Thursday, 25 February 2010

Air purifiers

During my lunch break today, I went to my third favourite store in the world, Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire ranks third behind Target and Walmart...but I digress...

Our house is SO full of dust lately that it's ridiculous. Hubster is working on finishing the basement, so there is definitely more dust than usual, but this dust problem has been ongoing for a while...since before he started the basement. It's crazy...I will dust my furniture in the morning and by bedtime, the dust has already settled again. We only have carpet in the bedrooms, which will soon change when we save up enough to replace them with hardwood and we have parquet throughout the rest of the house.

Last night, Boy Oneder had to go to the doctor because he has had a lingering, NASTY cough for over a month. He has suffered with ragweed induced asthma for about ten years, but it has always been JUST during ragweed season. He has a Symbicort puffer that he has used only for ragweed season, up until this past month. He has used it morning and night for the whole month, but it doesn't touch this cough. On Tuesday night, he was wheezing so badly and had what I would assume is an "asthma attack". He's never had one before, so I am going on what I think is an attack. He couldn't catch his breath and was in a bit of a panic. So he took two puffs of his rescue puffer (Ventolin) and eventually got to breathing again. This was the reason he went to see Dr. L. Dr. L confirmed that he thinks it is asthma and prescribed Prednisone (5 pills a day for 5 days) hoping to get his breathing back to normal. If it is not effective, he will have to be on medication long-term. Would you please keep him in your thoughts and pray that he doesn't need long term meds?

Anyway, I figured that the dust situation in our house could not be helping him, so I bought three air purifiers for Boy Oneder's room, one for Middleman's room and one for our room. I have them all running on full power right now, hoping to clear the air for bedtime tonight.

Have any of you had any experience with asthma? Any tips for me to help him out? Pin It

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