Monday, 31 May 2010

All partied out!

Holy cow, what a weekend.

Sick Threepeat - Friday afternoon was my summer hours day (I work extra time during the week to get every other Friday afternoon off). I spent it taking care of a sick much for getting ready for the weekend.

Soccer for Middleman - Middleman had a soccer tournament this weekend...three games on Saturday...10:15, 12:45 and 3:15. So much for getting ready for the parties...Threepeat was still a disaster, Hubster was at the games and MIL was bust doing her own thing. D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R is the only word to describe trying to do ANYTHING with Threepeat around. Ugh. But I did...barely.

Two bouncers on Saturday...Hubster had to deliver two bouncers in completely different ends of the City in between soccer games. So much for getting help from him in the det up for two parties.

Saturday night was Boy Oneder's Confirmation Party at our house for our most awesome neighbs. We had lots of fun, but it was a late night and there was TONS of clean up the next morning.

Sunday morning, Hubster and Boy Oneder were gone at 7:00 am to deliver FIVE bouncers, all over town. After an hour and a half of clean up, alone again with Threepeat, I was ready to move on to preparing for Sunday afternoon's party at the banquet hall for our family. I had to prepare the centrepieces (red Gerbera daisies and a greenish/white spidermum in glass vases), pick up the cake, shower Threepeat, get Middleman off his butt to get showered, get myself ready and pack up the van...all alone with Disaster Boy in tow. I have a new found respect for single mothers. I simply don't know how you do it.

Anyway, Hubster and Boy Oneder met us at the hall after they delivered the bouncers and showered. We had a lovely time. Food was fantastic, service was fantastic and the company was fantastic. We got home at 4:30 and Hubster fixed his dolly (the wheel bent at the last drop off) and then he and the older boys were off to pick up five bouncers. MIL was doing her thing, so it was Disaster Boy and I alone again. At this point, I was BEYOND tired and clearly, so was Threepeat. He was a BEAR. Crying, whining, clinging...add a stressed and exhausted mommy to the mix and it was NOT pretty. Thank God for the neighbs...they took over for me so I could take a breather...I took ten minutes and by then, Threepeat and I had both calmed down. After fifteen minutes of cling-time, he was off playing with the neighbour kids and I was relaxing at the table with the neighbs.

Hubster and the boys popped home at 9:30 to drop off three bouncers and then were off to pick up the last two. They came in at 11:30. The poor things were EXHAUSTED and SWEATY. I think they were asleep before their heads hit the pillows!

So, although it was a stressful, jam-packed weekend, we were able to spend some time with family and friends and had a good time. I got to see my girlies and Future SIL's sweet kids and Kath and Bru and the girls who we NEVER see enough. I just wish I could have a weekend to recover from my weekend! Pin It

Friday, 28 May 2010

If I wanted to be a nurse...

I would have gone to college.

I wanted to be a Mom. No one told me that motherhoood involved some level of nursing. Hmph.

Threepeat is a disaster. He is by far the WORST patient EVER. Boy Oneder is a close second, but Threepeat trumps him. Middleman, on the other hand, is a great patient. He just wants to be left alone to wallow in his own self-pity, coming up for air once in a while if he wants a drink or a few sympathetic words.

Threepeat will not take oral medication. Simply.will.not. No amount of begging, threatening, pleading or forcing will make it happen. Thank God for acetaminephin suppositories.

Yesterday afternoon, he went down for his afternoon nap, seemingly perfectly healthy. I get a call from Hubster at 2:30 (I was out) that he woke up crying hysterically, complaining of a headache...he has never complained of a headache before and he was fevered (101 degrees). I told Hubster I was on my way home and to try to give him Tylenolor Advil (Ha...who was *I* kidding?)

When I got home, he was still crying and had no meds in him. We convinced him to try Advile Junior chewables, and, sobbing through it, he chewed up 1.5 pills. In less than 30 seconds, he vomitted them right back uop...along with everything he had eaten that day. Ugh-o-rama.

