Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Positively positive.

Time for some positivity...I've been a crankpot lately and I need to count my blessings, because there are SO many of them. When the days are bad, I forget how wonderful my life really is and so today, I will remember:

  • Thank God, my children, my extended family and I are healthy
  • On most days, my sons are obedient, loving and make me proud to be their Mom
  • My husband is patient, loving, a good provider and a fantastic father, son and son-in-law
  • My Mom loves me and I love her
  • My Mother-in-Law is kind and generous and is a wonderful grandmother to my boys
  • I have friends, both new and old, who I am so glad I almost endless list of fantastic friends
  • My neighbours are second to none. I can count on them for ANYTHING
  • My home keeps me cool in the summer, dry in the rain and warm in the winter
  • I have a bed to sleep in and food to fill my belly
  • I have a wonderful job that I love and have the added bonus that I work from home
  • My sister lives on through my sweet nieces, who I simply adore. Time spent with them is one of my biggest blessings
  • I have a minvan that safely takes my family and I where we need to go
  • I have a new company that is doing very well...much better than I had anticipated...a company where my boys spend loads of time with their Dad, learning the ropes for their future
  • I have Myles...the horse I part board, who gives me kisses and doesn't complain when I am giving him mixed up leg aids!
  • I have my Rosabella, who has a new lease on life now that her little liver is no longer working overtime to clear out the bacteria from her infected teeth. She is truly the best dog ever
  • I have my blog, which allows me to vent and get it all out. A place where many times, people have contacted me to say they were touched by one of my posts
  • My country is free, beautiful, safe and clean. I can be myself in this country and not worry about persecution. I am so very proud to be Canadian
  • I have free healthcare. If I get sick, I need not worry about trying to pay the bills
  • I am many people, even though I may drive alot of them crazy, they love me anyway

Ahhhhhh.....That felt good.

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