Friday, 23 July 2010

Five Question Friday...VLOG style

I haven't done a Five Question Friday in a while and because I'm lookin' all hot from being at the office today, I thought I would VLOG my answers...I am crushed because Youtube somehow cut off my last question...GRR...but the rest are there, so I redid the last two and then it cut me off again...stupid thing. So you don't get to hearmy last answer, but my answer is my laptop. Hmpph.

If you want to play along, go visit Mama M at Five Crooked Halos and answer!

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Lisa said...'s sort of like a season ending cliff hanger!?!?! Now I NEED to know the answer.

Love the vlog, I need to get brave and try it sometime. You look great and you don't even talk funny, eh? LOL Sorry I couldn't resist.

Kate said...

I have no idea what you were talking about because I was distracted by your cleavage.

My Three Sons said...

LMAO Kate...the truth is FINALLY out!!!!!

Crayon Wrangler said...

ROFL @ Kate's comment. You do have awesome hair and I am totally jealous. Great vlog, but I was crushed by the "cliffhanger" as well. You gonna make us wait a whole season?

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