Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Macoun Apple Crumble

Macoun Apple Crumble:

The ingredients:

Instructions (with photos cuz I rock):

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees.

Crumble Topping:

Place all of these ingredients into a bowl and mix them allllllll up. Then set the mixture aside while you prepare the apple filling.

1/2 cup of flour:

1/4 cup of sugar:

1/4 cup of brown sugar:

Oh yes my friends....this is Heaven in a pan...

1 teaspoon of cinnamon:

1/4 teaspoon of salt:

7 Tablespoons of cold butter or margarine:

2/3 cup of rolled oats:

2 teaspoons of ground flaxseed:

Mix together:

Set aside while you prepare your apple filling.

Apple filling ingredients:

6 Macoun apples, peeled, cored and cut into cubes:

2 teaspoons of lemon juice:

3 Tablespoons of sugar:

(showed you that above)


Spray a 9 x 9 inch pan with Pam:

Pour in your apple mixture and crumble your topping evenly over the top of the apples:

Bake at 375 degrees for 45 minutes:


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Bad blogger!

My goodness, my blog has been neglected lately. But then again, so has my health, my house and my kids. LOL.

Life is just one thing after another and having been sick for the last two and a half weeks, I haven't had the time, nor the energy, to blog.

Here is a bullet list of randomness:

  • Boy Oneder is loving high school
  • Middleman is loving school
  • Threepeat is loving preschool
  • I am on Middleman's school council again, but have missed the first two meetings due to illness
  • Outdoor soccer is all but finished...Middleman has one more exhibition game next week and then indoor soccer starts
  • Hockey is underway. No games yet, but lots of practices
  • I miss Myles...very much
  • We went apple picking last weekend and we are enjoying 40 lbs of Macoun will be posted soon
  • I hate cold weather
  • I hate winter
  • I miss summer already
  • Mum is recovering nicely from her hysterectomy. I went with her on Monday to have the staples removed (eww) and all is well
  • Threepeat has his general anesthetic dental appointment on Saturday at 8:00 am. I am terrified and think of nearly nothing else

That's all you get for now folks. I am hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. Thanks for hanging in there.

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Friday, 24 September 2010


What a weekend we have ahead!

5:00 pm tonight - going to Mum's to meet up with Mark, Patricia and the clan to celebrate Mum's birthday, which was on Wednesday.

8:00 am tomorrow - Hubster and Boy Oneder will deliver two bouncers on different sides of the City

10:20 am tomorrow - Middleman's first soccer game of the last tournament of the year

1:45 pm tomorrow - Boy Oneder's hockey practice

2:20 pm tomorrow - Middleman's second soccer game

3:00 pm tomorrow - Middleman's hockey practice - he's going to miss this one

6:00 pm tomorrow - Hubster and Boy Oneder will pick up the bouncers

10:20 am Sunday - Middleman's third soccer game

11:00 am Sunday - Middleman's hockey practice - he may miss this one as well :o(

12:00 pm Sunday - Apple picking. Our apples are already picking, so this is the only weekend we can go if we want to get our Macoun apples

2:00 pm Sunday - Boy Oneder's hockey practice

4:00 pm Sunday - Middleman's (potential) semi final soccer game

7:00 pm - Middleman's (potential) final soccer game


In other news, Threepeat started swimming lessons last night and did AMAZINGLY well! He did everything the instructor asked of him, including jumping in and going under! Unlike his older brothers, who, at this age, were both TERRIFIED of the water, Threepeat is full of confidence!!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! The weather is supposed to be terrible here, so that will make for a very soggy soccer tournament! UGH.

L8tr Sk8rs! Pin It

Tuesday, 21 September 2010



Try sinus infection. I woke up in the middle of the night with such pain in my face...yeah, yeah...keep your comments to yourself...KATE.

Anyway, I have only had this kind of pain once before and it was a sinus infection. I have been so weak all day and have felt like crap. This morning, I made an appointment with my trusty Dr. L and at 4:30, he confirmed that my ears are very congested, my chest is clear and I am fevered. He pushed on my sinuses and my wincing in pain gave him the clear picture...sinus infection.

He prescribed Zithromax and some allergy nasal spray and sent me on my way with a pat on the back and a "Hope you feel better soon!"

