Monday, 1 March 2010


The Canadian Men's Hockey Team gave us all heart palpitations as they took the gold finals into overtime. The US team scored a goal with 22 seconds left in the game to turn our 2-1 lead into a 2-2 tie! Sydney Crosby made us all proud with a beautiful goal to win the gold medal. Wow. I don't think I know ANYONE who didn't watch at least part of that brilliant game! I have really enjoyed the Olympic games this time around. I've been so emotional, watching our competitors receive their medals, watching our flag waving strongly as it's raised up high and seeing the pride on the competitor's faces...brilliant. Oh and don't even get me started on that "I Believe" song. I have sobbed like a baby so many times while listening to that beautiful song. I will truly miss watching the games!

Middleman' hockey team, after winning the first two games of the playoffs and tying the third, lost their game on Sunday morning, shutting down their 2009/2010 season. :o( They played so well together and I will certainly miss his games!

Boy Oneder's houseleague team played their last regular season game on Sunday. losing 2-1. His playoffs begin next weekend, but he will miss that first game because he's in a select tournament in Scarborough all weekend.

Middleman' indoor soccer team also finished off their season with a heartbreaking loss to the "A" team. They have come so far and really held their own on Saturday night against a team that is way out of their league. Practices will continue through March and April and then we will start the outdoor season at the end of April. We will have several tournaments in the summer, beginning with our home tournament in May. We will then compete in tournaments in Collingwood, St. Catherines and Ottawa. It should be a ton of fun, even though I despise soccer as a sport, the team spirit will be fantastic!

Threepeat is going strong with Little Gym and tonight is "Prince and Princess Night". He is to bring a friend and has chosen Kathryn from next door as his "princess". He really, really loves it there, and it's great for getting rid of some of his endless energy!

I am thinking of getting back into horseback riding this spring. That will be my research project for this evening.

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The Rocca's said...

I loved the Olympics this time around, I watched every single sporting event (I love sports!!) even if I didn't understand the rules, I tried to learn them on the way. Way to go CANADA!!!
So proud to be a Canadian.

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