Saturday, 7 August 2010

Canada's Wonderland

What a great day!

Hubster and I took three days off this week, with the sole intention of taking the boys to Canada’s Wonderland on one of those days. Thursday was that day. Threepeat has been asking ALL summer to go to Wonderland, not only because of the TV commercials, but because his Little Gym is right next door to Wonderland, so he sees it every Monday.

We arrived at the park just before 10:00 and surprisingly, it was pretty quiet. We went through the gates and the older boys immediately told us they were headed for “Behemoth” and a few other roller coasters. Hubster, Threepeat and I went off to Kidzville.

Threepeat wanted to ride on the antique trains first, so Hubster took him on the ride while I watched. Next, he and Hubster rode “Taxi Jam”, a little roller coaster that goes pretty quick for little ones, but he LOVED it. Next, we headed over to the old-fashioned cars, where Threepeat drove Hubster and I around the track...there is no steering involved as the cars are all on a metal track, but HE believed that he was actually driving and we went along with it, telling him to be careful over the bridge and not to drive too quickly or he would get a ticket. He LOVED it. The next ride was the helicopters. Again, he was the pilot and flew exceptionally well for a three year old! ;o) The next ride was the first one that Hubster and I couldn’t ride with him...the hot air balloons. I strapped him in and stepped outside of the fence to watch him “fly”. He chatted the ears off of the two other little guys in his basket, an ear-to-ear smile lighting up his face for the entire ride. Next was the rocket ride, where they are sent up, up, up and then down, down, down. Again, he loved it. Where he learned this from I don’t know, but he actually put his hands in the air like a pro as he was riding! LOL! He told Hubster that he wanted to ride on the Merry-go-Round, so we walked over to that section. While Hubster took him on the ride, I took photos. Boy Oneder called at that point and said that he and Middleman were hungry, so we agreed to meet them halfway to the Pizza Pizza, after Threepeat had his face painted as the Hulk. He sat perfectly still and was SO cute!! Next, we met up with the boys, where we agreed. We had a GREAT pizza while the boys told us that they rode ”Behemoth”, “Cyclone” and “Sledgehammer”.

After lunch, the older boys were off again, this time, to ride “Riptide” and “Dragon Flyer”. Hubster, Threepeat and I were off to Splashworks. It was SOOOO hot and I couldn’t wait to get some relief. Threepeat rode on the little waterslide and then we headed over the bridge to the big waterplay area. He was in his GLORY! He ran up and down the stairs, spraying random people with the different pipes and water guns, laughing and loving it. At this point, his entire face was just a mess of green and black paint...LOL. I wiped most of it off, just so it wouldn’t go in his eyes. There is a huge bucket that slowly fills with water and then tips, drenching everyone underneath. He was HILARIOUS as he stood with all the other people, waiting to get drenched. SO, SO cute. Our final “ride” was in the wave pool, where were swam and jumped the waves together, just Threepeat and I...the wave pool is right beside the Behemoth, so every time a train would go up the track, we would say, “Up, up, up!” and then when it reached the peak and went over, we’d say, “DOOOOOOWN!” I loved every second. He was simply adorable.

Eventually, Boy Oneder and and met up with us at about 3:00. They weren’t interested in the water, because they were exhausted, so we grabbed a Dippin Dots for them and headed out. Threepeat was asleep within minutes of getting into his stroller...riding and having fun is hard work you know!

He slept for about half an hour in the car and then, was raring to go that kid kills me.

We need more days like these. Such good times. Pin It

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