Monday, 16 August 2010

I'm going to talk to my sister...

and my Dad
and my Nanny
and my Pampy
and my Grampy
and my Father-in-Law...

On Wednesday, Mom and I are heading out to see Sandy Wiltshire. You may remember her from three years ago...if not, here is the post.

I have taken my blog down until I see her, so that there is no disputing what she may or may not tell us. Because her name is in that post, she can technically google and find my blog and find out lots of information to tell us on Wednesday night, so in order to keep the skeptics at bay, no one can see the blog now unless they are invited by me...until after Wednesday night, when I reveal what she has to tell us...or rather, what THEY have to tell us.

There have been some really strange things happening around here and I just *know* that someone is desperately trying to tell us something, so Sandy will get to the bottom of it, I am sure. We have been on Sandy's waiting list for at least a year, so to get her phone call this morning was amazing, to say the least.

So, by the time you read this, it will all be over...I hope you're all still here when I get back!

So excited to speak to Jo-Jo and everyone else!!

August 18: WOW. Post about our experience will follow tomorrow....but just...WOW. Pin It

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