Friday, 22 January 2010

Rough week

Man oh man am I glad it's Friday!

After arriving home from our amazing cruise on Sunday, Threepeat and I both came down with a wicked chest cold. We are both still sick, but on the mend...Hubster and Boy Oneder are both coughing up a lung now, so they are next.

Before I went away, I went through all my accounts, ensuring that everything was in order so that my wonderful colleague, Bassel, who was covering for me, would hardly know I was away...well...THAT didn't pan out. Several of my clients had payroll emergencies while I was away and poor Bassel had to deal with them. This week has been spent trying to clean up the aftermath and I have been stressed to the MAX. Luckily, most of the clean up is done, but it has been very, very stressful to say the least. So much for a relaxing vacation!!!

The laundry is piled taller than Threepeat and there is no end in sight. For the first time in his life, Threepeat did not nap today and he crashed at 7:40. Hubster took Boy Oneder to hockey with MIL and Mike (I'll explain who Mike is in a moment) and Middleman is at his friend's house. I should be using my time more wisely, but I am so tired that I can't even move. So the laundry will pile higher. Right now, I don't care.

Hockey and soccer are back in full force and I expect the gruelling schedule to get worse, not better.

My Granny had surgery today for a kneee replacement. She is 91 years old, so surgery is not just a small thing. The surgery apparently went well and she is spending the night in recovery tonight. My Aunt and Uncle (Mike's parents) promised to update us as soon as they have seen her tomorrow. She has been weighing heavily on my mind, as I have been worrying about her.

Yesterday marked 8 years since my father-in-law passed away. Although the sting of the early years is gone, we still miss him very much. January 28th will mark 4 years since my sister, Joanne was killed in a snowmobile accident, so that is weighing on my heart too.

So who is Mike?...Mike is my 24 year old cousin, who lives in England. We have been awaiting his arrival since he told me about his trip when I was home last June. He arrived at our house on Monday afternoon and since he hasn't been to Canada since he was the junior usher in my wedding almost 16 years ago, his visit is a welcome one. He has been travelling around the world since June, alone, with just a backpack, and he has told us some amazing stories. He will be staying with us until Thursday and we are loving every minute. If you are interested in reading about his adventures, you can do so here. He is such a nice guy and the boys adore him...we want to keep him forever!

So, it has been an extremely busy week. I am very glad to see the weekend, although it will be a full one too. Sigh...anyone know of a good cloner? Pin It

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