Sunday, 16 May 2010

Feeling like an old lady...


I am sore today. I still have this wretched cold too. This morning, being Mylesday(Sunday to all of you), I was up at 7:30, in preparation for my ride. I knew the second I opened my eyes that it was a glorious, sunny day and that meant my first hack on Myles. But, the moment I moved my body to get out of bed, I was in pain. I have had a little trouble with my lower back (left side) for about a year now. Luckily, (and knock on wood) the pain comes and goes, mostly goes. This morning though, it was pretty bad. I was walking like an old woman. I hoped that being up and about would help, but here we are at 11:00 pm and I am still hurting.

I headed off to Metro to pick up some apples for my trusty steed and then hopped on the 407 for my half hour drive to Burlington, where Myley lives. I went into his barn and as soon as Cathy (the lady who works at the barn on Sundays) saw me, she groaned. "Oh are here!" LOL...great greeting. She had JUST turned Myles out, thinking I wouldn't be there because, I mistakenly told her last week that I wouldn't be there this Sunday because of Confirmations (Boy Oneder's and Katrina's). Bummer. Lynn was there (one of the two ladies I ride with every Sunday) and she was shocked that I was there too. My bad. Lynn is so lovely and she immediately said, "OK...grab a few apples. I've got the carrots. Here's his halter. Let's go!" It took just two attempts and he was haltered and I was leading him back to the barn. YAY!

We groomed and tacked up our horses and then Lynn and I headed out for a hack. It was bliss. Silence, save for the songs of the many red-winged blackbirds we met on our travels. Nothing but fields of dandelions and tall grass. The sun was brilliant and caused our well groomed horses to glimmer in the sun, just like my boyfriend, Edward,from Twilight. As we ambled along on our boys, Lynn told me the history of the barn and pointed out the trail down to the river, where we will splash with our boys this summer. She warned me about holes and mudpits along the way and she gave me some equestrian pointers as well. We walked, we trotted and we cantered for a spell. I just can't tell you how perfect that hour was. Sigh...

Alas, it was soon over and we untacked and groomed our hardworking boys. We watched then, as our boys trotted out to the field to meet their friends for a sunny day of grazing and frolicking in the beautiful sunshine. We chatted a little about the hiarchy of the herd and then it was time for me to be on my way. I thanked Lynn profusely for her help and for spending time with me and then hobbled back to my van for my trip back to reality. My back was now REALLY sore.

Forty minutes later, I was on the porch, listening to Threepeat's tale of potty use for the morning (he is STILL dry after almost three days) and is doing FABULOUSLY. Middleman was waiting for his friend's Mom to pick him up for a paintball birthday party and Boy Oneder and Hubster were making plans for backyard work. MIL was there too, waiting for her sister to pick her up for a visit with their ailing brother-in-law (looks like he'll be OK, God-willing).

Lunch and a shower later, Middleman was gone and Threepeat and I headed off for his Little Gym Spring Party. Hubster and Boy Oneder were set to clean out and refill the hot tub. Threepeat and I had a blast at the party. He got a T-Rex tattoo on his hand and bounced his heart out in their bouncy castles for about an hour. He hadn't napped, but with the energy he had, you would never guess it! At this point, my back was KILLING me. I got him to agree to head out. I hoped he would sleep in the van on the way home, but nope...he was WIIIIIIIDE awake.

We got home at about 3:45 and we joined Boy Oneder and Hubster in the backyard. I weeded my garden and tidied up a little while Boy Oneder cut the grass and Threepeat sprayed all the trees with his spray bottle. Middleman got home at about 4:30.

We had Swiss Chalet for dinner and then spent an hour with the neighbs. At 8:00, we came inside and got ready for bed. Middleman and Threepeat were finally asleep at 10:00 and Boy Oneder was out by 10:30. Now that this blog post is done, I too am out.

My back still hurts. I think a trip to the chiropractor is in order for tomorrow. Pin It

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Kate said...

Thank you for this detailed play-by-play of your day. Riveting.

I laughed out loud at "The sun was brilliant and caused our well groomed horses to glimmer in the sun, just like my boyfriend, Edward,from Twilight."

You are adorable.

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