Friday, 23 July 2010

Love, Loss and What I Wore

Last night, Mum and I spent a wonderful evening together. She came over at 5:00 and we drove down to Yorkdale, where we sat quietly chatting over dinner and a couple of glasses of wine at Moxie's. It was so nice to be relaxed and in no hurry, with no kids to interrupt!

After dinner, we hopped onto the southbound subway, headed to the Yonge-Bloor station. We made it, no worse for wear (you all know how much I HATE downtown). After a three minute walk, we arrived at the Panasonic Theatre where we ordered a glass of wine and made our way in to the theatre to watch "Love, Loss and What I Wore".

As I mentioned in a previous post, my very first boss was wonderful very kind to me. He has three sons and a daughter and I had the privilege of attending his second son, Michael's Bar Mitzvah back in 1989. When I joined Facebook in 2007, I searched every name I could think of to try to find pallies to connect with. One of those people was Michael Rubinoff. It turns out that he is an Entertainment/Commercial Real Estate Lawyer by day and a theatrical producer by night. Love, Loss and What I Wore is his current production, which had its official opening on Wednesday night. Apparently, Michael's Dad was there on Wednesday and so I missed seeing him. :o(

As Mom and I were waking into the theatre, I saw Michael and called him over. Of course, he didn't know who I was until I told him my name and he shook my hand and thanked me for all the support I had shown him on Facebook and Twitter. I hugged him (that's just how I roll...sorry if I freaked you out Michael) and I thanked him for the tickets (I won them through Twitter). After a bit of small talk, Mum and I headed to our seats...our awesome seats...second row.

The show began a few minutes later and almost instantly, we were pulled in. Louise Pitre, who is stunningly beautiful, began talking about her Brownie uniform and how her mother could not afford to buy herself a Brownie Leader's uniform...after a short monologue about dresses and outfits her character had worn throughout her life, the other actresses spoke of different things related to clothing, boots, shoes and purses. Paula Brancati is a doll...very cute and a great actress. She barely looked at her script and really enjoyed her part. Mary Walsh was HILARIOUS as she talked about her first bra fitting experience and Sharron Matthews had us in stitches as she talked about her blow up bra and had our full attention when she told the story about the lesbian wedding and had me close to tears with the bathrobe story. Andrea Martin was incredible, as she always is. She was SO into the part and made facial expressions that were priceless during the other actresses' readings. Her purse story had tears running down my cheeks and my belly hurting from laughter as I could completely relate to what she was saying in every way.

There were some touching stories, some funny stories and some stories that made you mad. This play was just great.

Women of all ages, colours and sizes will enjoy the humour in this play. Everyone will be able to relate to at least one of the little stories in the play. The 90 minutes flew by and Mum and I laughed and recounted some of the sadder stories all the way home on the subway.

Truly, this is a great Girls' Night Out. Although there were a few men in the theatre, it's really not geared to men...don't force your man along...enjoy it with the girlies.

The only regret I have is that I didn't have the guts to ask Michael to let me meet Andrea Martin...I've loved her for years and would love to have met her! Ah well...maybe I'll buy myself some tickets to go again and have the guts to ask that time.

Congratulations Michael and the entire cast and crew of Love, Lost and What I Wore Toronto...and thank you for the great seats. We had a blast! Pin It

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Lisa said...

sounds like a great time!!!!!

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