Sunday, 21 February 2010

It is a strange feeling...

When you have to look up at the baby that you gave birth to.

With skates on, Boy Oneder is taller than me. I 5'4" and I figure that he is about 5'3" without skates. The extra height afforded by the skates makes him tower over me and I just don't like it. Hearing him call me "Mom" as he looks down at me is a very odd feeling. It's almost like I CAN'T be his Mom if I am smaller than him...he is the child!!! I wonder if I am alone in this hit me just yesterday at his hockey game that he is really becoming a young man. (*wah*)

The other night, he was yelling in his sleep and so I went to lie in bed with him...not because he was scared, but because he is a chronic sleep walker and I am terrified that he will just walk out the door! So I climbed into bed with him and for the first little while, just lay there watching him sleep...he is SO not a little boy anymore. It was strange to watch this "stranger" sleeping in my house. I held his hand and it was as big as mine...I held his arm and it was muscular and his skin was tougher than it ever was before. I tried to hug him and he, in his deep sleep, shoved me away...I guess that's a good thing for now...he is happy sleeping you hear that all you teenaged girls??? He likes to sleep ALONE! LOL.

Anyway, I feel a little sad today. Moms always say that their babies grow too quickly, but when they hit puberty, I think it hits extra hard. He's not quite at the puberty part yet, but it is ever so close.

Again I say, "WAH!!!" Pin It


Anonymous said...

At 8 mine is 5 feet tall and there isn't any difference in weight to a young I know the feeling.. it does come too soon.

Kate said...

Every so often I see Sam with "fresh" eyes and I long for the days when I carried him on my hip.

Good thing you still have Nicholas and Julian ;-)

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