Sunday, 6 June 2010

Playing the numbers game...

  • In 23 days, my firstborn will be a high schooler. Holy.cow.
  • In 22 days, that firstborn will be 14 years old. Wow.
  • In 23 days, my secondborn will be 11 years old.
  • In 72 days, I will be 41. Ugh.
  • In 9 days, my Rosabella will have surgery. My poor little doggy.
  • In 5 days, I will be on vacation, beginning "Clean Sweep 2010". I will spend an entire week's vacation decluttering my home. I may or may not post before and afters...all depends how embarrassing it is.
  • And for 202 days, it will be Christmas Day
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Kate said...

41? Ick. That would suck.

I have a FABULOUS idea for my 40th birthday in January.

My Three Sons said...

So SPILL!!! Tell me all about it!

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