So, I have had a nice supper and will now dose myself up with antibiotics, Advil Cold and Sinus and nasal spray and head to bed. I was going to go home to sleep for the first time in a week tonight, but tomorrow is Mum's birthday, so I will sleep here tonight and then head home in the morning. head feels like it's stuffed with cotton!!! Haven't been this sick in a LONG time.

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Sunday, 19 September 2010


This time of year is ragweed season here in Southern Ontario. Frankie suffers every year. He has a puffer and takes Claritin. Nicholas has been suffering a little this year, so he also takes Claritin. I usually suffer, mostly in my I use a puffer. This year, so far, knock on wood, no puffer. But I have been suffering a little all week with a sore throat and itchy eyes. Ugh.

At about 7:00 tonight, I sneezed. Nine times in a row. Since then, (it's now 9:40) I have been suffering with a nose that just won't stop running. I am all stuffed up and miserable. This is awful...I pity anyone who suffers with allergies often. Itchy doesn't even begin to describe this feeling. My nose, my eyes, the roof of my mouth. Ugh.

I just took an Aerius. Hoping it kicks in quick. Pin It

Friday, 17 September 2010

Guilty pleasures

There are a few things that I really love that are kinda embarrassing to admit, but because I love you, I will admit to these things right now. This may never happen again, so enjoy:

1. Howard Stern. I have Sirius Satellite in my van. I have had it since 2006 when Howard moved from terrestrial radio to satellite. I love my Howard and rarely listen to any other stations;

2. Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. I first saw this show while we were vacationing in Florida. Boy Oneder had control of the remote and this was the show he chose. The food shown on the show is sometimes vile, but I love, love, love seeing all the different places to eat all over the States;

3. Man vs Food. Ditto #2, but this guy goes to little Mom and Pop diners and tries to beat the record of a previous customer on things like hottest sauce, 360 ounces of milkshakes in less than 30 minutes, etc. LOVE this show;

4. Bovril on toast. Google it. I need to go home to England because I am almost out and you can't get Bovril in Canada. :o( Mmmm....I love my Bovril.

That's all you get for tonight. I am so tired that I can hardly keep my eyes open. What a week!

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Thursday, 16 September 2010

Mum's home

Well, I picked Mum up at 10:30 this morning. It was POURING with rain...I mean POURING. Figures. She got a ride down from the 6th floor in a wheelchair, which worked out well because she was the packhorse, carrying her flowers and stuff.

She is doing remarkably well...very little pain and she is slowly starting to eat again. The worst part for her is having to sit still. Mum is NOT a sitter. In her own words just now as I helped her into bed, "This sucks. IT SUCKS!!!"

My boys came to visit tonight. We ordered pizza and it was so nice to be together again...I haven't been with them all for more than an hour since Sunday afternoon, so our time together tonight was nice. I hated saying good-bye. I will see them either tomorrow or at the latest, Saturday and they all have school tomorrow, so I guess it's not THAT bad.

I had the day off work today, knowing Mum was coming home. I am working from here tomorrow and will be working from here for most of next week as well, depending on how she is doing.

A busy day today...only now, as I sit and relax, do I realize how much I did today. I'm wiped.

Last night, I talked to my friend, Kate, for four hours and forty-three minutes. We hung up at 1:00 am. Kate has been there for me each and every time I've needed her. We have had our ups and downs, but I am so blessed with her friendship. I had a fantastic conversation with her husband, Ian, as well. He is a fascinating man, so fullof knowledge and passion for his faith. Thank you Kate and Ian for being there for me. :o) Pin It

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Holy Hannah.

When it rains, it certainly pours.

This week has been a WHIRLWIND, both physically AND emotionally.

Mum was doing well this morning when I went in at 8:30. I helped her shower and change into her own nightgown, a nice change from the horrible butt-revealing hospital gown! She felt refreshed and looked good.

I left her to come here to her house because this is a big week at work. A client that I have been working on for a few months has the most important part of their project happening this.week. I worked until about 12:30 and then headed back over to the hospital for a visit with Patricia (SIL). She was quiet and a little weak while we were there, but I chaulked it up to having had a shower this morning. She has, after all, just had major surgery. We stayed for an hour and then I headed back to work.

