Monday, 21 December 2009

Working from Mississauga...

The boys are home from school for two weeks (lucky ducks) for Christmas, and therefore, I have lost my home office peace. In anticpation of two weeks' of fighting, arguing, yelling and just plain driving me nuts, I decided to step away and work from Mississauga today and probably tomorrow. I love getting out once in a while anyway, and considering that the weather is OK, I will get alot more done here than there.

I have a couple of last minute gifts that have popped up thanks to last minute requests for a big man in a red suit, so I will have to pop up to the North Pole to pick those up at some point, but otherwise, I am ready for the big day!


1 comment:

Wander said...

Sleeps is what we are counting here too. It's a whole lot easier for a 4 year old to put into perspective but boy is he excited! I just wonder how we are going to get him to behave after Christmas when we can no longer use the Santa is watching line but it sure does work great right

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