Monday, 19 July 2010

Expanding horizons...

Since Threepeat started preschool, he has really been adventurous when it comes to the food department...not at home, no, no, he is spoiled and only eats what he is used to and likes....but at school, just...WOW. The school provides his snacks and a hot lunch every day, which really rocks...I don't have to pack his lunch and his only option is eat what you are given or wait til snack time to fill your belly.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, when I pick Threepeat up from preschool, I check the clipboard to see what and how much he ate that day and how long he slept. There was only one day where his portion showed 1/2 for lunch...the day they had vegetarian chilli...every other day was 1 or 1.5 servings. Here is what he has eaten 1 to 1.5 servings of:

Pasta - this is a gimme
Potato and broccoli soup with french bread
Fish sticks and french fries
Vegetable barley soup with bread and butter
Spanish rice with salad
Chicken nuggets and fries with salad

Can you believe it? I know it may not be a big deal to you, but Threepeat has a very limited pallete when it comes to food. The fact that he is eating a full portion or a portion and a half is HUGE!!!

This just reinforces that preschool is a good thing for him. He is coming out of his comfort zone and is doing so well. His teachers are so patient and kind and although he HATES rest time, the teachers are willing to sit with him for the entire two hours...the pattern seems to be that he sleeps for one of the two hours allocated for rest time...he complains about it and says he doesn't want to go school because of it, but not giving in to his fears is really paying off.


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Lisa said...

now I'm hungry :) that's great. my kids are the same way at school where they get hot lunch. I know the don't always eat everything but they try way more than they would at home

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