Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The boys' first concert

Tonight, Hubster and I, being the most awesome parents that we are, are taking Boy Oneder and Middleman to see an amazing concert...The Dixie Chicks and The Eagles...I know, right????

The kids are REALLY excited to be going to their first concert and Hubster and I are REALLY excited about seeing The Eagles for the first time...this is a band that has truly stood the test of time and in my mind, they are a LEGEND! This will be the second time that Hubster and I are seeing the Chicks. We had a FANTASTIC time seeing them in 2006 and I am sure they won't disappoint tonight! I really hope they play "Goodbye Earl" 'cuz Middleman knows every word!!

We will be going out for a nice dinner at Canyon Creek first and then heading down to Toronto for the concert after that.

Stay tuned for what I am sure will be a RAVE review! Pin It

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