Thursday, 24 June 2010

I feel the earth MOVE under my feet...

Well, I had a bit of excitement yesterday...

I experienced an earthquake. A real, live earthquake!

OK, so it was really far away and I just felt a tremor, but it scared the CRAP outta me!

I was sitting at my desk in my bedroom, working, when my right hand started to tremble on my mouse. I thought I had the shakes or something, so I lifed my hand off of the mouse. It wasn't me shivering because my hand stop shaking, but immediately, my legs started to shake. I listened for a truck to drive by because that's exactly what it felt like, but there was only silence. Then, the vibrating stopped (it lasted about 15 seconds) and the house began to rock. Yes...I mean sway like I was on a boat.

Even though I have never experienced an earthquake before, I knew immediately that this was an earthquake and I ran into Middleman's room to swoop up Threepeat from his nap and rush us both downstairs. When we got to the bottom of the stairs, I stopped to catch my breath and slow my heart down (I panicked), I realized that the shaking and swaying had stopped, so I stood there for a minute and tried to relax. Threepeat was all gurfuffled, wondering what the heck was going on, so I took him back upstairs and gently placed him back on the bed, hoping he would go back to sleep. Yeah right. I turned on the TV and ran back into my room to call the neighbour. She felt it too, so I tried to go onto must have been so many people trying to get onto the news website that it crashed, so I went straight to Facebook. Already there were four statuses about feeling the earthquake. I do love my Facebook.

Anyway, there were no aftershocks or anything, and all is well, but that was a really scary feeling. I can't imagine how frightening it is for people who are close to where the epicentre of an earthquake is!

To add a little more excitement to my day, there were tornado warnings and thunder storm warnings all over Ontario yesterday too. Scary stuff.

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1 comment:

Karin said...

Fun times eh?

Well - I don't always get up and run...LOL. I've learned to wait for a little bit and see if it seems to be getting worse...if stuff ain't falling off the shelves and walls, I just sit tight! LOL

Glad it wasn't too scary for Jules or you (it'll sure gives people something to talk about for the next few days though!) LOL

Hope NEITHER of us experience another for a very long time!

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