At 3:45, Husbter and Boy Oneder came to pick me up to visit Mum. She was even quieter than at lunchtime and while she was in the washroom, BIL's Mum,who was visiting, told us that Mum had been having heart palpitations. The nurse came to take a blood sample, with good timing, as we were just leaving. The nurse told Mum they would be doing an ECG and the internal medicine guy would be up to speak with her. We left the hospital at about 4:20 and I worked until 6:30. I finally got everything finished up and made myself some dinner.

Mum called at about 6:30 to say that the ECG showed lots of abnormalities, but that it was due to something that the internal medicine said was nothing to worry about (PVC?) Her blood levels were not low enough to warrant a transfusion. Her blood pressure was quite high, so she was given a pill for that and they said they thought she was dehydrated, so they gave her a bag of water intravenously. They will be checking her thyroid tomorrow morning. Just when I thought everything was going well, it blew up. Ugh.

I spoke to her a moment ago and she was visiting with a friend, so she told me she would call later on.


I have scheduled the day off tomorrow, so I will be able to focus on her. Hubster and MIL have my boys taken care of for now, so hopefully, I will get a bit of a breather tomorrow.

So, that's the update for now...thanks for checking in. Pin It

Tuesday, 14 September 2010



Work. Mom. My boys. My husband. Laundry. Homework.

Sigh. Stop the roller coaster...I need a break.

Hope to be posting a little more from Mom's house in the next few days. Gonna wrack my brain for some good ones...stay tuned. Pin It

Monday, 13 September 2010

So alone...

Missing Joanne Pin It

My Mummy...

is out of surgery and in recovery right now.

She had a hysterectomy an hour ago because of a cyst on her ovary.

It's been a rough few weeks of worry for us, but the doctor told me that everything went well and that they think the cyst was benign. Of course, they need to send it away for testing to be 100% sure, but all looks well.

I am at her house now, which is about ten minutes from the hospital. The doctor told me it was probably best for me to come here instead of waiting for two hours or more for her to be transferred to her room, so here I am. I will call the hospital in a few minutes to see if or when she will be transferred and then head over to be with her for the rest of the day. Pin It

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Silent Sunday

Mummy and I.

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Friday, 10 September 2010

My heart is heavy...

I had to give up my Myles. :o(

Back in April, when I decided to part board horse, we were finishing up winter sports. I thought that after the boys' winter sports were done, we'd have a little spare time so that I could have some "ME" time. And I did. For a couple of months.

Then Middleman's rep soccer the tune of 4 times a week. And Boy Oneder's 4-on-4 hockey started...once a week. And Threepeat's Little Gym started...once a week. And the bouncer business took off.

That left very little time for anything else, "me" time being at the bottom of the long list of other normal life stuff that needed to be taken care of.

My two rides a week quickly became one ride a week and, over the last few weeks, it has been even less than that. I haven't ridden in two weeks. A soccer tournament, a wedding, a weekend Myles time.

I made the decision a few days ago to let Shelley, Myles' owner, know that I was no longer able to part board. When I first met her, she had asked for 30 days' notice if I ever decided to stop part boarding him, so I sent her an email. She, as usual, was lovely about it and totally understood. She offered to cut the cost of boarding in half and let me continue with one day a week and I gratefully agreed. I was going to ride this weekend.

We just found out that Boy Oneder has a hockey tryout on Saturday and Middleman has a soccer practice as well. On Sunday, we have four bouncers rented and a birthday party for Alysha in the afternoon. I realized that I wouldn't be able to ride...AGAIN. So, this morning, I sent Shelley another email telling her it just wouldn't work. I asked her for her home address so that I could mail her September cheque to her house because I have no idea when I would next be able to get to the barn. She was, in true form, wonderful about it and understanding and lovely.

She told me I could visit Myles whenever I wanted to. :o( I so loved that horse. I am a Mom first and Dawn second. I know that one day, my time will come, God willing. Until then, the kids come first...and I am totally OK with that. I just wish that Myles could be a part of my life too.

My heart hurts. Pin It

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

High school, homework and chequebooks OH MY!

Boy Oneder did wonderfully yesterday on his first day of high school. He was anxiously waiting at the bus stop at 7:25 am...the bus is scheduled to pick him up at 7:39..he is SUCH a punctual dude. He looked so handsome and grown up in his uniform...look for yourself:

His first semester courses are Math, Geography, French and Religious Studies. Second semester courses are English, Science, Information Technology and Physical Education.

