Friday, 28 May 2010

If I wanted to be a nurse...

I would have gone to college.

I wanted to be a Mom. No one told me that motherhoood involved some level of nursing. Hmph.

Threepeat is a disaster. He is by far the WORST patient EVER. Boy Oneder is a close second, but Threepeat trumps him. Middleman, on the other hand, is a great patient. He just wants to be left alone to wallow in his own self-pity, coming up for air once in a while if he wants a drink or a few sympathetic words.

Threepeat will not take oral medication. Simply.will.not. No amount of begging, threatening, pleading or forcing will make it happen. Thank God for acetaminephin suppositories.

Yesterday afternoon, he went down for his afternoon nap, seemingly perfectly healthy. I get a call from Hubster at 2:30 (I was out) that he woke up crying hysterically, complaining of a headache...he has never complained of a headache before and he was fevered (101 degrees). I told Hubster I was on my way home and to try to give him Tylenolor Advil (Ha...who was *I* kidding?)

When I got home, he was still crying and had no meds in him. We convinced him to try Advile Junior chewables, and, sobbing through it, he chewed up 1.5 pills. In less than 30 seconds, he vomitted them right back uop...along with everything he had eaten that day. Ugh-o-rama.

He laid down on the couch and moaned for a while. I couldnot leave his side. I took his temp about half an hour later and it was 102.5 . Time to bring in the big guns...suppositories. I head up to the bathroom to find that we have none. Damn. Off to the pharmacy I go. When I got back, we laid him on my lap and I strategically remove his Pull-Up and quick as lightening, insert the suppository. All hell breaks loose and you would think that I had attempted murder, but I got that sucker in. It took TWO HOURS to reduce the fever even a little bit. After that two hours, he was a new kid...for a while.

Once the meds had worn off, his temp raged up to 103.2...panic zone. I gave him another suppository (after another world war) and waited. An hour later,his temp was 103.7. I called the pharmacist to ensure that we had the right dose...she said the dose should be 160 mgs and we had given him 120 mgs. Not a huge difference, but enough that his fever wasn't affected fast enough. She then proceeded to tell me to give him Advil (I had already TOLD her that oral meds was not an option with him) and that if after the Advil, his temp still didn't drop, to take him to Emerg. Ugh-o-freaking-rama.

I called in the troops (aka the neighbs) and got their opinions...Tina brought me some 160 mg suppositories and Mary came over to try to coerce Threepeat into taking Advil...nice try Mar...

At this point, Hubster and I, with the help of Boy Oneder, went to force. Hubster held him down and I squirted two teaspooons of liquid childrens' Advil into his mouth. At least 3/4's came back out...little buggar. I put another 3/4 of a teaspoon into the syringe andwe tried again...this time, he swallowed. Boy Oneder stuck his chocolate milkshake dipped choochie in his mouth and I cleaned up the spewed medicine. Within half an hour, his temp was down to 101 degrees....God love Advil.

We had a fretful and feverish night and I gave him another suppository at 3:30 am. Until about 8:00 pm, he was fever free. But...and there's ALWAYS a 11:00 this morning, he LOST it, screaming that his tongue hurt. I looked in his mouth and the roof of his mouth was coveredin red sores. I immediately called the doctor, assuming it was strep throat (Dr. Dawn's diagnosis). They squeezed us into the only appointment Dr. L had for today...20 minutes later. We live half an hour from the doctor's office, so Threepeat and I flew out the door...we arrived 8 minutes late.

After a half an hour wait, Dr. L diagnosed "Coxsackie Virus", aka Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. Apparently, it is rampant in these parts these days. He told me that it can last 3-7 days and that the worst symptom is the sores in his mouth as it hurts to eat. He is really not that contagious at this point and cannot pass it on to adults as most adults have had Coxsackie when they were kids.

It's 10:58 pm right now and he is sleeping. His temperature is 101.6. Based on Dr. L's advice, I am not treating the fever. Dr. L says to treat the child, not the number. The fact that he is sleeping tells me that the child doesn't need to be treated...this is difficult because for me, it's always been about the numbers. Sigh...

And so I say...I do not want to be a nurse. I want to be a Mom...and I don't want any bumps or snags in my perfect plan.

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Kate said...

Poor little man.

I am d-o-n-e with Dr. L.

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