Friday, 24 September 2010


What a weekend we have ahead!

5:00 pm tonight - going to Mum's to meet up with Mark, Patricia and the clan to celebrate Mum's birthday, which was on Wednesday.

8:00 am tomorrow - Hubster and Boy Oneder will deliver two bouncers on different sides of the City

10:20 am tomorrow - Middleman's first soccer game of the last tournament of the year

1:45 pm tomorrow - Boy Oneder's hockey practice

2:20 pm tomorrow - Middleman's second soccer game

3:00 pm tomorrow - Middleman's hockey practice - he's going to miss this one

6:00 pm tomorrow - Hubster and Boy Oneder will pick up the bouncers

10:20 am Sunday - Middleman's third soccer game

11:00 am Sunday - Middleman's hockey practice - he may miss this one as well :o(

12:00 pm Sunday - Apple picking. Our apples are already picking, so this is the only weekend we can go if we want to get our Macoun apples

2:00 pm Sunday - Boy Oneder's hockey practice

4:00 pm Sunday - Middleman's (potential) semi final soccer game

7:00 pm - Middleman's (potential) final soccer game


In other news, Threepeat started swimming lessons last night and did AMAZINGLY well! He did everything the instructor asked of him, including jumping in and going under! Unlike his older brothers, who, at this age, were both TERRIFIED of the water, Threepeat is full of confidence!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! The weather is supposed to be terrible here, so that will make for a very soggy soccer tournament! UGH.

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