Monday, 8 February 2010

Goose bumps...

Last night, while I was forced to watch the Superbowl....good grief what a STUPID game that football is...anyway, I digress...

as I tried to stay awake, a video started playing with the most amazing scene of someone skating across a lake at sunset. It was absolutely breathtaking and it caught my attention. The entire video was played, with scenes of Olympics gone by and I sobbed through three quarters of it. Thank God for PVR because I made the kids watch it with me, all the while telling them how lucky they are to be Canadian and how very proud they should be to be Canadian.

I tried to find the actual video that I watched on Youtube, but this one is the closest I can find.

Turn up your volume and enjoy:

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Karin said...

Very cool! We can't WAIT for the olympics to begin. It will be good way for Nolan to learn all about Canada.

The other day he was asking me about my friends online and if all of them lived in the United States. I told him that they were from all over and mentioned Canada. He thought that was really cool and said, "Wow! So you know how to speak Canadian?"

Ummmm.....I told you he has a lot to learn about Canada! ROTFL

My Three Sons said...

LOL Karin! Did you tell him that we don't live in igloos and that polar bears and elk are not in our backyards?

TOOOOOO funny!

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