He laid down on the couch and moaned for a while. I couldnot leave his side. I took his temp about half an hour later and it was 102.5 . Time to bring in the big guns...suppositories. I head up to the bathroom to find that we have none. Damn. Off to the pharmacy I go. When I got back, we laid him on my lap and I strategically remove his Pull-Up and quick as lightening, insert the suppository. All hell breaks loose and you would think that I had attempted murder, but I got that sucker in. It took TWO HOURS to reduce the fever even a little bit. After that two hours, he was a new kid...for a while.

Once the meds had worn off, his temp raged up to 103.2...panic zone. I gave him another suppository (after another world war) and waited. An hour later,his temp was 103.7. I called the pharmacist to ensure that we had the right dose...she said the dose should be 160 mgs and we had given him 120 mgs. Not a huge difference, but enough that his fever wasn't affected fast enough. She then proceeded to tell me to give him Advil (I had already TOLD her that oral meds was not an option with him) and that if after the Advil, his temp still didn't drop, to take him to Emerg. Ugh-o-freaking-rama.

I called in the troops (aka the neighbs) and got their opinions...Tina brought me some 160 mg suppositories and Mary came over to try to coerce Threepeat into taking Advil...nice try Mar...

At this point, Hubster and I, with the help of Boy Oneder, went to force. Hubster held him down and I squirted two teaspooons of liquid childrens' Advil into his mouth. At least 3/4's came back out...little buggar. I put another 3/4 of a teaspoon into the syringe andwe tried again...this time, he swallowed. Boy Oneder stuck his chocolate milkshake dipped choochie in his mouth and I cleaned up the spewed medicine. Within half an hour, his temp was down to 101 degrees....God love Advil.

We had a fretful and feverish night and I gave him another suppository at 3:30 am. Until about 8:00 pm, he was fever free. But...and there's ALWAYS a 11:00 this morning, he LOST it, screaming that his tongue hurt. I looked in his mouth and the roof of his mouth was coveredin red sores. I immediately called the doctor, assuming it was strep throat (Dr. Dawn's diagnosis). They squeezed us into the only appointment Dr. L had for today...20 minutes later. We live half an hour from the doctor's office, so Threepeat and I flew out the door...we arrived 8 minutes late.

After a half an hour wait, Dr. L diagnosed "Coxsackie Virus", aka Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease. Apparently, it is rampant in these parts these days. He told me that it can last 3-7 days and that the worst symptom is the sores in his mouth as it hurts to eat. He is really not that contagious at this point and cannot pass it on to adults as most adults have had Coxsackie when they were kids.

It's 10:58 pm right now and he is sleeping. His temperature is 101.6. Based on Dr. L's advice, I am not treating the fever. Dr. L says to treat the child, not the number. The fact that he is sleeping tells me that the child doesn't need to be treated...this is difficult because for me, it's always been about the numbers. Sigh...

And so I say...I do not want to be a nurse. I want to be a Mom...and I don't want any bumps or snags in my perfect plan.

A girl can dream, can't she? Pin It

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Business is Bouncing!

We Be Jump'n has officially taken leaps and bounds (excuse the pun) and we couldn't be happier!

We have 5 of our 7 bouncers rented out this Sunday and the calls just keep on coming! Our hard work is paying off and we are loving every moment of it! Poor Hubster is run ragged, but he has Boy Oneder and Middleman to help him's truly a family business.

I am so relieved...I had no idea how this whole business venture was going to go, but man oh man, this is FAB!!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped spread the word! Pin It

Monday, 24 May 2010

What a GREAT weekend!!!


  • Katrina's Confirmation celebrated...check...had a really great time and lots of great food!
  • Flowers planted in backyard...check...they are gorgeous!
  • Veggies planted...check...lettuce and tomatoes!
  • Two bouncers rented...check...took another booking tonight too!
  • Laundry done...check...well mostly.
  • Air conditioning turned on for the season...check...Gosh it was hot today!
  • Sunny day spent with neighbours...check...I am so blessed with great friends!

