Thursday, 29 July 2010


I have a HUGE post in the works, which will explain in great detail a war that I am fighting at the moment. Unforch, I cannot disclose it publicly until the matter has been settled, but trust me when I say that it will be worth the wait. kill some time while you wait, I thought I would share some stuff that Threepeat says that makes me laugh...

Me: "Threepeat, you are so cute."

Threepeat: "No I amn't."


Hubster: "Threepeat, do you want a hamburger or a hotdog?"

Threepeat: "A hangerburger please."


Me: "Threepeat, who is your best friend at school?"

Threepeat: "Mila."

Me: "Is she pretty?"

Threepeat: "Yes. I need to kiss her."


Me: "Threepeat, who's your best friend?"

Threepeat: "Middleman."

(Middleman then hugs him)

Threepeat: (screams) "DON'T HUG ME!!! Mom...Middleman is not my best friend anymore. Rosie is my best friend."

Me: "Rosie? Why?"

Threepeat: "Because she doesn't hug me." Pin It

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Kate said...

OMW. He is adorable!!!

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