Monday, 31 May 2010

All partied out!

Holy cow, what a weekend.

Sick Threepeat - Friday afternoon was my summer hours day (I work extra time during the week to get every other Friday afternoon off). I spent it taking care of a sick much for getting ready for the weekend.

Soccer for Middleman - Middleman had a soccer tournament this weekend...three games on Saturday...10:15, 12:45 and 3:15. So much for getting ready for the parties...Threepeat was still a disaster, Hubster was at the games and MIL was bust doing her own thing. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R is the only word to describe trying to do ANYTHING with Threepeat around. Ugh. But I did...barely.

Two bouncers on Saturday...Hubster had to deliver two bouncers in completely different ends of the City in between soccer games. So much for getting help from him in the det up for two parties.

Saturday night was Boy Oneder's Confirmation Party at our house for our most awesome neighbs. We had lots of fun, but it was a late night and there was TONS of clean up the next morning.

Sunday morning, Hubster and Boy Oneder were gone at 7:00 am to deliver FIVE bouncers, all over town. After an hour and a half of clean up, alone again with Threepeat, I was ready to move on to preparing for Sunday afternoon's party at the banquet hall for our family. I had to prepare the centrepieces (red Gerbera daisies and a greenish/white spidermum in glass vases), pick up the cake, shower Threepeat, get Middleman off his butt to get showered, get myself ready and pack up the van...all alone with Disaster Boy in tow. I have a new found respect for single mothers. I simply don't know how you do it.

Anyway, Hubster and Boy Oneder met us at the hall after they delivered the bouncers and showered. We had a lovely time. Food was fantastic, service was fantastic and the company was fantastic. We got home at 4:30 and Hubster fixed his dolly (the wheel bent at the last drop off) and then he and the older boys were off to pick up five bouncers. MIL was doing her thing, so it was Disaster Boy and I alone again. At this point, I was BEYOND tired and clearly, so was Threepeat. He was a BEAR. Crying, whining, clinging...add a stressed and exhausted mommy to the mix and it was NOT pretty. Thank God for the neighbs...they took over for me so I could take a breather...I took ten minutes and by then, Threepeat and I had both calmed down. After fifteen minutes of cling-time, he was off playing with the neighbour kids and I was relaxing at the table with the neighbs.

Hubster and the boys popped home at 9:30 to drop off three bouncers and then were off to pick up the last two. They came in at 11:30. The poor things were EXHAUSTED and SWEATY. I think they were asleep before their heads hit the pillows!

So, although it was a stressful, jam-packed weekend, we were able to spend some time with family and friends and had a good time. I got to see my girlies and Future SIL's sweet kids and Kath and Bru and the girls who we NEVER see enough. I just wish I could have a weekend to recover from my weekend! Pin It

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