Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Another First...

This morning, I dropped Boy Oneder off at his first day of summer school. The course is called "Learning Strategies" and here's the quote from the flyer about the course:

This course explores learning strategies and helps students become better,
more independent learners while increasing their personal management skills,
both in school and in other context. Students will learn how to develop and
apply a range of strategies to improve their learning and achievement,
particularly their literacy, numeracy, communication, and planning skills. This
course will increase a students’ confidence, motivation, and ability to

When we decided to enroll Boy Oneder in this course, the thought was that it would prepare him for high school, which is going to be a whole new world for him in September. The course runs daily on weekdays from today to July 30th and once complete, he will have one high school credit under his belt. We figured that he would still have the whole month of August and one week in September to veg. Boy Oneder is a very active kid and hates having nothing to do...even PS3 only entertains him for a short time. After being bored out of his mind yesterday, not even one full week into summer vacation, I think he agrees that this course is a good idea.

He asked me to drop him off because Hubster refused to go into the school with him to help him find his class. When we arrived, it was bustling with lots of new niners, NONE of which were walking with their parents. I turned to Boy Oneder and said, "I am MORE than happy to come in with you if you like, but do you really want me to?" He looked around and said, "No...I guess not." He had that deer in a headlight look and my heart broke. I told him to look for signs and that if he couldn't figure it out, to ask a teacher. I told him not to be embarrassed to ask for help or to speak to other people. He confirmed that he had his cellphone and he was off. I drove away, feeling sick for him, knowing how nervous he was. Poor dude.

As a seasoned Mom, I know he'll be fine. I just wish I could hold his hand and make it easier, ya know? But, he's a big boy now. Sigh...

I came back home and picked up Threepeat and took him to preschool...his second full day. He was a bit clingy, but nothing too dramatic. Today is water day, you see, and he is pumped about playing outside with all the water toys. I glanced at today's menu and I'm thinking that he's going to come home mighty's lunch is vegetable chili, french bread and milk (I'm guessing that he'll only eat the bread and drink the milk) and this afternoon's snack is veggies and dip (he'll only eat tomatoes and cucumbers). But, maybe he'll surprise me and eat it all...I'll keep you posted. I'm praying that nap time is easier for him today...he was very upset on Monday. Sigh...

Middleman is sound asleep in his bed (it's 9:55 am) and will have a heavenly day of having everything to himself (TV, PS3, Nintendo DS, food) and no brothers to drive him nuts. LOL Pin It

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