So, another Victoria Day weekend is behind us...spent time with friends, new and old, and made memories to last a lifetime.

God is good.

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Friday, 21 May 2010

A bunch of random stuff...

The good...

Boy Oneder was confirmed on Tuesday. I can't believe how tall he is, how grown up he is and how stinkin' proud I am of him. Here is the letter I gave him just before we left for the church:

May 18, 2010

Dear Boy Oneder,

June 28th, 1996 at 5:23 pm is a moment in time that I will never, ever forget. It was the moment when every aspect of my life as I knew it would change. Nothing and no one could ever prepare me for the fear, excitement, pain, joy, sadness, happiness and pride that I would learn that very moment and every moment since. Nothing could ever compare to the love that I have in my heart for you.

Since the moment the doctor placed you on my chest, shivering and crying in a bright, cold, loud, scary world, you have filled my heart with pride. You represent everything that I have ever wanted in a son and more. You continue to amaze me and make me proud with your maturity, intelligence and responsibility.

I watched you take your first breath, I was there when you said your first word, I held your hand as you took your first step and I cried my heart out as I left you on your first day of school. Never in my life did I ever imagine I would have a son as wonderful as you. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such an awesome child, but I thank God every day for the gift that is you.

Life, especially over the last few years, as you and your brothers get older, has been hectic to say the least. We never really get the chance to just sit and enjoy one another these days and that makes me sad. I 'm not sure if you know deep in my heart just how much I love you. I don't know if you realize that nothing you have ever done in your life has disappointed me. You have become a young man before my eyes and it seems like it happened overnight! It seems like yesterday that I rocked you in my arms and sang you lullabies. I wish I could find the words that describe how important you really are to me.

You are about to enter the most exciting, happy, scary and wonderful years of your life. You hold the world in your hands. There is nothing that you can't do. Each day will be an adventure, what you do with that adventure is your choice. I know that you will make the right one. There's so much more that life will bring you…so much happiness and some sadness....follow your dreams....follow your heart. Your heart is a good one and that is the true foundation of goodness.

As you are confirmed today, I wanted to take a moment to tell you how extremely proud I am of the young man you are becoming. I wanted to let you know that I love you with every ounce of my being and that there is nothing you could do to make me prouder. Keep on being Boy Oneder…for Boy Oneder is an amazing human being. Thank you for being that amazing human being. Thank you for being my son.

I love you.

Mom xo

Here is a photo of a newly confirmed Boy Oneder with the priest and his sponsor, Nanna....

The bad...

Rosie has to have surgery. When we took her for her annual check up last week, the doctor told me that two of her back teeth are very infected and would need to be the tune of $800 - $1,100.00. I was completely shocked and started to cry right there in the office, knowing that there was NO way Hubster would pay that kind of money. Hubster's philosphy has always been that if the treatment for an ailment costs more than putting her to sleep, she would be put to sleep. I frantically did some research, called around to other vets and had a lengthy discussion with Rosie's vet and, under extreme protest, Hubster is allowing me to have her operated on. Her surgery is scheduled for June 15th. Long story short, I simply can't put her to sleep for something as simple as two teeth. The vet will check all of her other teeth and will be instructed to extract any teeth that she suspects are going to become an issue.

The ugly...

Hubster's Uncle Tony is very ill. He has been in the hospital since last week after he fainted and is really in rough shape. He has been diagnosed with stomach cancer and has had 80% of his stomach removed in an operation a few days ago. My thoughts and prayers are with his wife, three kids and their spouses.

This weekend is a long one...Victoria Day. I plan to get all my planting done, so I am hoping that the weather will cooperate! Lots of bouncers out this weekend too! Yippeee!!! Pin It

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Six years....

Some days it seems like a lifetime, some days it seems like a moment...

I love you Dad.

February 20, 1946 - May 20, 2004

Pin It

Monday, 17 May 2010

Gymnastics and soccer and hockey OH MY!

