Wednesday, 24 February 2010


As parents, we keep certain things from our children...we ALL do it.

Maybe it's a financial rough spot, a health concern, a mistake that you have could be anything really, but what the secret is doesn't really matter. What matters is the reason that we keep certain things from our children. I know my reason in most cases is to protect them. Our children shouldn't have to worry about adult things. If I have made a mistake, it is my mistake to deal with, not theirs.

But I have a very inquisitive, intelligent nearly 14 year old who is relentless in trying to prove that I am keeping a secret. I *am* keeping a secret. In my eyes, it's not a big one, but in his eyes, it's huge. He is desperately trying to catch me out and I am wondering now, whether I should just come clean and tell him. It will hurt him, but am I doing more harm by not telling than I am by hiding it?

Sigh....I need to decide by the time he comes home from school today because he confronted me at lunchtime.

Wish me luck, will ya? Pin It

1 comment:

mapsgirl said...

Good luck. I know you will know what is best for both him and yourself.

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