Monday, 17 May 2010

Gymnastics and soccer and hockey OH MY!

Tonight was the first night that Hubster and I had to deal with three kids with three different sports on one night.

Threepeat had Little Gym at 5:40, Middleman had soccer practice at 6:00 and Boy Oneder had 4-on-4 hockey at 8:00. Being that tomorrow is Boy Oneder's Confirmation, I *had* to get my pedicure, so I went at 4:45. Hubster took Threepeat; I took Middleman and then Hubster took Boy Oneder and Threepeat while Middleman and I went grocery shopping.


What a night.

FYI...Boy Oneder lost his first summer 4-on-4 game thinks it's gonna be a long summer.

Tomorrow is Boy Oneder's big day. My baby will be confirmed a Catholic. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was baptized? Good grief where DOES the time go? Pin It

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