Tonight was the first night that Hubster and I had to deal with three kids with three different sports on one night.

Threepeat had Little Gym at 5:40, Middleman had soccer practice at 6:00 and Boy Oneder had 4-on-4 hockey at 8:00. Being that tomorrow is Boy Oneder's Confirmation, I *had* to get my pedicure, so I went at 4:45. Hubster took Threepeat; I took Middleman and then Hubster took Boy Oneder and Threepeat while Middleman and I went grocery shopping.


What a night.

FYI...Boy Oneder lost his first summer 4-on-4 game thinks it's gonna be a long summer.

Tomorrow is Boy Oneder's big day. My baby will be confirmed a Catholic. Wasn't it just yesterday that he was baptized? Good grief where DOES the time go? Pin It

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Feeling like an old lady...


I am sore today. I still have this wretched cold too. This morning, being Mylesday(Sunday to all of you), I was up at 7:30, in preparation for my ride. I knew the second I opened my eyes that it was a glorious, sunny day and that meant my first hack on Myles. But, the moment I moved my body to get out of bed, I was in pain. I have had a little trouble with my lower back (left side) for about a year now. Luckily, (and knock on wood) the pain comes and goes, mostly goes. This morning though, it was pretty bad. I was walking like an old woman. I hoped that being up and about would help, but here we are at 11:00 pm and I am still hurting.

I headed off to Metro to pick up some apples for my trusty steed and then hopped on the 407 for my half hour drive to Burlington, where Myley lives. I went into his barn and as soon as Cathy (the lady who works at the barn on Sundays) saw me, she groaned. "Oh are here!" LOL...great greeting. She had JUST turned Myles out, thinking I wouldn't be there because, I mistakenly told her last week that I wouldn't be there this Sunday because of Confirmations (Boy Oneder's and Katrina's). Bummer. Lynn was there (one of the two ladies I ride with every Sunday) and she was shocked that I was there too. My bad. Lynn is so lovely and she immediately said, "OK...grab a few apples. I've got the carrots. Here's his halter. Let's go!" It took just two attempts and he was haltered and I was leading him back to the barn. YAY!

We groomed and tacked up our horses and then Lynn and I headed out for a hack. It was bliss. Silence, save for the songs of the many red-winged blackbirds we met on our travels. Nothing but fields of dandelions and tall grass. The sun was brilliant and caused our well groomed horses to glimmer in the sun, just like my boyfriend, Edward,from Twilight. As we ambled along on our boys, Lynn told me the history of the barn and pointed out the trail down to the river, where we will splash with our boys this summer. She warned me about holes and mudpits along the way and she gave me some equestrian pointers as well. We walked, we trotted and we cantered for a spell. I just can't tell you how perfect that hour was. Sigh...

Alas, it was soon over and we untacked and groomed our hardworking boys. We watched then, as our boys trotted out to the field to meet their friends for a sunny day of grazing and frolicking in the beautiful sunshine. We chatted a little about the hiarchy of the herd and then it was time for me to be on my way. I thanked Lynn profusely for her help and for spending time with me and then hobbled back to my van for my trip back to reality. My back was now REALLY sore.

Forty minutes later, I was on the porch, listening to Threepeat's tale of potty use for the morning (he is STILL dry after almost three days) and is doing FABULOUSLY. Middleman was waiting for his friend's Mom to pick him up for a paintball birthday party and Boy Oneder and Hubster were making plans for backyard work. MIL was there too, waiting for her sister to pick her up for a visit with their ailing brother-in-law (looks like he'll be OK, God-willing).

Lunch and a shower later, Middleman was gone and Threepeat and I headed off for his Little Gym Spring Party. Hubster and Boy Oneder were set to clean out and refill the hot tub. Threepeat and I had a blast at the party. He got a T-Rex tattoo on his hand and bounced his heart out in their bouncy castles for about an hour. He hadn't napped, but with the energy he had, you would never guess it! At this point, my back was KILLING me. I got him to agree to head out. I hoped he would sleep in the van on the way home, but nope...he was WIIIIIIIDE awake.

