helping Hubster remove the canopy from the frame in our backyard yesterday (read as "driving Hubster nuts with questions while Hubster removed the canopy from the frame in our backyard"). Here in Southern Ontario, we are trying to take advantage of the great October weather we have had, but hockey and soccer are making it vitually impossible to get that backyard winterized. We have been doing a little at a time for the past three weeks.


After Threepeat had had enough, he came inside to play with his Play Doh. He was sitting in the family room, on the floor, when he started to complain that his leg hurt and was itchy. My Mom was here and I was cooking, so she went to see what was going on. He started to whimper a little, so I went in to see what was shaking too. Mom rubbed his leg and said that maybe it was the inside seam of his pocket, which was a but rough, that was causing his itchiness.

He really started to get all "Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch!!", so I pulled his pants off and saw two raised, red bumps with bright red bumps in the middle. I asked my Mom if she thought it was spider bites and she thought made it was, but she started shaking out his pants and a WASP crawled out. OMGosh peeps...I am TERRIFIED of wasps. I kinda went into a silent panic, because my baby was crying and this wasp was crawling around on my floor. In a moment of clarity, I grabbed a tissue and squished the little mo fo right there on my carpet. (shudder) MIL grabbed Threepeat and I grabbed a cold pack from the fridge (no...not beer, a gel pack for first the shape of Spiderman, FYI) and put in on his leg. Mom was calming Threepeat down.

A few minutes later and Threepeat was much better. I sprayed his leg with Solarcaine and then he asked to see the wasp. I had thrown it in the garbage, but pulled out the tissue, shuddering the whole time, so he could see it. He then told me to "Spray it in the face Mommy!" referring to the Solarcaine. I told him the wasp was already dead, but he continued egging me on, "Spray it Mommy! Spray it!" The anger I felt at that hideous little creature was building, and I admit, I wanted to spray that little sucker in the face! So I did. And when I did, it moved! OMGOSH...I crapped myself right then and there. I THREW it into the garbage bin and slammed the cupboard door shut. (shudder)

Boy Oneder came upstairs from the basement to see what all the commotion was about and once we told him, he wanted to have the wasp carcass. WTH? He grabbed my candle lighter, grabbed Threepeat and took him to the backyard. He then proceeded to have a wasp bonfire in my freshly winterized garden. was just the tissue that burned, but that was bonfire enough for Threepeat. I watched as they chit chatted about the ugly wasp "popping" as he cooked and silently enjoyed every second...oooh I hate wasps.

When it was all over, the boys proudly came into the house, declaring that the wasp was dead as a doornail and everyone went back to their regularly scheduled programming.

Threepeat was no worse for wear by an hour or so later and by the time he went to bed, his wasp stings were little itty bitty pin pricks on the back of his thigh.

So, we survived our first "sting" incident. It was complete drama, in true Dawn-fashion. God help us on our first stitch or broken bone!!! Pin It


Lisa said...

we've been lucky too with no er visits but stings have been our worst incident too!!!

MollyinMinn said...

Well, you made it through. On to stitches and broken bones. Now that I say that we have, so far, lucked out and stuck with bee stings, too.

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