Tuesday, 13 July 2010


So there's this chick. Her name is Lisa. She could be me.

Lisa owns the site Oh Boy oh Boy oh Boy...yep...my site name with an extra "oh" in front of the name.

Someone pointed me in her direction because our site names were so similar. So, off I went to her site, ready to hate and give her what for because she stole MY name.

The first thing I noticed were her three cuties...yep, she has three sons, just like me. So, I guess she has a right to the name too. But I still wanted to find some flaws...I continued snooping around her site.

I read about her family and realized that she had lost her mom and that her littlest man, Bryan, was her saving grace...yep, just like Threepeat was mine after losing so many family members in such a short time, especially Joanne and Dad.

I read a few of her posts and she has a similar writing style to mine. She also has tons of reviews and giveaways, some of which are for US residents only (HMPH!) but some are for us Cannucks too!

Anyway, I ended up emailing her because I just felt a connection. I told her I wasn't some looney, but also told her honestly that I went to her site to hate, but ended up really liking her. We chatted back and forth a couple of times and she actually apologized for using MY site name...silly girl...I was kidding about her stealing it!!! Then I added her as a friend on Facebook (go figure...I can see her WHOLE profile!) She must like me too...LOL!

So Lisa, I'm glad I found you.

Go check her out and tell her I sent you! Pin It


Lisa said...

thanks so much I have my post going up shortly!!!!

Lisa said...

OMG, I just got your comment and I hadn't realized before that your "name" on blogger is My Three Sons...last night I accidentally clicked on something wrong on my laptop and brought up a blog I had started back in 2007 with iWeb (but never published) it only had 3 entries and I had totally forgotten about it but guess what it was called?? LOL

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