Thursday, 10 June 2010

Clean Sweep 2010

Well my friends, the time has come...

I am officially at the point where I can no longer stand the clutter. Well, I've been at this point for a looooong time, but tomorrow, that will all change. I have taken a week of my hard earned vacation to rid my house of about half of its exaggeration and fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on the day) not including people.

A house is supposed to be a safe haven. A place where you feel tranquil and calm. My house is definitely not safe and nor is it a haven, tranquil or calm. In fact, it is bordering on "Hoarders" material. is THAT bad. I will post before and will be shocked.

Here's my plan:

I am signing off of Facebook (and the internet...God help me), save for evenings, after 8:00. I have purchased 5 large, clear Rubbermaid boxes and will be armed with dozens of garbage bags. I will tackle one room at a time, using the following strategy...

First, I will take on the bedrooms. I will take every piece of clothing out of the dresser in said room and dump it on the bed. I will then go through each piece of clothing, re-folding and putting into the dresser what will be kept, setting aside a pile for charity and a pile for Middleman/Threepeat and tossing anything that is not worth keeping. Next, I will take everything in the closet and the night tables and put it all into a Rubbermaid box. Boy Oneder will be responsible for his box and Middleman will be responsible for his. They will have a week to go through the box, keeping what they can find a suitable place for, throwing away what is garbage and putting back into the box what will be given for charity. My room will follow the same plan.

Next, my ensuite and the boys' ensuite...same rules.

Next, the laundry room. OMG that laundry room...same rules.

Next, the kitchen...especially the island...wait till you see the before on that monster. All of the same rules apply, except there will be boxes for the basement, which will eventually have a place in our downstairs kitchen, once it is finished (hopefully by fall).

Next, the family room...all of the toys and junk that just needs to go...same rules.

Finally, my dining room...the hutch is so full, it's sickening...just wait till you see the pics.

If I have time, I will attempt to start on the dresser in the basement that is FILLED with photos...undated photos. Ugh-o-rama. I seriously think I will have a photo party with my BFF'sand serve them tons of wine and food one night, just so they will help me!! That is going to be a job and a half!

I am pumped about it now, but I pray that my enthusiasm will remain all week.

Stay of the first before and afters will be posted tomorrow night...wish me luck, will ya? Oh and if any locals are free, please, do not hesitate to come over and help!! Pin It

1 comment:

Annie said...

Your project has sparked something in me to do that same. My house right now is just a mess. I would love to be able to take a week off and clean it out!

Good luck on your project. Cannot wait to see the after pictures. :)

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