Saturday, 1 May 2010


Today, I was honoured to be invited to Rachel's 21st birthday party. Rachel is BIL's niece and if you've been reading me for a while, you will know that Rachel stayed with us for six weeks in 2008 to care for Threepeat while MIL recovered from her hysterectomy. Rachel lived here during the week and went home on weekends. Her presence here still resounds and Boy Oneder and Middleman still ask about her.

Today was a celebration of Rachel's "coming of age" and her Mom, Chris, hosted a tea party in her honour. Only a few women were chosen and the criteria was that we were "intentional" in Rachel's life. I truly didn't feel "intentional" until Rachel introduced me today. Chris asked her to go around the room and tell everyone who we were and what impact we had had on her life. Rachel introduced me as "Auntie Dawn", which is what she has called me since she was a little one. Joanne was really her aunt, but her parents, out of respect must have taught her to call me Auntie Dawn and Hubster, Uncle Hubster. She said that I was her Auntie Joanne's sister and that she had spent some time with us taking care of Threepeat and (this is the moment when I realized my "intention"...that I really helped her to deal with her Auntie Joanne's death. Rachel and I had some indepth conversations while she was here about Joanne's death and how difficult it was. These conversations were very candid and very emotional...I had forgotten about them. But Rachel hadn't. That means the world to me.

To think that I made an impact with my words of encouragement and understanding is worth more than gold. To know that something I said made a difference in her life is truly humbling. Joanne would be so happy to know that my words encouraged her niece...a niece she loved so dearly.

I have known Rachel since she was about three years old and to see her blossom into the stunning, intelligent, faithful, caring young woman that she has become has been such a blessing. She is everything I would want in a daughter and Chris and Gord should be SO proud of their accomplishment in not only Rachel, but her beautiful sisters, Emma and Breanna. These three ladies are just beyond words gorgeous and will make amazing wives and mothers someday.

I am so grateful and honoured to have been able to share in Rachel's special day today. I know that Joanne is looking down today, beaming at her niece, as proud as I am.

I love you Rachel. Thank you for staying in my life when, after Joanne is gone, no one really says you have to. You are an inspiration and you are my hope that there are girls like you out there for my boys. :o) Pin It

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Kate said...

Isn't it awesome to know that we may have planted positive seeds in someone else's life?? Way to go, you.

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