Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wonderous Wednesday

Why does Threepeat insist on going from zero to 400 in the morning? He is in a sound sleep, he opens his eyes and then he is IMMEDIATELY up and jumping around. There is no revving the engine, no warm up, just STRAIGHT TO FULL SPEED in less than 2 seconds. I just.don't.get.that. (nor does my brain or my body)

Why is the sky blue? No seriously....I know it's gray on rainy days and that the clouds are gray/white, thereby turning the sky the same colour, but what is it that makes the actual sky blue?

Why does Michelle Duggar want MORE children? Why isn't 19 enough? Heck, why wasn't 3 or 4 enough??? I mean, I love my kids to death, and I'm sure she loves hers too, but COME ON people...19 is pushing the envelope a wee bit, no? The problem is that SHE has the kids, but her older kids end up caring for the little ones. You've done your part in (over)populating the earth with your genes, so why Michelle, WHY?

Why do people feel so strongly about things and then do nothing to change them? People get so heated behind closed doors, angry and frustrated, wanting so badly to make change, but when it comes to speaking up to those people who make the decisions, the angry, frustrated people won't step up and make their feelings known? They rely on big mouths like me to fight their battles, which I have no trouble doing, but you have to be on the band wagon people! You have to be there to back me up. Sigh...why are people so wimpy? STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS. STAND UP AND MAKE YOUR FEELINGS AND OPINIONS KNOWN! You don't have to be disrespectful or nasty when you convey your thoughts, but for goodness' sake, nothing will change if you don't MAN up and say something!!! I've seen and heard you in private and your opinions are GOOD ones and you are PASSIONATE about them, so why not tell the people that actually matter what you think?! Argh....OK /rant off. So WHY are people such wimps?

Why are McDonald's french fries SO yummy? Swiss Chalet fries too. Why? They are so bad for us, but they are oh so good. On that topic, why does everything that is so bad for us taste so good and many things that are so good for us taste so bad? Why? Wouldn't it have made sense for God to make things like poutine and chocolate cake FULL of vitamins? Would it not have made more sense for Him to make broccoli (which I happen to love, but I needed an example) full of fat and calories? Sigh, why God, why?

Why does summer have to end? Why can't we live on earth, happily and healthily with no winter? I mean, I could live with a two season climate...30 degrees celcius in the summer and 15 degrees celcius in the winter. No snow, no ice, no freezing rain. Why? Why can't all the earth be like that? Why?

Why do women have body hair? After all the years that human females have been shaving off their unwanted hair, you would think that evolution would have gotten rid of that unwanted hair! Note to the Evolution Fairy:

Dear Miss Evolution:

Please be aware that we don't need hair on our legs, upper lips, underarms or bikini lines and we only need a little bit oh hair for our eyebrows. If you would kindly stop human females from growing unsightly hair in these areas, we would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you very much,
Dawn and the human females

P.S. We would also greatly appreciate it if you would stop our periods once we are done having babies. Why do we need to suffer through another 15 years or more of periods once we know we are done procreating? Thanks again, your adoring fans, Dawn and the human females

HA! What a great name for a band..."Dawn and the Human Females"! Gonna keep that one in my back pocket for my big rise to stardom.

Why do people use garbage cans for their garbage? They put a black garbage bag inside a garbage can and then put the entire thing out for pick up. The poor garbage man has to lift the heavy garbage can, dump the garbage and then put the can back on the side of the road, only to have the wind carry the empty garbage can halfway down the street. If you just put your garbage in a bag and leave it at the side of the road, the garbage man simply swings it up into the truck and Bob's yer Uncle, Fanny's yer Aunt. So why people...WHY USE GARBAGE CANS? And please don't say it's to stop the animals, because 99% of you don't use lids and FYI...raccoons can climb, so they have full access to your garbage. So, why peeps? WHY?

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Lisa said...

i have zero to 100 kids too. i am NOT a morning person, though I've improved a LOT since having kids, but they are so loud and active right away its hard to take!

as for why good for you food can't taste good...i totally agree. i could so be healthy if it all tasted as good as cheesecake!! :)

Karin said...

I love this post!

(and we put our trash in BIG trash cans that trucks lift up...not men)

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