Wednesday, 10 February 2010

The power of prayer

Yesterday was a tough day for me. Not near as tough as it was for Pam, but her turmoil became mine. I was consumed with worry and anxiety all day, thinking about her boy. I had visions of him being kidnapped, thoughts of him shivering in the cold night all alone with no jacket...I had nightmares all night. I've never met Bradley, but for one 36 hour period, I was completely obsessed with him and his well being. No one knew whether he ran away or whether he was taken. No one knew why he left. No one knew where he was. It was terrifying.

Facebook was full of prayers and positive thoughts for this boy...prayers and thoughts from people who had never met him, but could only imagine his mother's anguish at his sudden disappearance. Knowing that there were so many people praying for him and for Pam was comforting to me. I'm sure that, as much as it is humanly possible, Pam took comfort in knowing that the world was on her side and that she was not alone.

Once again, I have seen proof in the power of prayer. God heard and He answered those prayers, bringing Bradley home safe and sound. Sadly, I know alot of these types of stories don't have the happy ending that we saw here, but for this moment, this happy ending is enough for me.

I will continue to pray that Bradley gets the counselling and help that he needs and that Pam will heal, and will once again be comfortable in knowing that her son is OK and hopefully, will never do this again.

My heart feels good today. :o)

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and love myself anyway.
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Rocca's said...

Glad he's home safe and sound.

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