Sunday, 8 August 2010

Strange things are happening to me....

Two days ago, Nanny's clock fell off my is on top of my jewellery box, untouched by anyone except me when I dust...without sounding like a pig, let's just say it has been a while since I dusted. I bought the clock for Nanny and Pampy for their 60th wedding anniversary, and when Nanny died two years ago, Mum said I could have it.

I was making my bed (on the opposite side of where the dresser is) and it suddenly fell onto the floor. Thank goodness we have carpet in our bedroom or that sucker would have smashed into a million pieces.

When I told Hubster about it, he freaked out, saying it was an omen...a bad omen...because just before his Dad died, a picture fell off the wall, unprovoked.

Next, later that day, when I was talking to Hubster...he was in his car and I was leaning through the window...there was a ladybug on his door. Not so strange, but if you knew the significance of ladybugs in our lives since Joanne died, you'd "get" that was a bit weird to see one out of nowhere. Ladybugs show up in the oddest places (alive, in the snow; on signs in doctor's offices) at the most perfect times. Trust me on's weird how often ladybugs enter our day to day lives since Joanne died.

Tonight, I went out to move Hubster's car onto the driveway and I saw a shooting star...a brilliant, beautiful shooting star with a loooooooong trail behind it.

Coincidence? Maybe. I think it's Joanne or Dad or Nanny or Pampy letting me know they are here... Pin It

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A. Ihrke said...

I know how it feels. Mean people suck. 'Be Nice or Leave'.
I have the magnet:)

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