Friday, 20 August 2010

Conversations with the "Other Side"

As I mentioned, I had a "meeting" with several of my family members who have passed on. Mum and I met with the wonderful medium, Sandy Wiltshire, on Wednesday and, just like the last time we met with her, we weren't disappointed.

Joanne, Dad, Nanny and Pampy were there. Names were mentioned, names that are really Alwyn. Birthdays were mentioned. Messages were passed on to us and peace came over us. Sandy knew how Nanny died. She knew the strange circumstances surrounding her death. She knew about things that no one else but Mum and I knew. She knew about BIL's recent marriage. She knew way too much for it to be a hoax. She is the real deal.

Mum and I really, REALLY needed to hear the things we heard and we are forever grateful to Sandy.

Her waiting list is over a year long, but she makes exception for bereaved parents. If you want to speak to your lost relatives, call her. Seriously...CALL HER. 1-905-877-3761. Pin It

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