We got home at about 3:45 and we joined Boy Oneder and Hubster in the backyard. I weeded my garden and tidied up a little while Boy Oneder cut the grass and Threepeat sprayed all the trees with his spray bottle. Middleman got home at about 4:30.

We had Swiss Chalet for dinner and then spent an hour with the neighbs. At 8:00, we came inside and got ready for bed. Middleman and Threepeat were finally asleep at 10:00 and Boy Oneder was out by 10:30. Now that this blog post is done, I too am out.

My back still hurts. I think a trip to the chiropractor is in order for tomorrow. Pin It

Saturday, 15 May 2010

It all started with a poop...

Threepeat is on day two of wearing underwear.

Last night, just before dinner, he announced that he had to poop. As is typical Threepeat when it comes to potty time, he said he didn't want to go in the potty. He was playing outside on the deck and didn't want to stop, so I offered to bring the potty outside for him. He agreed and proceeded to poop on the deck...get it? POOPDECK...LOL!!!

Anyway, after that, he wore underwear and peed on the potty several times. He even asked me to come inside from playing with the neighbs so he could pee!! He peed just before bed and woke up with a dry pull-up this morning. He's been wearing underwear all day and so far, no accidents and several pees on the potty!!!

Because he did such a good job, I bought hima Lego set, telling him it would go back to the store if he stopped using the potty and he seems to get it!

YAY!!! Praying this is finally the end of diapers for us!!! Pin It

Friday, 14 May 2010


I am sick of being sick.

This is my third cold in less than three months. Ugh.

This time, it's Threepeat's fault...he started it off and then passed it on to Middleman, then MIL, then me.

I am coughing, sneezing and achy all over. I feel weak, tired and bloated...oh and I got my period yesterday too...that's always a great addition to an already crappy situation. TMI I know, but whatev...

Happy, happy, joy, joy.

At least the weekend is looking great weather-wise...lots of bouncy rentals too. Hubster is gonna be a busy guy, delivering them all over town! LOL!

Now...where's my Tylenol Cold and Sinus? Pin It

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

I couldn't sleep last night...

What else is new, right?

One of the million things that was running through my head in the middle of the night was what Boy Oneder had said to me earlier in the evening. He told me that no one was going to school on the day of his Confirmation (next Tuesday). He said they were all preparing for their Confirmation. When I questioned what needed to be prepared, he said that the girls needed to get their hair and nails done (this I can understand). So I again asked what preparation was required, this time, for the boys...he had no answer. He giggled and said, "If the girls get the day off, so should the guys." I asked him what he would do if he stayed home and his answer was, "Play PS3". My immediate response was, "You're going to school on Tuesday."

This conversation got me to thinking about the teachers and how much (or perhaps how little) they actually work. I grabbed myself a calendar off of our school board's website and started calculating...brace yourself.

This is going to tick off alot of people and for that, I apologize, but I am entitled to my opinion and it's my blog and I'll bitch if I want to! ;o) I encourage you to please comment if I have written anything that is untrue or incorrect.

Here we go...

There are 365 days in a year. There are 261 weekdays in each year. For comparison's sake, I am going to compare a first year teacher to a first year full-time employee at the company I work for. Fair comparison, no?

Of the 261 weekdays in each year, a first year employee at my company is entitled to 15 days' vacation. That leaves 246 weekdays.

Of the 261 weekdays in each year, a first year teacher is entitled to the same 15 days' vacation, leaving the same 246 weekdays.

Ontario has 11 Statutory/Civic Holidays per year. At my company, we also receive a lieu day for Remembrance Day. That leaves 234 days for my employee. Teachers are entitled to a float day for Heritage Day, leaving 234 days for the teacher. We're still even.

