Sunday, 19 September 2010


This time of year is ragweed season here in Southern Ontario. Frankie suffers every year. He has a puffer and takes Claritin. Nicholas has been suffering a little this year, so he also takes Claritin. I usually suffer, mostly in my I use a puffer. This year, so far, knock on wood, no puffer. But I have been suffering a little all week with a sore throat and itchy eyes. Ugh.

At about 7:00 tonight, I sneezed. Nine times in a row. Since then, (it's now 9:40) I have been suffering with a nose that just won't stop running. I am all stuffed up and miserable. This is awful...I pity anyone who suffers with allergies often. Itchy doesn't even begin to describe this feeling. My nose, my eyes, the roof of my mouth. Ugh.

I just took an Aerius. Hoping it kicks in quick. Pin It

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