He had a really good first day and when the school bus dropped all the kids off, they headed over to their old school to pic up their yearbooks (and I think to show off their uniforms and the fact that they are now high schoolers! ;o) )

He had some math homework, which he completed as soon as he got home (good boy!) and I had to write three cheques to the for a French Cahier ($8.00), one for a Georgraphy field trip ($13.50) and one for a Math Textbook ($18.00). I expect more requests for moolah over the next few weeks.

Middleman had an equally good day on his first day of grade 6. He really likes his teacher, Ms. I. She was a JK teacher last year, so I am sure this is a real change for her. He had no homework because he completed all of his work at school (good boy!) and I had to write one cheque to his school...$12.00...not even sure what it was for...LOL. I didn't take Middleman's photo because I have never taken first day photos (just for JK and High School) so you will have to trust me when I say he was just as handsome as his older brother.

Threepeat started preschool this morning...he has been going to preschool since July, but that was called "camp". Today was the first day of "preschool". There are lots of new kids and the classroom is full! He was a teensy bit clingy this morning, but nothing major. I hope his day is going well.

So, that's the scoop from our household on the start of school 2010/2011. Pin It

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

And with a quick kiss on the cheek, he was gone...

Boy Oneder started high school today. He was really, REALLY nervous this morning.

He looked so grown up in his uniform...I took photos and will upload them tonight.

The school bus picked him up at the corner at 7:43. He was waiting there at puntcual boy!!

I still can't believe that my baby is in high school. My stomach is in knots....just like when he started Junior Kindergarten.

Sigh... Pin It

Monday, 6 September 2010

Happy Labour Day!

Today is always bittersweet, as it, to me, means the real end to summer.

The boys go back to school tomorrow...praise the Lord...and the weather goes downhill from there.


Boy Oneder is going to Wonderland this afternoon with his friends. Middleman will spend sometime with his best pal, Alexander, who lives down the street and Threepeat will do his best to put me in the looney bin...just another day for him. ;o)

We are having our good friends/neighbours, Franca and Eddie and their daughter, Kathryn, over for a roast beef at 2:00 and then we will prepare for school by packing bags, Threepeat will have a bath and off to bed we all go.

Enjoy your day off with your family!! Pin It

Friday, 3 September 2010

Follow Me Chickadee!

The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom!, Mannland5 and Stash Mama have teamed up to cohost

Follow Me, Chickadee Fridays!

Each week, simply stop by at any of these three blogs for a chance to link up and meet new and exciting bloggers out on the interwebz!

All we ask is that you follow a few simple guidelines:

Add a main link to your blog each week (Linky will open every Thursday night at 11 p.m. EST and close at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday mornings EST).

Follow the first four blogs in the # 1, 2, 3, 4 spots.

Visit the blog above and below your listing and leave a *meaningful* comment. Something nice and shiney to make them smile. But make sure to tell them that you found them from Follow Me, Chickadee!

You don't have to follow every blog that follows you...but make sure that you follow the blogs that really interest you!

If you want to put the blog hop code or the Chickadee button on your Friday post on your blog, we welcome it!

Family friendly sites ONLY. The linky list will be monitored and anything not family friendly *will* be deleted. We don't want to see random naughty bits or something that would make our families cringe.

And the most important guideline? HAVE FUN! Make new friends, but keep the is silver and the other's...ack, Girl Scouts memories shining through. Oh, and have a Happy Friday! Pin It

Five Question Friday

Friday again!!!!

Time for Five Question Friday!!

1. What do you do when you have time to yourself?

Time to myself is RARE, but my favourite pastime is my beloved internet...Facebook, it.

2. When you look out your kitchen window, what do you see?

My lovely backyard and my boys' school.

3. Who/What would you want to be reincarnated as?

Hmmm....I'd like to be a lion...a male...because they sleep for like 18 hours a day and their lioness does all the work.

4. What is your biggest pet peeve about other people's kids? nowadays are disgusting little craps...most of them anyway...and it's all because their parents don't discipline them

5. Regular or Diet soda?


Head over to My Little Life to play along!!! Pin It
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