Friday, 19 February 2010

Tiger Woods...."I'm so sorry"

Blah, blah, blah...

Too little, too late...

Tiger Woods messed up LARGE. It is my opinion that Tiger Woods would STILL be messing up large had he not been caught.

Today's press conference, wherein he apologized for his "failures" was nothing but a politically correct speech, written by a professional speech writer. I don't doubt that he had an acting coach tell him to look deeply into the camera every time he says the word, "sorry" (which he said exactly three times) and look really, really anguished. Tiger Woods cannot act to save his life. He tried hard to pull out the crocodile tears, but they just wouldn't come.

He did all the right things...

- he apologized to all the key people that the public would want to hear him aplogize to...his wife, his children, his mother, his friends, his staff, board of directors, sponsors, the young students his foundation reaches and of course his fans. He also apologized to his business partners (read as ex-endorsement deals) and the PGA players and Commissioner...oh he covered allllll his bases.

- he told us that he was getting help for his addiction - I must say that I am SICK and TIRED of people using the term "sex addiction" to explain off their disgusting behaviour

- he also found his God again...everyone who has done something bad MUST find their God in order to be forgiven, right? UGH. He has started practicing his Bhudda faith again...just what the public wants to hear...he is repenting and worshipping. Again I say "Ugh"

He has some great handlers...they have told him exactly what to say, who to say it to, when to say it, where to say it and HOW to say it. The sad part is that they have also told him WHY to say it...not because he loves his wife, not because he is truly sorry, not because he is ashamed...because he wants his endorsement deals back again. He wants the money.

He makes me sick...absolutely sick.

If Elin had any self-respect, she would take the high road...and FAST. Tiger's not going to stay faithful. Who does he think he is kidding? A Tiger cannot change its stripes...once a "cheetah", ALWAYS a "cheetah"!

But then again, maybe Elin is not in her marriage for the right reasons either...leaving him would cost her the future riches he is sure to provide. Staying guarantees her millions.

Pfffft......I feel sick. Pin It

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Kate said...

Wow Dawn.

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