The teacher has an additional 15 days "Board Approved Holidays" (this includes Christmas Break, March Break, Easter Monday and the Friday before Labour Day), leaving the teacher with 220 weekdays. My employee is still at 234.

According to the School Board's calendar, the last day of school for students is June 29th and there is a Professional Activity Day on June 30th, so the teacher finishes on the 30th. School next September begins on September 7th. Therefore, the teacher is not working for the summer break (a total of 45 days. I have removed the Statutory/Civic Holidays from this number so that the comparison is a true and fair one). The teacher is now at 175 days. Remember our employee is still at 234 days.

I won't even count Professional Activity Days, which to me are a complete joke. There are 7 PA Days per year. But like I said, I won't count them because they are supposedly "worked days". Whatever. I also will not go into the week before March Break and Christmas Break, nor the ENTIRE MONTH before summer break, when my kids come home and tell me they watched movies all day, played games all day or spent the day outside at the park. I also won't go into the "Fun Days" or "Carnivale Week" when the kids make crafts and play games. I truly believe that if I were to count these days, the teacher would be at 150 days, but like I said, I won't count them.

So, we are at 234 for the employee and 175 for the teacher.

As a disclaimer before my next paragraph, and in order to remain friends with my friends who are teachers, I must say that our school is greatly blessed with several teachers who continually go above and beyond the expectations of the Board. These teachers volunteer their time to coach teams, plan plays and school events, go on overnight trips as chaperones, etc., etc., etc. I am truly grateful for the time that they put in, outside of payroll, on a voluntary basis, for our kids. These teachers are the ones who are shaping our children, the ones who are making good kids better and helping kids who are challenged in many ways, better people. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I understand that it takes a very special person to be able to work with some of these kids, especially with the rules that are in place as to discipline. I could never do what you do. Thank you.

BUT...for the rest of the teachers out there who moan and complain about how overworked and underpaid they are:

A teacher works 175 days a year...59 days less than the average employee at my company. They get the summer off to spend with their kids, to travel, to veg, to do whatever their heart desires. Computers now spit out generic quotes for our kids' report cards. I can't count how many times my SONS' report cards have said "She does..." or "Her work..." They don't even have to write out comments anymore, but they STILL mess it up. Back in the day, my teachers HANDWROTE my report card and their comments were not some computer generated was true, fair comments about my personal progress!

So, teachers...stop complaining about your workload. Stop bitching about how hard your job is. Come into the corporate world and work 234 days with no summer off and no "fun days" or days off before Confirmation, Graduation, Whateveration. I betcha you'd be back in your classroom the following September! Pin It

Monday, 10 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Yeah, yeah...I know I'm was a very busy weekend!

Friday night was a girls' night for Mommy and me. We went to Square One Mall so that I could pick my dresses for Boy Oneder's and Katrina's Confirmations. We ate at the food court (we won't even TALK about what we ate...ugh) and then shopped for a couple of hours. I love my dresses and my new silver shoes. Thanks for coming Mom!!

Saturday was a horrible day, weather wise. It felt like February outside and the wind was unbelievable. We had to cancel a bouncer rental because the winds were just way too strong to take a chance. Picture the bouncer flying through the air with all the kids inside...not cool. I felt really bad for the lady though...she had no other activities planned for her child's birthday party and twelve kids were coming, so I hope she was able to stay sane!

Saturday night, we went out for dinner with Mom, MIL, SIL and family to Tucker's Marketplace. Mmmmm...mmmmmm...good. I love me some Tucker's Marketplace. It's an all you can eat buffet with something for nearly everyone, from pizza to pasta, to roast beef, to salad...they have it all. We headed back to SIL's for coffee and got home arounf 10:00.

