Sunday, 11 July 2010


**Warning...for those of you who are completely out of the loop and haven't read the Twilight books or seen the movies, there are spoilers ahead. Now, go and read these awesome books and then rent the first three will NOT be disappointed.**


Hubster and I just got home from watching my boyfriend, Edward Cullen, in "Eclipse"...for those of you who are living on another planet, Eclipse is the third movie in the Twilight Saga.


This one, was so far, the closest to what I had envisioned when I was reading the books. The scene when Jacob, Edward and Bella were on the mountain, in the tent, was EXACTLY as I had seen it in my mind's eye. Amazing.

Eclipse had a few funny lines and a couple of cute scenes...there was also LOTS of fighting. My Edward asked Bella to marry him....oh don't was just for the movie...he loves ME really. Dumbass Bella hemmed and hawed and actually said no a few times before she finally woke up and smelled the Nabob and accepted. She really is a selfish little so and so. She leads Jake on, refuses to marry Edward unless he changes her first and then decides to marry him because he is such a good boy and won't have sex with her before marriage.

Jacob is, well, he's cute in a little boy kind of way. His teeth are WAY too bright and his nose is a bit pig-like, but he is cute...and very strong. In the scene where he is carrying Bella through the forest, he is having a full conversation with her and is not in the least out of breath. He has a beautiful body (for a 17 year old...(shudder)) but he's so not Edward.

Alice is beyond lovely again and Rosalee really redeemed herself this time with her explanation to Bella on why she is so against Edward changing her into a vampire. Jasper seems gay to me and Emmett, although buff and strong, is pretty ugly in the face. Esme had a very small role this time and Carlisle is still his fatherly, loving self.

I think that "New Moon" is my favourite movie so far, but "Eclipse" is a close second.

Get out there and see it if you haven't already peeps...worth every penny to see it on the big screen! Big thanks to my most awesome hubberoo who sat through the movie with me...he rocks.

I am already chomping at the bit for "Breaking Dawn, Part 1", which isn't coming out until November, 2011!!! OMGOSH how will I ever wait that long??!! Pin It

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