Sunday, 7 February 2010


Wow...what a weekend!

I have a new found respect for parents of big families...having 6 kids all at once is ridiculously busy...but OH so much fun. Our weekend was filled with laughter, hugs and kisses, and of course, hockey. LOL.

When my girlies are here, my sister visits. I just know it. I hear her in Courtney's laughter, I feel her in Danielle's hugs and kisses and I see her in Rebekah's eyes. She is with those girls 24/7.

We had a bit of an issue with Boy Oneder and Middleman this morning with respect to attitude and well, respect, and although we tried to keep it behind closed doors, Courtney overheard. I was pushed past my limit (and it's a pretty high limit) and I lost it. I cursed. I talk like trucker when the kids aren't around, but I *rarely* swear in front of them...they REALLY have to push me to get me "there". I dealt with Boy Oneder and Middleman (Boy Oneder will not play hockey at all this week and Middleman will not see his PS3 for at LEAST a week) and then I apologized to C. I explained (and she understood because she had seen how Boy Oneder and Middleman had been acting all weekend) and I told her that I hoped she would never see me lose control like that again. I called Mark and explained the situation and all is now good in the world again...Boy Oneder and Middleman are back to their old wonderful selves and I am calm...LOL.

I was sad to see the girls go always hurts my heart to send them home to a mommyless house, but Mark is SO amazing with them. They forgot their skates in my van and when I called to tell them, Patricia answered the phone and I felt better about them being home. She is such a great person and I am so glad she is in their lives.

So, another great weekend has come and spending time with my nieces...I am so blessed.

P.S. Danielle is now the new "Sorry" queen. She came out of nowhere this afternoon and kicked Middleman, C and my butt. How is it that I can be one spot away from having all my pawns home safe and sound and she jumps in and gets three home in three turns? ARGH! I'll get her next time!!!

Gosh I love my girlies.

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