Sunday morning was a bit of a disappointment. I had the go ahead from Hubster to spend as much time as I wanted at the barn with Myles because it was Mother's Day. Imagine how sad I was when I got up there and had to try to catch him from the field and just couldn't. The staff usually leaves him in for me on Sunday mornings, but for whatever reason this week, they didn't. He had been indoors all day Saturday and then, considering that he had just been turned out before I arrived, there was NO way this horse was going to be caught. One of the other ladies who boards there tried to help me, but it was just not going to happen. She let me ride her horse for a bit, but it's not the same. I was there for less than an hour and then headed home. I did some laundry and cooked a nice roast chicken dinner for us all. Mom took Boy Oneder out in the afternoon to buy him a ring for his Confirmation and then stayed for dinner.

Hubster and the kids got me lovely flowers and Middleman made me a beautiful card. Threepeat made me a bumble bee and a card at preschool and I loved it all. Homemade gifts and cards are the absolute best!

At 7:30, I fell asleep on the couch...I *NEVER* fall asleep on the couch. Hubster told me to go upstairs to bed and I did. I was out before my head hit the pillow and slept until 7:00 this morning. Man, I was exhausted.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day. Pin It

Saturday, 8 May 2010

This really got me...

Being a hockey mom, I really was touched by this article. It won't be long before I am in this hockey dad's shoes and that breaks my heart.

A Hockey Dad's Last Ride Pin It

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

OK I promised...

So I am blogging...


I am so tired. So I will cheat...This is Boy Oneder's artwork for a project he just completed. It's my Dad's motorcycle helmet that he left to Boy Oneder when he died. Boy Oneder took the photo and then had to photoshop it and this is the result:

Pin It


I've been seriously slacking in the blog department, which makes me very sad...but, I guess I should be happy that I have been too busy to blog. I have great kids and a great husband and we've just been busy!

I'll blog tonight...I promise. Pin It

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Threepeat is a celebrity...again

For the third year in a row, Threepeat is a celeb...

Yep...he is OBVIOUSLY the next Brad Pitt.

Thanks for posting his pic Trent!!! Pin It


Today, I was honoured to be invited to Rachel's 21st birthday party. Rachel is BIL's niece and if you've been reading me for a while, you will know that Rachel stayed with us for six weeks in 2008 to care for Threepeat while MIL recovered from her hysterectomy. Rachel lived here during the week and went home on weekends. Her presence here still resounds and Boy Oneder and Middleman still ask about her.

Today was a celebration of Rachel's "coming of age" and her Mom, Chris, hosted a tea party in her honour. Only a few women were chosen and the criteria was that we were "intentional" in Rachel's life. I truly didn't feel "intentional" until Rachel introduced me today. Chris asked her to go around the room and tell everyone who we were and what impact we had had on her life. Rachel introduced me as "Auntie Dawn", which is what she has called me since she was a little one. Joanne was really her aunt, but her parents, out of respect must have taught her to call me Auntie Dawn and Hubster, Uncle Hubster. She said that I was her Auntie Joanne's sister and that she had spent some time with us taking care of Threepeat and (this is the moment when I realized my "intention"...that I really helped her to deal with her Auntie Joanne's death. Rachel and I had some indepth conversations while she was here about Joanne's death and how difficult it was. These conversations were very candid and very emotional...I had forgotten about them. But Rachel hadn't. That means the world to me.

To think that I made an impact with my words of encouragement and understanding is worth more than gold. To know that something I said made a difference in her life is truly humbling. Joanne would be so happy to know that my words encouraged her niece...a niece she loved so dearly.

I have known Rachel since she was about three years old and to see her blossom into the stunning, intelligent, faithful, caring young woman that she has become has been such a blessing. She is everything I would want in a daughter and Chris and Gord should be SO proud of their accomplishment in not only Rachel, but her beautiful sisters, Emma and Breanna. These three ladies are just beyond words gorgeous and will make amazing wives and mothers someday.

I am so grateful and honoured to have been able to share in Rachel's special day today. I know that Joanne is looking down today, beaming at her niece, as proud as I am.

I love you Rachel. Thank you for staying in my life when, after Joanne is gone, no one really says you have to. You are an inspiration and you are my hope that there are girls like you out there for my boys. :o) Pin It
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