Tuesday, 1 June 2010

He's gone...

and I am a wreck.

Boy Oneder has been looking forward to his grade 8 grad trip to Quebec since he was in grade 2. This "Rite of Passage" for the grade 8's is something that every single 13 year old wants to do. I think I was as excited as he was...until yesterday.

Boy Oneder came home from school at lunch time, saying he was exhausted. We had had a very busy weekend and I figured it was just burn out...afterall, he, Hubster and Middleman didn't get to bed until midnight on Sunday after struggling with 5 bouncer pick ups.

He slept all afternoon and when he woke up at 2:45, he had a fever...101.5. I immediately called the doctor to see if we could get him in to see if anything obvious was going on because he was leaving in 18 hours for Quebec. Our doctor wasn't available (surprise, surprise), so I got an appointment at 4:50 with Dr. G instead. Hubster took Boy Oneder to the appointment and after checking is ears, chest and throat, declared it a virus. Hubster asked if it would be OK for us to send him to Quebec the next day and the doctor replied that if he had a fever, he wouldn't be putting him on a bus. Boy Oneder was heartbroken. BUT....he was determined to get rid of whatever was causing the fever by resting and drinking lots of fluids. He stayed in bed all evening, coming out only to have his temperature checked and to get more Advil.

I asked everyone I knew what they would do and I only had a couple of people say they wouldn't send him. Everyone really seems to understand that this is SUCH an important trip for a 13 year old boy...especially the men who had done the same trip when THEY were in grade 8. I decided to see how the night went and make the decision in the morning. I gathered up all of the clothes and things he would need and put them in a pile in his room, so that we would be prepared in the morning if we decided that he should go.

He woke up twice in the night...once because he was so hot (102 fever and his room was SO hot) and I gave him Advil and smoothed his head with a wet cloth...and once because someone ran through his room (not sure if this was delirium or just a dream)...I gave him Tylenol (100.5 fever) and he went back to sleep.

He woke me up at 6:00 to say that he needed to get ready to go. I woke up Hubster and after a bit of a discussion and some major begging from Boy Oneder, we decided that it was best to keep him home. Boy Oneder was absolutely crushed. He went to his room and cried for almost an hour, meanwhile, I laid in bed listening with a breaking heart. At 7:00, he came back in and begged us once more. Hubster told me to go and talk to the principal to see what his opinion was.

I got to the school and there were already a bunch of kids hanging out. I saw Boy Oneder's teacher and pulled her aside. She asked me how Boy Oneder was (she was the one who suggested he go home at lunchtime yesterday because his eyes were glossy and he looked sick). I told her the whole story and she told me that absolutely I needed to send him. She said that this was a very important trip for the kids, that an adult would be with him at all times and that she had Advil and Tylenol, should he need it. She said she would sit him close to her on the bus and that she would keep a special eye on him. She told me a story about another child on a previous trip who took ill while she was in Quebec and was so sick that the teacher had to give her medicine from a syringe. She told me that she would have him text and phone me with updates. She said that eveything would be fine. She is only about 28 years old, and has no children, but she spoke like a seasoned Mom. I thanked her profusely, ran to the van and called home.

Boy Oneder answered and I told him to pack his bag. His response was, "It's already packed." LOL

I picked him up and drove him over to the school, giving him instructions on not overdoing it, keeping hydrated and being careful the whole way. When we got to the school, I gave him an Advil and a big hug under the trunk door so his friends wouldn't see. I walked him over to the teacher and she told him to give me a big hug because, "Your Mom is the only reason you are coming. She knows how much it means to you." He hugged me and I told him I loved him. I turned around, got into the van and drove away. And I cried. Not because I was sending my boy off on a trip...I am SO over that...LOL, but because I was sending my SICK boy off on a trip.

I know he is in good hands. I know that he really, REALLY needed to go with all of his friends on this trip and I know that I will look back on this and laugh. But for the next four days, I will be sick with worry and I will be praying like a nun. It's going to be a looooooong four days. Pin It

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