Thursday, 11 February 2010

Where there are boys....

there is NOISE!!

I took Middleman to his soccer practice tonight and when we got home, it was vewy, vewy quiet in our house (picture Elmer Fudd tiptoe-ing into my house). Hubster was reading the newspaper, MIL was watching her TV, Threepeat was watching "The Spectacular Spiderman" and Boy Oneder was doing homework. Middleman and I were surprised at the peace and tranquility of it all.

Oh but allllll that was about to change my friends...

Boy Oneder finished his homework and yelled, "GAME ON!!!" Within seconds, Threepeat had a ministick, Middleman had a ministick, Boy Oneder had a ministick and I had a ministick. Oh yes peeps, *I* had a ministick! We took our positions in the hallway and it was ON! Game on indeed!!

I kicked butt as the goalie. Threepeat did some cute moves all around the hallway and kinda just got in the way, but he was cute doing it and the older boys were really good about including him without killing him...LOL. I saved tons of shots, mainly because, according to Middleman, "You take up the whole net Mom"...sigh. But I pulled some major Toscala and Lunqvist saves baby! Oh yeah...I even pulled off a butterfly save! HA!

Middleman kicked some butt with some awesome defensive moves, taking Boy Oneder out several times with his reflexive moves! Boy Oneder has an awesome wrist shot and he nearly took my eye out with his one-handed slapshot!

When it was all said and done, the score was 5-4 in favour of Middleman and I...Threepeat and Boy Oneder hung their heads in shame and we all celebrated with Nesquik cereal...I had a glass of wine instead of cereal...LOL.

Being a Mom of boys is so much fun! Yes, if I had a girl, I could bake with her, play Barbies and dress up with her, but would I nearly lose my voice in a masculine game of ministicks?

I think not. Pin It

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